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The 11 Best Wedding Videographers in Austin, TX

Wedding videography has come a long way since Uncle Bill filmed your parent’s nuptials on his camcorder, as evidenced by this list of incredible artists who have taken the wedding video to the next level. Since there is growing demand for wedding videography, especially in hip, thriving cities like Austin, we’ve scoured tons of portfolios to find you the best in the biz. Above all, we looked for videographers who are personable and able to vibe easily with clients, have a warm documentarian sensibility, and are skilled with their camera and in the editing room. Top-tier Austin wedding videographers bring a little something extra to the table, a spark of creativity and authenticity. You know it when you see it.

1. Rebecca Lynn Videography

Rebecca Lynn Videography understands that no two couples are the same, and the company prides itself on collaborating with couples to provide an unforgettable experience and product tailored to each client. In addition to wedding videography, Rebecca Lynn has made a number of critically acclaimed short films, experience reflected in the cinematic quality of her wedding videography. Be sure to take a look at some of Rebecca’s videos and take note of effects and techniques you may want her to use for your own precious wedding time capsule.

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2. Anthony DiFonzo of That’s Amore Films

When the sun hits your eye like a big pizza pie and Anthony DiFonzo’s there to capture it, that’s amore. Joking aside, That’s Amore Films is seriously inspired by Italian film and the tradition of fine Italian craftsmanship. Owner Anthony DiFonzo has a number of technical tricks up his sleeve to capture the mood of your special day, but the most remarkable aspect of Anthony’s work is his ability to capture light to create a truly dreamy quality that also conveys the mood of your wedding day. That’s Amore Films’s services are available outside of Austin and Dallas, as Anthony is ready to fly with you to any destination in the world!

3. Ladybird Studios

Take a look at Ladybird’s wedding reels, and it quickly becomes clear this company specializes in telling an intimate, heartfelt story through a profoundly affecting documentarian’s perspective. When we watch the Ladybird team’s work, we notice that consistently the camera moves toward what can only be called living portraiture. These videographers go in for that tightly framed, emotionally honest close-up, and the result is breathtaking. Their all-around strength, the reputation of team leader Jordan Bunch, and their creative authenticity have cemented their position among the best Austin wedding videographers.  

4. Cloud Craft Studios

Review after review lauds Cloud Craft Studios for its ability to work with clients to deliver high-quality work at an affordable rate. Cloud Craft’s attention to detail is truly stunning: the cuff-link through the buttonhole, a stray wisp of hair behind the ear, a bird flying overhead while newlyweds share their first embrace as a married couple. Cloud Craft’s ambient and emotionally affecting wedding videos are like Terrence Malick short films, if Terrence Malick made short films about weddings.

5. Jake McDonald of MoonLit Weddings

MoonLit Weddings’ owner, Jake McDonald, is a veteran Austin wedding videographer, having been in business for over 15 years. Not only does he have videography chops, he also boasts a subtly whimsical sense of humor and style, conveyed through his attention to color and detail. No wonder he cites Wes Anderson as an inspiration. Feel free to geek out over color palettes with Jake. It’s that kind of creative collaboration that makes magic.

6. Chance & Christina Gilbert of Happened By Chance Productions

Happened By Chance Productions, the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Chance and Christina Gilbert, is definitely at the top of our list when it comes to outdoor wedding videography. Majestic aerial surveys of landscapes and incredible depth of field make for videos that will be sure to transport you back to that special day. Not to mention, the subtle repetition of motifs and colors that comes across in the final edit gives these wedding videos a satisfying sense of a cohesive visual narrative. It’s no surprise Chance and Christina are among the top Austin wedding videographers.

7. Josh and Nick Holden of Love Bird Wedding Films

For Josh and Nick Holden’s Love Bird Wedding Films, love is a celebration, that’s why they try to capture the fun of every wedding, injecting that fun into their finished product. It’s clear that Love Bird’s attitude toward love is their rudder, as we’ve never seen so much happiness and warmth packed into such a beautiful and inspiring package!

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8. Spinning Leaf Films

The first thing a client sees when clicking on the Spinning Leaf Films’ website is a short lyric poem, which we’ll give you a taste of here: “A wedding is like a spinning leaf in the wind. No one knows where it is going, or where it will end.” Not only does this convey the sense that Spinning Leaf is a company that loves a good story — and knows how to tell a compelling one — it also shows a willingness to embrace the unexpected. What better quality to show up to a wedding with?

9. Adam Grumbo Films

Adam Grumbo is acutely aware of the fact that a high-quality wedding film is a one-shot kind of deal — if you get a shoddy film, there’s no re-shooting it. There’s no going back to the wedding day and capturing those missed moments. So Grumbo and his team rail against the trend of “creating films like a factory,” and instead take special care to produce a breathtaking film that’s absolutely unique to you and your life’s journey. If you like stylish, expertly color-graded, cinematic videos with a bit of an indie vibe, Grumbo’s work may be in your wheelhouse.

10. Levi Hanusch

Levi Hanusch’s videos are bright and colorful, and the same can be said of his personality — he strives to bring a positive and encouraging attitude to every shoot. And believe us, another level-headed and happy presence is always welcome on the wedding day, when things can get a bit hectic. His work is sharp, saturated, and romantic. He doesn’t rely on overly flashy effects or garish color grading, and you won’t find cookie-cutter templated videos among his work. It’s just really, really solid videography with highly polished editing and an eye for detail — exactly what you want.

11. Lauren Maria Films

Lauren Moffe has made a name for herself among Austin wedding videographers, collecting awards along the way and crafting a formidable portfolio. One thing we genuinely appreciate about her work is that she taps into trends in the industry, yet doesn’t rely on them or let them control her. So if you show her a particular style of video you like, you can bet she’s going to be able to give you what you ask for (which is, after all, the job), but she’s still going to give you a jaw-droppingly gorgeous video that is uniquely yours and hers — and that’s the difference between a good wedding film and a great one.

We hope you’ve enjoyed perusing our Austin wedding photographer picks. Remember, even if you live in Austin but are planning a destination wedding elsewhere, many of these artists are more than happy to prepare with you at home and travel for your big day. Planning for a wedding is one of the most exciting — and potentially stressful — moments in your life. 

A talented videographer is an awesome addition to your wedding vendor team, since their general eye for detail and vast wedding experience can be very valuable. The actual day flies by, and being able to watch it in motion after the fact is a truly special thing.

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