The 12 Best Fashion Photographers in London

Curious who made the list of our top London fashion photographers? We get it! Fashion photography is thrilling, and London is a perfect metropolitan to capture some of its greatest moments.

New York. Paris. Tokyo. London. Milan. Fashion is an artistic statement that’s been around in some way since the beginning of time. It’s one of those things everybody has in common, whether they’re aware of it or not. Every day, art creates fashion and vice versa, and it’s artists like these London fashion photographers who are at the forefront of what both can be. Although London is teeming with talented photographers — and musicians, models, and artists — we’ve picked out several of our favorites for this uniquely curated list

1. Ottilie Landmark

London fashion photographer Ottilie Landmark is originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, but has made her mark across the English capital. Her work focuses on queer female sexuality and identity, aiming to dismantle the male-gaze status quo of fashion editorials. Her images are full of unapologetic sexual tension shot through a sensual lens rather than the expositional one we’re used to. Ottilie’s work is part social commentary, part fine art, and Avant-garde. And it is definitely 100% fashion.

2. Thanos Poulimenos

While based in London, award-winning photographer Thanos Poulimenos works between the UK, Greece, and the US. His photographs have been published in fashion magazines and blogs across the globe, from Wonderland to Esquire. Thanos shoots both manually and digitally, creating clean and detailed portraits that get to the very core of his models.

He also plays with light, shadow, and colors in ways that defy the typical fashion portrait. It’s his signature style that will keep brands, editors, and influencers coming back for more.

3. Harley Weir

Central St. Martins College has produced myriad London fashion photographers, but Harley Weir isn’t just another graduate — she’s an absolute standout. Self-taught, Harley’s work focuses on youth and its artistic possibilities in a shaken and uncertain world. She wants to move people. And having already shot campaigns for everyone from Stella McCartney to Céline and editorials for AnOther, British Vogue, and i-D, we’d say she’s nailing it.

4. Joseph Clarkson

Manchester School of Art Photography graduate Joseph Clarkson is a fashion and portrait photographer on a mission. His portfolio is full of dramatic, high-fashion imagery that bleeds character. In 2018, Joseph won an award for his project, Sticks and Stones, in which he documented the stories of a diverse group of humans from every walk of life. Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength, shooting for Dazed and LOVE.

5. Pip Bourdillon

Pip Bourdillon is straight-up one of our favorite London fashion photographers. Her work breathes excitement and vibrancy, in fresh and unexpected ways. Featured in tons of publications from the LA Times to Notion, Pip’s fashion and portrait shots blend seamlessly with a style uniquely her own. Her portfolio is as inviting as it is exciting, somehow expertly able to blend vintage and contemporary styles. We’re really excited to see what else is in store.

6. Dominik Kazancev of Domsilkbaby

He might have only been professionally pursuing photography for a few years, but Dominik Kazancev has already built a name for himself. As an editorial and fashion photographer, his work is an enticing mix of documentarian and studio shots. Even the posed shots appear natural and telling, each of them with their own stories and an invite to more.

7. Bekky Calver

Freelance photographer Bekky Calver has her artistic finger in many pots. As well as being an event photographer for VICE and HUCK magazine, she also shoots her own fashion photography. Bekky experiments with film photography, with her muted, desaturated tones permeating her portfolio. Incredibly talented and with an eye for moments that matter, she needs to be on your radar.

8. Kane Layland

To say we’re obsessed with all of the London fashion photographers on our list is underselling it. But there’s something about Kane Layland’s work that checks all of the boxes. Based in London, he also shoots across niches. From fashion and beauty to people and lifestyle, his candid and contemporary approach to the art form really stands out. He’s shot for Clash Magazine, Kerrang, Vogue Italia, and a host of others.

9. Simone Steenberg

Based between London and Copenhagen, Simone Steenberg produces powerful photography that tells the stories of a diverse range of women. Working in the digital and analogue mediums, she’s also a creative director and videographer. As if there’s no end to her talent, her experimental play with color and texture gives a fine art photography gloss to her portfolio. Simone has shot for Dazed, i-D, Stylist, DANSK, and a plethora of other works.

We also love how her website explains her professional mission: “She explores social issues and modern beauty ideals and attitudes by challenging conventional norms, pushing the boundaries of fashion contexts, and presenting an alternative reality.”

10. Stefano Brunesci

Stefano Brunesci splits his time between two of the fashion capitals of the world, London and Paris. Inspired by portraits of Hollywood stars of the Golden Age, he started taking nude portraits in the ’70s. After a hiatus shooting travel photography, he returned to his fashion roots decades later.

Stefano prefers his photography to be minimalist, using the shadows and lights of black and white to form their own stories. It’s clear to see how his career has lasted for decades and it’s fascinating how his eye and style have evolved over the years. Over his career, he’s shot for dozens of international publications, from GQ and Maxim to W25.

11. Joe Whitmore

Based out of East London’s hippest neighborhood, Shoreditch, Joe Whitmore is a fashion photographer who lives to shoot. Although he has a degree in photography from Leicester College, he’s completely self-taught both in pre- and post-production techniques. He got his start photographing live BMX events, but it was fashion that was his ultimate goal. It’s also one he’s excelling at.

12. Cherry Au

Cherry Au is a photographer for whom fashion was a calling. On top of their personal projects that center around queer youth and identity, Cherry also shoots editorials. Giving the same warmth, passion, and power to both their commercial and personal works, they’re a force of nature.

What we love most about Cherry’s work is her dedication to visible queerness, showing the unity and diversity in the LGBTQ+ community the world over. As her website explains it: “There is an exaggerative quality to the images that is highlighted via the humour and whimsicality of her subjects and locations. A constancy that defines Au’s photographic style is the subjects’ defiance to the camera, with the purpose of enhancing and giving power to her community.”

Bonus: John Sansom

John Sansom’s fashion photography is a true standout in the field, thanks to his intriguing shots that capture modern drama and timeless style in one. His highly editorial finish is one that screams fashion and one that, unlike some of the clothes he and his fellow fashion photos shoot, is never to go out of style. In fact, John’s work has appeared in Grazia, ELLE, and The Sunday Magazine, publications that appreciate his killer eye and hard work. He’s the guy you want on your side when you need to deliver a massive project that mesmerizes the viewer from every angle.

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Whether you’re a budding fashion photographer, aspiring model, or just appreciate good art, we hope we’ve helped you find something you’ve never seen. While these photographers are at the top of their game, there’s a whole world of shutterbugs on the streets of London. We can’t wait to share some more.

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