How to Order Food for an Off-Site

A productive day outside the office isn’t complete without a meal (or two!) and plenty of coffee. Here’s how to order food for an Off-Site.

Here are PeerSpace, we are aware that a critical part of an Off-Site’s success is fueling your employees. You’ll want to make sure your team is well-fed and caffeinated in order to increase productivity, engagement and team bonding. That’s why we’ve compiled these top three components to help you choose your food and beverages wisely.

Save Time With a Third-Party Service

Since coordinating meals and ordering for a group can take time and cause stress, consider using a service that will provide you with everything you need, from snacks to coffee to full meals. While outside caterers can provide great cuisine for your employees, finding the right ones and ordering the necessary food can be a challenge. PeerSpace offers additional services to Guests that allow them to order their food through top local providers in a city. We’ve vetted our vendors to make sure they are the best around. We’ll make sure we source the right vendors to provide your team with everything they need to create, innovate and motivate their way through the Off-Site!

Please Your Team With Conscious Catering

When planning catering (which normally includes breakfast and lunch), it’s important you are conscious of individual needs on your team. From gluten-free to vegetarian, chances are someone on the team has dietary requirements, so make sure you ask for restrictions or allergies in the group ahead of time. Even if there are no special requests, we suggest you order both meat and vegetarian options to ensure everyone has a meal they are comfortable with. Plan on serving decaf and regular coffee along with sweeteners, dairy and nondairy creamers. For those that don’t drink coffee, they will certainly appreciate caffeinated and herbal tea options. For additional beverages, consider juice and soda along with small bottles of still and sparkling water.

Streamline Your Schedule With Your Host

Let the space’s Host know about catering plans and delivery times to help streamline your schedule. This way, they can make sure to let a delivery person into the building, if applicable. While this seems like a small detail, if your team is in the middle of a meeting or discussion, it can be disruptive to have to coordinate a food delivery. And if you want to go a long way towards pleasing your team, don’t forget post-event plans. While you are speaking to the Host, you can ask for nearby restaurant recommendations for dinner or happy hour. These are crucial to helping the team unwind and bond.


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