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What people say about meetup venues on Peerspace

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  • Donna M.

    Space: Private Conference Room inside Urban Winery

    "...was very easy to work with and responded quickly to all my questions and needs. The space was just what we needed for our meeting. It was easy to find, well maintained, and had everything we needed. Marina was also able to provide a recommendation for lunch since the venue..." 01/23/2018
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  • Laurie R.

    Space: UWS Studio w/ Backdrops & Alien Bee Lighting + Softboxes Included

    "...My experience at UWS Studio was excellent. I was able to drop by the evening before and do a site visit and meet the staff. On the day of my shoot, the studio was available on time and I was given very clear instructions about the lighting. Both Kim and..." 09/16/2017
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  • Johanna S.

    Space: Elegant Oceanfront Designer Space w/ Floor-to-ceiling Ocean Views

    " help with anything that came up. The view is beautiful - nothing beats having the sound of the ocean as a backdrop to a meeting..." 06/28/2018
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  • Erica A.

    Space: Traditional coffee shop located in the heart of The Mission.

    "...Grant is amazing and provides full service with a smile. The space is very comfortable and suitable for meetings..." 04/26/2017
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  • Velicia H.

    Space: Convertible Space in the Heart of Chelsea

    "...for her bridal shower. The versatility of this space accommodated her wish, and could have easily been used for a business retreat or conference meeting. Totally, superseded my expectations! Simply put, OUTSTANDING..." 07/14/2018
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  • Gabriel A.

    Space: Spacious Conference Room for 10

    "...Great space for office meetings..." 09/15/2017