The 10 Best Wedding Videographers in Little Rock, AR

Couples in The Rock are in luck, because Little Rock’s creative professionals are exceptional. The best Little Rock wedding videographers have a lot to bring to the table: technical expertise, impeccable communication, and creativity for miles. We’ve rounded up the best talents in town that can craft an heirloom-quality wedding video that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come.

1. Travis Sherman Films

Wedding videography is an art form, and Travis Sherman Films has put in the work to become a master. The results are clear—he’s highly decorated, with awards from Wedding Wire and The Knot multiple times over. His creative philosophy can be summarized in his three-word motto: “Imagine. Create. Inspire.”

He had been around the industry for more than a decade. Happy couples compete for a spot on his calendar because he captures breathtaking footage of their wedding and can transport them back to the moment when everything went right — when they said: “I do.” 

2. Phaminh Cinematography

The talented Little Rock wedding videographer behind Phaminh Cinematography prides himself on being an easy-to-work-with type of videographer. You don’t have to sweat the small stuff, and you can rest assured that he’ll keep your vision for your wedding in mind. 

One of our absolute favorite things you’ll see in some Phaminh Cinematography videos is low drone shots. Most wedding videographers use drones these days, but you’ll see the same shots over and over again—high-flying aerial views of the venue, and typically not much else. Phaminh Cinematography gets way more mileage out of drone equipment, and we’re crazy about it.

3. KB Studios 

Little Rock wedding videographer Brian Weaver is a born filmmaker. He tinkered with video cameras and made his own movies from a young age, but it wasn’t until much, much later that he found his calling in the wedding industry.

Weaver naturally pushes himself, trying to learn new things, and that applies to his wedding craft as well. He wants thinks to look better on film than you even remembered them. We especially appreciate that KB Studios is stylistically flexible, able to deliver on different styles of color grading and editing based on the personal creative vision of their clients.

4. McManus Media

Travelle and Bailey McManus moved to Little Rock in 2019 and started their company shortly after. McManus Media specializes in cinematic modern-style wedding videos. When watching McManus videos, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you’re not watching a feature film. That’s down to the drama and pacing, the storytelling work, and the stylish color grading. All in all, when you collaborate with McManus Media, you can rest assured that your wedding day is in good hands.

5. Nick Price Media

Nick Price has popular modern wedding styles down to a science, and that means his videos are consistently superb. These days, he and his wife also have another gig going in the form of apparel brand Rust and Wild Co., a testament to his all-around creative energy. Price’s wedding videos are soft, atmospheric, and highly emotional—all-around crowd-pleasers. From lovely micro detail shots to excellent typography and sound design, his work speaks for itself.

6. Tristan Stuart Visuals

Tristan Stuart has been in the wedding cinematography field for more than ten years, and his videos feel like they’re the careful creations of a veteran wedding pro. The production quality is clearly high, with vivid color and contrast, and his transitions have just a little bit of a flash to them. Stuart will work closely with clients to understand exactly how they want their wedding to feel, then try to carry forward that vision and reflect it in the video. His many satisfied customers suggest that he’s doing a great job of it.

7. EMH Visuals 

EMH Visuals crafts cinematic wedding videos that feel like action-packed Hollywood trailers. This is even true of the preview “cover” frames on videos, which have splashy titles and subtitles that are reminiscent of feature film posters.

We especially appreciate the way they creatively structure their videos—it’s not at all cookie cutter or generic. Sometimes, they juxtapose tender, heartfelt moments with energetic, bold moments from the reception, and the effect is really stunning.

8. Wigfields Productions

David Wigfield is a talented Little Rock wedding videographer who adds his own unique flair to the films he creates. He describes his style as “dynamic and cinematic,” and he builds his videos around the emotional highlights of your special day, regardless of what those are—because, when you get down to it, sometimes the most emotional and memorable moments aren’t the obvious ones that you expect.

A great videographer is there to catch those moments that others may miss. Wigfield consistently color grades with a mellow, pink-hued, vibey color palette that fits the tone he hits. If you resonate with the look, give him a shout!

9. Alpha Dream Productions

Alpha Dream Productions is the brainchild of former fitness YouTuber Derrick. As time passed, his passion for making video content took on a new shape, and he began making more commercial work, as well as wedding videos. He hasn’t looked back since, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Derrick’s creative touch is truly lovely. It’s subtle, but it’s ever-present. He frames up shots in a thoughtful, sometimes unexpected way, and clearly brings a lot of fun ideas to the table, but it never looks gaudy—it always looks effortless.

10. Power Tribe

Power Tribe is a husband-and-wife business built by Andrew and Alexis Power. Here’s something to know about them: if there’s good light, they’ll find it. Their camera is always in motion, and as a result the videos feel lively and dynamic, never as if someone’s just plopped a camcorder down on a tripod in the corner of the room. They look for the things that are unique to each couple to highlight, especially the things that can’t quite be captured by still photography—the way a groom laughs, for example, or a silly smile from the bride.

Love lives large in Arkansas

The best Little Rock wedding videographers will give you the best gift of all: a window through which you can instantly relive the highlights of your special day. They do this through trust artistry, technical ability, and attention to detail. The videographers on this list are also known to be great people to work with, true professionals that will ensure you’re beyond happy with the final product.

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