What You Need To Consider When Selecting an Off-Site Space

Off-Site space is more than a room – it should have everything you need to be productive and innovate.

While standard conference rooms can provide basic Off-Site space, there are many new options available on the market that can foster creativity, innovation and collaboration that bland hotels or traditional offices just can’t offer. Here, we break down what you need to know about booking an Off-Site space that will fit your business needs and surpass your boss’s expectations!

Review the Basics

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Use the Insider’s Guide to Running the Perfect Off-Site to keep track of your planning progress. When you are calculating the time you will need to rent a space, make sure you account for set up and cleaning. It can be easy to forget to factor these into the initial considerations. Start by determining the number of people participating and the dates, timing and location that are most convenient for all involved.

Take Care of Timing & Transportation

When scheduling an Off-Site, you’ll want to think about how many hours (or days) you need to meet your Off-Site goals. If your Off-Site needs multiple hours, think about starting in the morning when your team is fresh and productive. If your Off-Site requires multiple days, scheduling it towards the end of the week will give your team a smooth transition into the weekend instead of a jolt back to the office. Make sure you plan transportation accordingly. Book any flights or driving services early and ask for group or corporate discounts if applicable.

Double Check The Amenities

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Instead of wasting valuable time visiting the space, browse photos beforehand and talk to your host to confirm the amenities available for your Off-Site. Make sure the space has the right amenities and that the equipment provided will fit your needs. While it’s great if you find  a perfect match, you might need to expense a few additional items. Review what the Host will provide you with including number of chairs and tables, WiFi speed, whiteboards, screen, adaptors, connections, cables etc. If you have questions about sourcing other amenities, the PeerSpace Concierge team is happy to help you find anything you need!

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