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The 8 Best Wedding Videographers in San Diego

With Sunset Cliffs and Torrey Pines, Stonewall Peak and the Canyon Preserve, San Diego is rife with epic locations. Instagram influencers and photographers flock to the city every year to snap pictures of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. In turn, plenty of engaged couples decide to get married there as well. The wealth of San Diego wedding videographers thankfully means no one will ever have to go without a filmed memento of the day they say, “I do.”

1. Films By Madeleine

Aside from her videos, what really drew us to Madeleine Burgett was something she said. One day she was driving and saw birds overhead. At a long stoplight, she pulled out her camera and filmed them in their flight path. The resulting video is gorgeous, serving as a testament to her artistic integrity and her natural creative impulse, the sort of thing that divides good videographers from great ones.

Each of her wedding films are beautifully composed, as concentrated on the day itself as the starring couple. Her films are romantic, with her subjects delivering longing glances into the lens or standing back to back. She captures every narrative with her camera, and we’re crazy about videographers with a strong understanding of storytelling.

2. Katie Buell of Anchored Films

Anchored Films’s own anchor is its owner and lead videographer, Katie Buell. However, with a solid team of artists beside her, Anchored Films is also a creative collective. Alongside hubby Mikey and friend Adam, Katie creates candid and authentic wedding films you’ll want to show off. Sometimes, the best thing for a film is simplicity. Katie and the boys know how to take advantage of this in the couples’ favor. Every video gives you room to breathe, even on the biggest of days. That, in itself, is priceless.

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3. Alexa and Jimmy Lick of Rora Film Co.

San Diego wedding videographers Alexa and Jimmy Lick worked separately before creating Rora Film Co. They both had similar editing and coloring styles, which made one reach out to the other. The rest is history. Since 2018, they’ve combined their styles to produce luxury wedding films for their clients. Having shot weddings across America and beyond, their footage pays homage to the diverse locations. In every video, it feels as if the couple are the only people on Earth — not dissimilar to how it feels to be in love, we suppose.

4. Magdalena Ramirez of Nena Films

Coming from a background in documentary filmmaking, Magdalena Ramirez has a lot to offer the lucky in love. Shooting documentaries or photojournalistic pictures is so different to posed portraits. They take a lot of concentration and the desire to blend in, becoming part of the surroundings. Magdalena earns her spot on this list for her refreshing editing style. Her films focus on the whole wedding party without making it feel crowded. We’re also wildly into the little vintage digital effects and split screens thrown in, as well as the longing glances, contrasted shadows, and an understanding of colors that wouldn’t be out of place in a well-shot movie.

5. Kaylee Duke Film

Based between SoCal and Utah, videographer Kaylee Duke shoots weddings in both areas. On her website she has a vlog that shows you just what a skilled cinematographer can do. She shoots around masses of people that don’t appear in the final shots with no editing out whatsoever. It also shows you the process of colorization, turning the duller tones right out of the camera into a brighter, warmer, far more Californian scene. We find her poignant videos stunning to watch.

6. Jeremy and Brian York of Blue Tiger Films

What we dig the most about Brian and Jeremy’s films is the music. It makes sense, then, that both have been playing music for over two decades. They have the understanding of how a song and the accompanying images can make a whole that’s stronger than the sum of its parts. Carefully considering every shoot they’re on, whether they’re taking stills or making a video to remember, they always take light into account. These guys know what to frame and where to shoot to highlight their subjects’ best side. Lighting is a fickle beast, and we’re pretty sure anyone reading this would agree.

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7. Kimberly Alvarado of KSA Media Productions

When you’re on the lookout for a wedding videographer, sometimes all you need to ask is one thing: are they in love with love? Kimberly Alvarado 100% is, and has thus dedicated her life to documenting people’s big day. She’s the first cinematographer we’ve seen who employs off-kilter angles now and then. It pulls you further into the video, following the starring couple as if you’ve known them forever. In addition to the cool tones she uses, she picks out incredible contemporary tunes for the videos. When you find a videographer who holds people’s weddings as sacred, you know they’ll put their all into the work.

8. Sammie Milner of Samantha Jeanne Videography

Sammie Milner’s vibe as one of the premier San Diego wedding videographers is one of timeless romance and organic moments. Great cinematographers understand the power of focus. They understand that each shot, both in the editing and the shooting process, should be different. It needs to tell a story and, as the chosen video here shows, Sammie excels at that. Her wedding films are raw, with a light and minimalist touch in post-processing. Watching them is like being part of them. Sammie makes videos from the heart, and she’s so good at it that we’re kind of jealous.

Every San Diego wedding videographer we’ve included has something that makes us go, “Wow.” Whether it’s in their editing or composition, they all have something different to offer. Now it’s up to you to choose whose style is best for you.

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