17 Dope 90s Party Outfit Ideas To Throw It Back In Style (2024)

Retro parties are a celebration of adolescence through music, fashion, food, and other pop culture elements that might have fallen by the wayside. A 90s party is one of the most interesting ones to put together; so much of it is still around while other aspects feel like a bygone era. The first thing you’ll need is some 90s party outfit ideas…If you don’t have enough options deep in your wardrobe, think about some of the ideas we’ve put forth here!

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1. Go military chic with camouflage clothing

Take a time machine back to the 1990s with a camouflage outfit! Students and young adults wore camo like they were headed to war. T-shirts, cargo pants, jackets, tank tops…And don’t forget about the matching camouflage cap. You can find most of what you need at an Army surplus store; camo pants, jackets, and hats are all cheap and easy to find here! 

2. Make a statement with bucket hats

Wide-brimmed bucket hats are a 90s trend that are coming back in style today, so you can find one in all kinds of colors with ease! Popularized by performers like LL Cool J, the bucket hat look goes great with a t-shirt and jeans. Or you can pair it with some oversized overalls and a band t-shirt.

Outfits are important when planning a 90s themed event but so are the amenities the venue has to offer. Did you know that Peerspace has hundreds of great party venues near you? For example, this 90s-themed house in Houston, TX, comes with a jacuzzi, photogenic graffiti walls, a Nintendo 64, and more!

3. Go edgy with a pair of Doc Martens

black doc marten boots on yellow background
Source: Unsplash

Doc Martens, like many of the best-known fashion trends, were originally a functional work boot. They were designed for factory workers, postmen, and other people who spent a lot of time on their feet and needed a boot that could protect their toes without being uncomfortable. Eventually, they found their way into wider popular culture and became THE boots to buy! A pair of Doc Martens can work their way into almost any 90s outfit!

4. Embrace grunge fashion

The comfortable, rebellious look of grunge fashion follows the style choices of popular 90s bands like Nirvana. Flannel shirts or a leather jacket over a band t-shirt is a good start. Wear jeans, shorts, or cargo pants, and pair them with a simple pair of sneakers! 

5. Go 90s preppy with schoolgirl plaid

Remember Cher Horowitz’s plaid skirt in Clueless? Plaid outfits are one of the most easily recognized symbols of the 1990s. Whether it’s lemon yellow or a subdued color, a plaid outfit is a great choice for a 90s party. Don’t forget the button-down cardigan and knee-high socks!

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6. Go bold with acid washed jeans and a leather jacket

Simple yet fashionable, a pair of spotty acid-washed jeans and a leather jacket is an easy 90s party outfit idea to put together. You can wear sneakers or boots with this outfit. Don’t forget a bright white T-shirt for extra color contrast!  

7. Keep it casual with cargo pants and tank top

Cargo pants and a tank top is another simple 90s party outfit to put together. You might even have everything you need in your closet already! Rather than bold colors and patterns, stick to solid colors. Add a pair of work boots or sneakers and you’re all set!

8. Don your favorite hair scrunchies

What better way to keep your ponytail in place than with a hair scrunchie? Pocketable, colorful, and cheap, scrunchies add a bit of color to your outfit without breaking the bank. You can go with a black and white one for your grunge look or a bright pink scrunchie if you want something cheerful. Hair scrunchies are perfect for the high ponytail look that 90s high schoolers are still (in)famous for!

9. Do it up with double denim

The all-denim look got started in the 1980s but continued on well into the 90s! Get yourself a jean jacket, preferably acid-washed or vibrant sky blue, and pair it with jeans in the same shade. A few rips will only make it more authentic-looking. Wear a cropped top or t-shirt underneath the jean jacket and you’re in business! 

10. Be glam with an edge in a metallic dress

Supermodels and celebrities of the 90s were famous for their shiny, eye-catching metallic dresses. These outfits are easy to put together; all you need is a pair of heels and some heavy eyeshadow to complete it. You’ll be turning heads like a 90s runway model.

11. Go cozy with oversized overalls

man wearing denim overalls
Source: Unsplash

Want to look like a fashionable painter or workman? Oversized overalls were all the rage in the 1990s! They came in denim, because, of course they did. Oversized overalls have wide legs, making them a roomy and comfortable outfit. Wear them with a brightly colored rayon T-shirt or a cotton tee that has a 90s band emblazoned on the front. And don’t forget a patterned bucket hat for some more splashes of color! 

12. Rock out with face jewels

The 1990s saw an evolution in the face glitter that was popular throughout the 80s; face jewels! Buy a package of the little plastic gems that were a staple of grunge and rock fashion for an entire generation. You can place a halo of them around your eyes and cheekbones or even frame your eyelashes with smaller gems. Face jewels are actually making a comeback today so they’re easier to find than ever.

13. Go bold with a nameplate necklace

Few fashion accessories were as personalized as a nameplate necklace, a hip-hop trend that went mainstream in the 90s. If you have an unusual name, you might have to custom order one for your 90s party outfit idea. But it’s worth it – and as a trend that’s coming back in favor, you might even keep it around for future use! 

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14. Posh it up with preppy fashion

If you weren’t into grunge or goth in the 90s you might have gone for preppy fashion! The look suggests you’re well-to-do and on your way to a prep(aratory) school someday. In short, the kid who gets good grades, is popular in school, and plays tennis on the weekends with their suburban friends. Preppy is a broad category; look for plaid skirts and sweaters, boat ware, or white khakis and a button-down shirt. Don’t forget that sweater with sleeves tied around your neck!

15. Bring the drama with goth fashion

Goth got its start in the 1980s but came into its own in the 90s with new takes on the somber look. 90s goth fashion includes corsets, intricate lace outfits, and an overall more flamboyant look than the post-punk look of the 80s. It’s a more romantic look, with a touch of Victorian grace and plenty of black lipstick!

A goth outfit is a head-turner at any 90s party. Make sure you choose a 90s party venue to match how well you’re dressed. Peerspace has several that would be a good fit; have you seen this Saved By The Bell-themed space in Tacoma, WA? Lava lamps, Goosebumps books, and boxes of 90s cereal make this one of the best places for a 90s themed event!

16. Grab attention with colorful windbreakers

Brightly colored windbreakers are another staple of the era that needs to be on your list of 90s party outfit ideas! They come in an amazing array of abstract patterns; neon blocks of color, reflective stripes, somber green and blues, and other colors. Windbreakers are made of light fabrics; you can wear one almost any time of year. Wear a retro-colored windbreaker with a baseball cap and a pair of cargo pants or jeans for an easy, instant 90s look!

17. Go low-effort with a backwards baseball cap

Here is a simple 90s outfit accessory you might already have: the baseball cap! But don’t wear it facing forward; the backwards look makes it extra-casual and is a staple of 1990s fashion. The backwards baseball cap is another rap and hip-hop style that went mainstream in the 90s and is still popular today!

90s party outfit ideas: conclusion

90s parties are a lot of fun to throw for the overly nostalgic among us! You can watch classic shows, enjoy the music you grew up with, and see what retro fashion choices your friends come up with together. The only thing better than looking at all of the creative 90s party outfit ideas is doing so in a venue themed to match the party. Fortunately, Peerspace has collected all kinds of 90s party spaces you should take a peek at while you’re here!

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