The 9 Best Wedding Photographers in Omaha, NE

While rolling cornfields and railroads may be what springs to mind when you hear “Omaha,” you may be surprised to learn that it’s actually a hot spot of talented creatives! From detail-oriented documentary photographers to thoughtful shutterbugs with a penchant for fine art, plenty call the “Gateway to the West” home. However, finding just the right photographer for the job is often a challenge. That’s why we’ve curated this list of top-tier wedding photographers in Omaha, so you can easily find a professional shutterbug to immortalize your big day.

1. Lane Hickenbottom of Lane Weddings

Lane Hickenbottom is finely attuned to creating enduring images that help you remember feelings as much as moments. As he says himself, he crafts “three kinds of photos: those that make you laugh as you relive the joy; cry as you reflect on the rush of emotions; and take your breath away as you recall the beauty.” With 20 years of photography experience to draw upon, Lane’s work is a testament to the diversity of the genre. Color and monochrome both play a role, depending on your tastes, as do environmental portraits, candid images, documentary-style compositions, and more. Simply browse through Lane’s portfolio, and you’ll see what we mean.

2. Janine and McKenzie of JM Studios

McKenzie Hildreth Ring and Janine Cooper are the photographer duo behind JM Studios in Omaha. Documentary-oriented photographers, McKenzie and Janine produce candid and entirely authentic wedding photography. Posed portraiture is out the window in favor of immersing themselves within the scene to expose your life’s trials, joys, and milestones as they are. Subjects are rarely staring directly at the camera — instead, they’re going about living, laughing, and loving. JM Studios’s style is thus never formulaic, preferring to be creatively flexible depending on what’s going on around them.

3. Paula Moser Photography

After graduating from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, Paula Moser eventually made her way to NYC, where she spent eight years shooting weddings and portraits on the East Coast. Eventually, a desire to be closer to family brought her home to Nebraska, where she operates as one of the top wedding photographers in Omaha. Paula’s refreshing style appears to have editorial influences that can showcase any scene in an artistic, expressive manner. And her color profiles range from a gently desaturated tone for a classic look to bright, vivid, and full of life!

4. Iwen Exposures

Iwen Exposures is based out of a wedding studio tucked away in the Loess Hills of Omaha. Weddings, along with portraits, engagements, and videography, are what the team specializes in. Given the crew’s complementary styles and skillful editing, it’s no surprise just how well they can share the story of your big day in stunning photographs. Iwen Exposures also provides any color palette, theme, or composition style to suit your tastes as a client, with a team capable of capturing all types of classic and modern styles.

5. Andrey Mikityuk

Andrey Mikityuk is a talented local and destination wedding photographer with a style that incorporates editorial, lifestyle, and documentary elements. By collaborating with his clients, Andrey finds locations that are far more interesting than just the local park or a church. His urban settings with spray-painted walls and meadows basked in golden-hour light are the result of a polished vision centered more on art than simple documentation. This shutterbug appears to prefer a softer contrast than many modern photographers, giving his work a gentle tonality that goes nicely with the intimacy and lightness of the day.

6. Andrea Bibeault

Andrea and her photographer husband Ed are two of the most notable Omaha wedding photographers. As thoughtful visual storytellers, they seek to capture real moments over producing posed portraiture, and they employ a photojournalistic approach to become part of the scene. This allows them to take delightfully candid photos of the happy couple and their guests, immortalizing every tiny moment that may otherwise be forgotten without Andrea and Ed’s photography expertise. Their captures range from humorous to joyous, with both subdued monochrome and zesty color making an appearance throughout their work.

7. Mae Small Photography

While based in Nebraska, Mae Small is down for an adventure, taking her photography on the road for destination weddings and elopements. With Mexico, Jamaica, Chicago, and the Dominican Republic all finding a place in her portfolio, there’s little doubt she’s one of the top wedding photographers in Omaha, especially if you’re looking to take your nuptial vows out of state. Mae finds 1950s analog photography to be a major inspiration to her photography, and she greatly admires the work of Bob Willoughby, Hollywood set photographer. That’s why despite the digital revolution, she continues to employ film in her work as well.

8. Dawn McClannan Photo

Few photographers are so keenly attuned to what makes an image special the way Dawn McClannan does — as she says herself, “I want to get the real love stuff, the ways you hold each other and the special looks. I want to get the big moments, the quiet ones, and the ones in-between. I want to tell your story of how you fell in love.” Telling a compelling story through wedding photography is her specialty, and her destination work takes her around the world, showcasing couples in celebration of their relationship no matter the culture. Dawn embraces not only shadows in her work to create a subdued mood, but beautiful lens flare for a classic take on outdoor portraiture.

9. Katie and Kimberly of Tiny Luxe Weddings

Tiny Luxe Weddings isn’t simply a photography outfit, it’s a classy wedding planning company — the brainchild of creative powerhouse duo Katie and Kimberly. The company provides luxury decor, planning and design services, and much more. As such, if you’re a hands-off type of couple — or just don’t want to deal with the stress of organizing and coordinating a wedding and all that jazz — definitely look into Tiny Luxe Weddings today.

A Southern California native, Kimberly boasts nearly two dozen years of wedding planning experience — and she’s even been behind the scenes for celebrity clients. Katie is the shutterbug, combining intimate close-up captures with creative compositions, including double exposures and flared veils to give your wedding a fine art expression. She prefers a gently desaturated color palette that gives emphasis to skin tones and details within the frame without color taking up too much attention. Like all of the most talented wedding photographers, Katie is attuned to intimacy and how it manifests co-creatively in front of her lens.

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