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What people say about meetup venues on Peerspace

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  • Chinami I.

    Space: Menlo Park Stylish Meeting Room

    "...Meeting room in the professional co-working space with all amenities. Quiet, relaxed, well-attended and the staff is helpful. Looking forward to returning..." 03/13/2018
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  • Sunnie Rose B.

    Space: Silicon Beach Boardroom

    " is light and airy, the food from the Corner Cafe was abundant and delicious. Our server was professional and stealth like so our meeting was uninterrupted but she was close, and we always had what we needed. Our Board loved the space and food and definitely voted to consider..." 05/10/2018
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  • Kait P.

    Space: Boutique Off-Site Suite

    "...This space was perfect! I brought 11 of my staff together for an all day meeting. We had breakout times, walked to the beach and enjoyed delicious coffee and donuts from Sidecar. Dominic was very accomodating and we had everything we needed at the space. I highly recommend it..." 06/24/2017
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  • Drew C.

    Space: Historic Carriage House for Presentations Surrounded by Garden

    "...The room was large and the staff was attentive and kind. I highly recommend this as a venue for any corporate workshop and business meeting. The blooming flowers, wonderful landscaping and charming paths make this one of the best places to host a meeting..." 04/02/2018
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  • Christian V.

    Space: Historical Loft with a View of the Bay

    "...Great big space for a large group meeting. Has a special charm to the place..." 06/08/2017
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  • Phil B.

    Space: Social Innovation Event Venue - General Event Space (MIDWEEK EVENINGS)

    "...The space was great and Olivia was very helpful in getting us setup. Such a great intimate space for a meetup..." 11/29/2016