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The 9 Best Wedding Videographers in Charlotte

Charlotte is an incredible city, filled with people from all walks of life and boasting its own distinct culture. As one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, the city naturally draws people in. As a city with a thriving arts scene, it’s no surprise that some of the top creatives in the region call it home. Thankfully, many make their artistic services available in the wedding industry. The best Charlotte wedding videographers have years of experience, endless creative vision, and a passion for making top-notch work for their clients. Read on to discover why we love these wedding videographers, and get ready to book one for your own special day.

1. Timm Young Films

Timm Young has been a movie buff his whole life, and that passion for film has made him into a formidable wedding videographer. After over a decade in the industry, he’s a solid veteran-professional, having had the privilege of working not just in Charlotte, but worldwide. He brings plenty of passion and energy to each of his shoots to ensure that he delivers an expertly crafted film for his clients. Young’s films are full of authentic emotion without lapsing into over-sentimentality. He is passionate about filming love stories, and he’s an excellent choice to document your wedding day — as Young’s easily one of the best Charlotte wedding videographers around.

2. Handiwork Media

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Handiwork Media understands that every wedding is unique and your needs may differ from someone else’s. As a result, the brilliant team behind Handiwork takes the time to become acquainted with clients to capture what sets their day apart from others. This dedication to pre-production makes all the difference in the finished product. The creative minds of this videography outfit sincerely care about whom they work with and strive to create an unforgettable film. With a cinematic style combined with handwritten elements like letters or vows, they weave together a compelling narrative, creating a timeless glimpse into your big day.

3. Indigo Photography • Video

Indigo Photography offers both photography and videography services. The company was founded by photographers Andy Chen and Stephanie Welch, and videographer Shamus Coneys. By combining still images and videography under one team, they ensure a seamless blending of the final results, as well as a well-oiled operation on the day of your wedding. This is a team of real-deal pros, and it shows in their excellent work. With a discrete style, they’ll capture the most important moments of the day without ever interrupting the flow of your wedding. If you’re a fan of more documentarian-style work, be sure you check them out.

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4. Reel Weddings

Reel Weddings operates with a 10-person team, and each possesses a ton of experience in wedding videography. They are filmmakers who have directed projects that range from covering American presidents to produing programs for the Food Network. Passionate and detail-oriented, they have a breadth of different experiences that gives them a versatility and adaptability that few wedding videography crews can boast. They’re great at putting their own spin on commonly asked-for shots — in the clip above, see the re-imagining of the classic “hanging dress” shot, as well as the fun way of showing off the rings.

5. Ben & Kisha of Whitney Photo & Video

Whitney Photo & Video is another company that offers both photography and videography services under one roof. A thoughtful and immensely talented husband-and-wife team, Ben & Kisha Whitney, are behind this production company. Their wedding videos are unique by going beyond simply documenting the day — their work is all about portraying how deeply you and your partner are in love, a story bigger than just a single day. Building a detailed plan with you, they carefully craft a gorgeous film that is exactly what you want. An elegant style and easy-to-work-with personalities make Whitney Photo & Video a fabulous team.

6. Helium Media

Your entire wedding day is special, and Helium Media films it all. From getting ready the morning of to taking off in your getaway car, the team at Helium immortalizes your big day forever in a high-quality video. Rich colors and stylish shots make their work outstanding, and they’re known for having strong communication skills with their clients. In addition, their highlight reel is phenomenal, condensing the day into one jam-packed, ultra-shareable package. Your friends and family will love it, as will your social media feeds.

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7. MacKenzie of ThreeThirty Films

MacKenzie of ThreeThirty Films is passionate about telling love stories in a refreshing way. She grasps the importance of connection and takes the time to get to know her clients, putting you completely at ease when the big day arrives. MacKenzie has a knack for making sure everyone is at ease in front of the camera, looking their absolute best. Her style is authentic, natural, and filled with genuine emotion. It’s easy to see why ThreeThirty Films is one of the most sought-after Charlotte wedding videographers around.

8. Digital Spark Weddings

Founded in 2014 by experienced videographers Joshua Hieber and Adam Sewell, Digital Spark Weddings has grown a lot over the years. The two were working full time for a large company and shooting weddings on the side. Fortunately, they quickly realized they had the talent and know-how to go all-in with their wedding business, and we’re glad they did. We love their thoughtfully creative touches, as well as their pitch-perfect color grading and stylish editing. Just take a look at their portfolio to see what we mean.

9. Catey of West Mint Media

Armed with a media and journalism degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, alongside a decade of industry experience, Catey of West Mint Media has the training and experience to produce incredible work. Her artistic style is clean, bright, and, most of all, memorable. She operates in a discreet style, never interrupting your wedding day’s flow while being sure to capture all of your experiences and emotions. West Mint Media understands that wedding videography is an immersive and sensory experience, and Catey goes beyond creating stunning visuals — she crafts wedding films that will instantly take you back to your wedding day anytime you watch them. She’s definitely one of the most talented Charlotte wedding videographers working today.

Charlotte, you’ve got some all-star creative talent out in the field today. Take advantage! We hope your search for a wedding videographer goes swimmingly.

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