The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Memphis

What’s cool about Memphis is that it’s got the perfect mixture of Southern hospitality and New-Orleans-style gritty glamour. When we set out to pick the 12 best wedding photographers in Memphis, we were looking for photographers who embodied that unique mix — those who could snap photos that were gorgeous without being overly stylized.

At this point, pretty much everyone alive can take a good Instagram photo, but we at Peerspace want more than that! Great photographers see the world a little more clearly. They can get right to the heart of their subjects without making assumptions and forcing some preexisting idea of beauty. These 12 photographers all have distinct taste, vision, and style.

1. Kaitlyn Stoddard Photography

Kaitlyn Stoddard-Carter of Kaitlyn Stoddard Photography holds a degree in professional studies of fine art and fashion merchandising. She has established herself as a traveling wedding photographer, artist, and educator. Kaitlyn brings a distinct worldliness and eye for innocence to her wedding photos that really brings out the dreamy intimacy of the wedding day. Her candid shots are free of preconceptions and camera tricks, and she excels in capturing the essence of the moment in joyful, breathtaking shots.

2. Ashley Benham Photography

Ashley Benham is a fun, hands-on wedding photographer. She is basically the perfect mix of unconventional and traditional. Recognized by a plethora of bridal and wedding publications as one of the best wedding photographers in Memphis, Ashley has built a reputation for being a kind soul who can snap incredible photos of even the most camera-shy brides and grooms.

3. Jenn Blackburn

Jenn Blackburn takes photos that capture the childlike joy of two people in love. Of course, she’s great at capturing moments and telling your story — as all good wedding photographers are — but she’s also exceptionally talented at getting the most charming posed photos, which are a huge part of your big day. Wedding party photos. Family photos. She’ll capture everyone’s best side, bringing genuine joy to the surface. What you’ll get is amazing pictures destined to be family heirlooms.

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4. Shelby Renee

Shelby Renee is an absolute pleasure to work with. First of all, she puts in a lot of effort to become acquainted with you and gain a clear picture of what you’re looking for in your wedding photos. Photographers like Shelby who are eager for client input can easily produce gorgeous photos that bring your vision to life. Her work has appeared in Pink Bride Magazine — and she never rests on her laurels, so you know you’re going to get her best effort no matter what.

5. Jon Sharman

Jon Sharman is one of the most talented photographers in Memphis — period. He’s a chill, kindhearted guy who just has an amazing eye for capturing joy and love in all its forms. Bringing a unique perspective to all his work, he produces photos that are both gorgeous and unique. Jon’s photos are so emotionally complex that every feeling is right there in the image: the manic joy, passion, butterflies, and deep, abiding love.

6. Incredibly Wee

We’re big fans of the work of Esmee Kyles, the wedding photographer behind Incredibly Wee. She leans into the colors of her images, which make her work stand out. Her photography is incredibly refreshing as she incorporates bright colors – such as greens, purples, yellows, reds. Take a look at her portfolio to see beautiful wedding photos taken in a graceful, natural style.

7. Kaitlyn Flint Photo

Kaitlyn Flint is a talented Memphis photographer who’s shot wedding photos since the 2016 wedding season. Word of mouth says she’s extremely personable and organized, and can get great shots without excessive prep time. We’ve all been to weddings where the wedding party photos go on way too long and interrupt the proceedings – that’s not going to happen with Kaitlyn.

Her photographs capture so much that others’ miss. The quiet heat in your eyes when you look at your love. The mixture of joy and pride in your parents’ tearful smiles. The sweet dance moves performed by your little cousins. All in all, Kaitlyn’s photos are filled with an emotional maturity that is beyond her years.

8. Matt Phoenix Photography

What sets Matt Phoenix’s photos apart from other photographers is his ability to tap into your personal myth and tell that story. All photographers are storytellers — but many of them are telling your story the way they see it. Matt’s photos aren’t like that. His photos sizzle. It’s so rare to be able to take a photo of a couple and capture not just the sweetness of the day – but expose the underlying desire that initially attracted you to your partner, that little spark of love at first sight.

9. Bella Luca Photography

Mike and Lisa Gagliano of Bella Luca Photography have worked as wedding photographers since 2000. During that time, they’ve watched a lot of photography trends come and go — but their photos have remained organic and elegant throughout it all, seemingly impervious to fleeting trends. They’re two family-centric photographers who genuinely understand what your wedding means not just to you, but to your extended family. Their calendar for this wedding season is filling up quickly, so if you’re interested in what you see, reach out to them as soon as possible.

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10. Amy Hutchison

Amy Hutchison and her husband Ed have been in the wedding photography business since 2009. They’ve been able to do what they love — that is, take photos and travel — and that love really shows through in all of their photos. Take a look at their Instagram and check out the gorgeous photos, as well as the sweet stories accompanying them. You can truly tell Amy gets to know her clients before she captures this exciting chapter of their lives.

11. Emily Frazier

Emily Frazier has two distinct photography projects. She’s got her wedding/engagement business and an extremely moving humanitarian project. In both pursuits, she captures natural photos that show deep, penetrating insight into the lives and hearts of the people she photographs. It only takes a few moments of looking over her work to see how important photography is to her. It’s more than a hobby — it’s central to who she is and how she sees the world. Emily can easily tell the truth with a camera.

12. Christen Jones Photography

Christen Jones has received recognition by just about every bridal magazine there is for being one of the best wedding photographers in Memphis. So if you’re a Southern bride who wants to work with one of Southern Bride’s most beloved wedding photographers, check Christen’s work out today. She’s a very technically skilled photographer who creates well-balanced compositions that are both classic and modern. She and her team of photographers are a pleasure to work with, and their organic signature style captures all the joy, nerves, love, and sweetness that make up your special day.

Bonus:  Rob + Deanna Photography

Rob and Deanna are another brilliantly talented and happily married Memphis wedding photography duo. In fact, they pour every ounce of their love for one another into their photography work. That may explain the images this award-winning team creates, which all exude plenty of love and warmth. Their mix of candids and posed shots make them the ideal match for you if you want the fairytale wedding with every moment captured.

Memphis wedding photographers: conclusion

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Most of these photographers are available for engagement photos and wedding photos. If you haven’t commemorated your engagement yet, what are you waiting for? Perhaps your relatives or future children will want to know everything about how you and your partner met, fell in love, and got engaged, as well as what your wedding was like. Do them a favor and capture it all — this way, you can easily share your whole love story.

And once you choose your favorite of all the Memphis wedding photographers to document your big day, be sure to come back to Peerspace. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to find Memphis hidden gem venues ideal for photos, meetings with your planner, and even your wedding and reception themselves! 

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