The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in NYC

Looking for the best wedding photographers in NYC? After all, New York City is home to more than 8.8 million people. And it doesn’t take more than a quick trip on the A-train to see for yourself that those people come from all over the world. New Yorkers speak a thousand different languages and represent every religion, gender, race, creed, socioeconomic status, and political viewpoint on the planet.

One of the benefits of having a huge population in a relatively small area is that when you need the very best, it’s guaranteed to be right there at your fingertips. The only trouble is sifting through all of your options. Well, good news for you, dear New Yorkers! If you’re in the market for a wedding photographer and are feeling overwhelmed by too many amazing choices, we’ve curated a list of twelve of the best wedding photographers in NYC to make at least one of your tasks a bit easier.

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There are literally thousands of talented photographers in the New York Metro area, but these twelve stand out for their creativity, technical skill, and incredible ability to capture the decisive moment. This is no small feat in a city in constant motion! Enjoy and let us know if you find “the one” on our list!

1. Matthew Sowa

First up, Matthew Sowa, one of the many immigrants who brings his unique culture and style to the amazing melting pot that is New York. Hailing from Poland, Matthew’s weddings are a mix of spot-on photojournalism and creative portraiture. His distinctly artistic snaps have merited numerous awards in the industry and makes him one of our best wedding photographers in NYC.

If practice makes perfect, with over 600 weddings on his resumé, he’s got to be pretty darn close. Regardless, we’re firm believers that any photographer who can make his viewers gasp and laugh inside just a few seconds is worth a second look for your big day. He also provides photo booth rentals and cinematography services for your big day.

2. Olya Vysotskaya

Olya Vysotskaya is another award-winning photographer whose images will stop you in your tracks. Her photos are varied, employing a mix of hard and soft light, motion, and genuine human connection to tell a couple’s story. However, each one will blow you away all on its own. For those of you who appreciate the value of analog in a digital world, it’s worth noting that Olya shoots almost exclusively in film.

3. Dave Paek

Love is an otherworldly experience, so why not capture it in an otherworldly way? Dave Paek’s extraordinary work captures couples underwater, in double exposure, and framed in the most unlikely ways. His Instagram feed features showstopper after showstopper. In fact, his photographs are in turn colorful, creative, and confounding. Just be careful if you live in one of the small apartments NYC is famous for: you’re going to want a lot of wall space to display Dave’s art.

While Dave is a celebrated wedding photographer with tons of work on the horizon, he is still giving back. Just check out his wedding photography blog for tips and tricks for photographers and wedding planners alike!

4. Petronella Lugemwa

Petronella Lugemwa is another perfect example of what NYC is all about. Born in Uganda and raised in Zimbabwe and Alabama, Petronella has an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and a business degree from Northwestern! It may not take a rocket scientist to make beautiful photos, but it sure doesn’t hurt to be a boss when you’re running one of the top wedding photography studios in New York. Petronella celebrates her own multicultural background by helping others do the same, specializing in “helping multicultural couples celebrate in a modern way.”

Her captivating and straight-up lovely photos have garnished her tons of professional kudos as well as countless testimonials from besotted clients. Be sure to check it all out on her website!

5. Emin Kuliyev

We defy you to quickly scroll through Emin Kuliyev’s Instagram feed. Like, for real. This guy’s photos are a true feast for the eyes. In fact, his work often includes crazy perspectives, laugh-out-loud humor, and loads of fun reflections and shadows. Unsurprisingly, Emin’s been the recipient of a long list of awards and accolades. So why not let him focus that award-winning lens on you?

6. Elizabeth Lloyd

Elizabeth Lloyd splits her time between New York and Mexico, and the variety in her photos showcases her love for travel and diversity. Wherever she is, she makes a point of highlighting the location her couples have chosen. Her photojournalistic approach really works well in the city, with clear nods to NYC dotted throughout her vibrant, eclectic imagery. She also has tons of client testimonials that speak to her abilities, like this one:

“Elizbeth Lloyd was a dream to work with from the moment I emailed her … The photos could not have turned out better. All that being said, nothing can compare to the amazing work Elizabeth did on our wedding day. Not only was she cool, calm, collected, fun, supportive on the day but the work she did was unlike any other. Our friends and family cannot stop complimenting us and raving over our photos. Coming from a bride who has been through it, you want to have photos that reflect how special your day was to you so you can relive it all over again. Elizabeth’s photos allow us to do that.”

