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The 9 Best Wedding Videographers in Houston

If there’s anywhere in the United States where one could argue for video — rather than still photography — to capture once-in-a-lifetime memories at a wedding, Texas would be a fine place to start. There’s nothing in the world quite like Texas BBQ, Texas culture, Texas color, or Texas vistas, and the perfect medium to pack in the big spirit of Texas is via a little movie about your big day. Here are a few of our favorite Houston wedding videographers. Be inspired by their phenomenal work.

1. Wedding Films by Mia

Mia’s videos are as personal as the name of her company suggests they are. Working with Mia, you can rest assured you’ll be the writer of your own story — a story that’s both cinematic and documentarian in tone. If you’ve ever watched and loved a Godard or Truffaut film — the heart, the love, the style, the honesty — then perhaps you should consider employing Wedding Films by Mia to capture the big day. It’s no wonder she’s among the top Houston wedding videographers.

2. Reverent Wedding Films

Reverent Wedding Films’ name says it all. They believe in capturing the moments you’ll remember for a lifetime in a way that translates all the feels to generations to come. This extremely talented videography outfit understands that you’ve got a vision, and they’re committed to helping you achieve that vision, collaborating every step of the way with clients to ensure the final result is unique and personal. They promise videos that “never go out of style,” defying passing trends in favor of timeless work.

3. Angela Lauren Co Films

Houston wedding videographer Angela Lauren is in demand all over the world, but her Texas homebase means you’ve got easy access to her top-tier talent. We love her luxurious, fun, and adventurous films — she nails the classic bright and airy visual style that many couples have fallen in love with, and her work has a little something extra. She’s always on the lookout for that spark — that bit of fairy tale magic that’s waiting to be captured — and when you watch her videos, you’ll see that she always finds it.

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4. Cakewalk Films

The brilliant team behind Cakewalk Films makes everything look effortless, hence the name. If you click over to their website and view the film they highlight on their front page, you’ll see a work of art that highlights the connection between the bride and groom, as well as the connection between the bride and groom and their friends and family. In the world of Cakewalk Films, there are no supporting characters, only a fabric that weaves human emotion to the aesthetic tastes of their clients.

5. Odyssey Filmworks

Odyssey Filmworks is doing the opposite of “phoning it in.” The Odyssey is one of the few Greek stories that’s lasted, and one of the few that isn’t a tragedy. Odysseus had to spend 10 years fighting the Trojan War and another 10 getting back to his beloved. And they didn’t have cell service or internet back then. 

Odyssey Filmworks named their company after this incredible love story because they consider marriage the beginning of an epic journey. In addition, they understand that this is an occasion worth documenting faithfully. They’re committed to a classic style and deep storytelling, creating videos that will make your heart skip a beat 10 years from now just as reliably as they do today.

6. Sky’s the Limit Productions

Sky’s the Limit Productions recognizes what a profound commitment you’ve made in deciding to get married. Sarah and her team are willing to match that commitment. A videographer can’t fully capture your love on film unless they’re totally committed to the process; reading reviews of Sarah’s work at Sky’s the Limit, it’s clear that she and her team make this kind of commitment from the moment a client reaches out to them. The team has an elegant, natural style that brings out the best in everyone and remains a pleasure to watch long after the ceremony’s over.

7. Martin Weddings

John Martin’s wedding videography site states that he’s interested in capturing the adventurous spirit in love. It’s clear from the wedding portrait-style segments of his videos that he has a stripped-down approach that focuses on trying to capture the spirit of the bride and groom. He’s fantastic at choosing settings for these segments that really sets the mood, from wind-swept beaches to stark desert vistas. Moreover, his stylish color grading techniques gel well with the romanticism and drama of the visuals themselves, creating some of the most striking films we’ve seen to date.

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8. 31Films

No roundup of Houston wedding videographers would be complete without mentioning 31Films, known worldwide for the distinctive style of their narrative-driven films. Those looking for an alternative to the popular bright and airy visual style should check out 31Films’ matte looks, crushed blacks, and rich dark colors. There’s a different emotional quality there, like looking at something more fit for an indie film than a Pinterest board and, for many clients, it resonates beautifully.

9. David Sotelo Films

David Sotelo means business and makes gorgeously intimate wedding videos. If you click on his website, one of the first images you’ll see is a couple feeding cake to one another in their family stable. There are mirrors, shadows, and veils falling across beautiful faces as the light changes. David not only wants to tell the story of a nuptial but also the story of two lineages brought together through matrimony. 

The best Houston wedding videographers are true professionals who take their work very seriously, keeping in mind the serious responsibility they’re taking on by playing a role in your wedding day. They match this with an unerring authenticity, eschewing templated looks for true creativity and careful attention to detail. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and check out their videos — it’s a better binge than Netflix.

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