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The 9 Best Wedding Videographers in Atlanta

Tens of thousands of Georgia couples get hitched every year. You can’t blame them, either. The Empire State of the South is awash with beautiful venues seeping with Southern charm. In Atlanta, one of Georgia’s most beloved cities, there are so many romantic things to do. Whether it’s taking in a view of the city or heading to the drive-in theater, anyone who loves ATL might choose to get married there. And if they really want to do it in style, they’ll need a videographer. With that said, these Atlanta wedding videographers are some of our favorites. Take a look.

1. Nathanael and Sutton Eisenman of WedFlix

If you’ve ever wondered how useful YouTube is, simply take a look at Sutton and Nathanael’s wedding video career, and that should be enough to answer any questions. Everything the pair learned about wedding videography, they learned through practice and research, using YouTube as a resource. Approaching each wedding as its own story is the first integral step. Their films are touching and personal, often splicing the couples’ interview segments with breathtaking footage. WedFlix always gets to the heart of the narrative.

2. Joel, Hannah, and Alexander of Love in Motion

We’re obsessed with Love in Motion, which was co-founded by Joel Harris, Hannah Aryee, and Alexander Oshifodunrin. This is a team of creatives who work symbiotically. Their films aren’t over-produced or flimsy; they’re raw and magical. They capture every single moment of a wedding day and pay it tribute. It’s clear in their adept use of music, as well as in the shots of the parties and lingering gazes over the Atlanta skyline. Founder Joel Adrian and the team are inspired by nostalgia — by 1990s music videos, fashion, and dreams. Their videos have all the elements of familial home videos whipped into cinematic artistry. For any budding Atlanta wedding videographers, their blog is also a treasure trove of tips.

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3. Brian and Courtney Paradis of Seven Foot Films

Courtney and Brian produce some of the most gorgeous wedding films we’ve seen. They masterfully mix vintage production techniques and raw footage. Their videos are lively and exciting, able to get your pulse racing when you watch them. We’re as big fans of their scratches and lens flares as we are their music choices. Every shot is like a movie, whether it’s the groomsmen jumping into a pool or bridesmaids dancing at the reception. Watch a few clips and tell us their work isn’t super-shareable.

4. Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown’s vision isn’t short on vibrancy. He’s a gifted filmmaker who knows how to wield a camera and what to do with the footage once it’s there. He’s also skilled at photographic direction, knowing how to instruct his subjects just a bit without making the day seem like something it isn’t. His approach to filming is up close and personal with interviews and close-ups, and his post-production method brings the raw footage to life beautifully. Everything is linear in his videos, from the angles to the score, no matter the venue or the weather.

5. Luke D’Agostino

Luke does many things. He writes, he takes photographs, he’s a filmmaker — and he’s ultra-talented at them all. While he isn’t new to the photography game, it’s only in the last year or so he’s started shooting weddings. With a handful in his repertoire already, you’d never know it. His wedding films make use of crossfades and double exposures, ones that aid the footage to match the tracks. If he’s packed this much into a short time behind the helm of weddings, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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6. Griffin and Samantha Cologne of Stars and Shadows

Husband-and-wife cinematographers Samantha and Griffin Cologne have been shooting together for years. At first producing short films and music videos, they soon decided on pursuing wedding videography. Thus, Stars & Shadows was born. Of all the Atlanta wedding videographers we’ve looked at recently, they have one of the best understandings of light and shadow (hence their biz name!), as well as how the two play together and oppose each other all at once. We also really love their eye for color and the color treatments they use in post-production.

7. Anna Norman Videography

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Anna and second shooter Antonio have a wealth of experience between them. With a masters in film and video in her arsenal, and award-winning direction in Antonio’s, they have a solid understanding of the art. What stands out the most in their films is their editing. With smooth transitions and little contrast without the expense of exposure, their creations are epic from beginning to end. All too often, wedding cinematography rests on soft and airy. However, Anna’s brilliant use of darling colors is a perfect fit for Atlanta’s vibe.

8. Jonathan and Kaye Wedding Films

Moving into the 2020s, there’s no underestimating luxury. Jon and Kaye focus on luxury wedding videography. No matter where the venue is or how big the party, they’re committed to a classic and timeless approach. We’re massively into their wide Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired shots of the wedding venues in some of their films. They consider wedding films as cinema, and even in watching the clip above, you can see why. They employ time lapses worthy of Hollywood movie trailers and silhouettes that would impress Godard — all in a single video. It’s pretty cool.

9. Monica Sutton Photography & Videography

Monica Sutton’s films evoke nostalgia just in their shading and colors. She has many unique shots that run solidly through her videos, lingering on her subjects’ backs. Whether it’s the bride on her way to meet her groom for their first look, or the bridesmaids ready to turn to see it, too — there’s a millennial-dreaminess to the films. Color-wise, they lean into the ideas of inspirational stock photos, faded with hints of natural light. But, there’s also an element of old-school home video to them. Whatever the magical ingredient is, we’re into it.

Each of these Atlanta wedding videographers has their own brand of Southern charm. They can capture the glory of the city and the state all the while focusing on their main subject: couples in love. If you’re looking for a cinematographer for your Atlanta wedding, we hope this helps you out.

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