7. Sergey Lapkovsky

If you’re looking for a New York-based photographer to capture your destination wedding in a stunning way, look no further. Sergey Lapkovsky has been named one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers for his extraordinary work. We also happen to think that his choice of locations and framing brings his work to the next level. Plus, the way he describes his style is wonderful:

“I aim for images that are artistic and beautiful while keeping the experience fun, light, and relaxed … At your wedding, I will always be ready to help and give some useful tips, and in those moments when necessary, become as invisible as possible.”

8. Priyanca Rao

Indian weddings can be a specialty unto themselves. After all, they feature unique traditions and requiring more than the six to eight hours offered in a traditional Western weddings. Fortunately, in addition to standard offerings, Priyanca Rao offers a suite of packages catering specifically to her Indian clients. She then captures each one with her incredible photojournalistic eye. She makes it her mission to get to know her couples to better understand what they want from her services. And that’s attention to detail and care that’s normally hard to come by!

9. Todd Laffler

The first thing you’ll notice when you go to Todd Laffler’s Instagram page is his profile photo. You can barely see his face behind the huge pink bubble of his bubble gum. His slogan, “different… like you,” really captures the vibe of his off-beat, funny photos. Couples interested in capturing their day in a way that is at once incredibly creative but not too serious will be drawn to Todd’s work and his photo. And the fact that he’s been given some pretty serious accolades in the industry can’t hurt either.

We also love how his clients describe working with him! Here’s just one happy example: “My family worked with Laffler Photography (Todd) for my sister’s wedding three years ago. The pictures from her wedding were amazing. Naturally, when we got engaged we immediately contacted Todd. He is fantastic to work with and has a creative eye to capture moments like none other.

10. Danette Pascarella

Danette Pascarella has perfected the art of capturing the emotion of a wedding day. A favorite in New York and New Jersey, Danette homes in on the belly laughs and tears that mark her clients’ ceremonies and receptions. Plus, she captures them in a way that will bring tears and smiles for years to come.

11. The Portos

The Portos were honored as one of Rangefinder Magazine’s Rising Stars of 2018 and have since gone on to earn several other accolades. And rightly so: their photos are incredible. But it was their sense of humor that really grabbed our attention. Who doesn’t love a photo studio with the slogan, “You don’t suck, so why should your photos?” Oh, and if you’re a fan of director Wes Anderson’s framing and toning, you’ll fall in love with their whimsical, often-centered portraits.

12. Susan Stripling

Finally, no compilation of the best wedding photographers in NYC would be complete without Susan Stripling. Susan has been published in every major bridal magazine you’ve ever heard of (and probably some you haven’t). She‘s received countless awards and has been recognized both by her clients and in the photography industry as one of the best in the business. Her imagery is timeless, clean, and full of emotion, and with over a dozen years of experience under her belt, you can feel confident that your memories will be captured by a seasoned professional.

Bonus: Danila’s Photography

Danila’s Photography is helmed by Danila and Lana Mednikov, married photographers who specialize in bespoke wedding photography. When looking through their portfolio, you’ll notice that Danila and Lana are masters of the stylish pose, revealing their couples as the stylish New Yorkers they are. With their all-inclusive package, you can book their entire team of photographers and videographers to ensure every moment is beautifully captured. Chose Danila’s Photography if you want your photos and videos to be of editorial quality. 

Best wedding photographers in NYC: conclusion

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We hope this list of the best wedding photographers in NYC has inspired you to choose a favorite. And remember, whether you’re a professional photographer looking for studio space or a couple looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding venue, Peerspace is home to hundreds of sensational spaces available by the hour in NYC. Click the link to start discover amazing hidden gem spaces near you!

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