8 Abandoned Houses You Can Rent in NYC

On a quest to rent an exciting, abandoned house, NYC style? In the New York City area, there are countless abandoned houses and properties you can find as you explore the city. Yet, finding ones that are actually available to rent out can be difficult. The last thing you want to be doing is driving around the streets of the city and trying to call every property owner you can!

Thankfully, Peerspace is here to cut out the middleman and connect you directly with property owners who have curated amazing properties made specifically for content creation. Peerspace is the number one digital marketplace for filming locations and event venues available to rent by the hour. So you know they’ve got all the abandoned properties you might need! We’ve put together a list of eight abandoned houses you can rent in NYC today for you to check out, so read on for the details.

1. Shapira’s MNM 555

nyc abandoned house shapira's brooklyn
Source: Peerspace

Kicking things off on our list of abandoned house, NYC rentals, you can rent is Shapira’s MNM 555! This inspiring and authentic Brooklyn home has chipped paint, authentic and original stylings, and so much more. This Peerspace host is also film-friendly and ready for shoots. You can stretch your legs in this space and bring an entire crew of around twelve people, so whatever you’re creating, you’ve got plenty to work with.

2. Wallpaper Perfection 1969

wallpaper perfection 1969 house in Brooklyn
Source: Peerspace

Next up on our list is another amazing and unique property that only New York City can offer. This property is known as Wallpaper Perfection 1969. If you look at the high-quality images posted by the owner, you can see why it deserves that title. The floral wallpaper is a total throwback and it really pops along with the decaying features of the abandoned house.

3. The Django 1950

abandoned house nyc
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for abandoned houses you can rent in NYC you’re in luck with this one. They call it “The Django 1950” and you can really soak up the spooky and derelict vibes in here. Take a look at some of the images from the host – this property has unique moldings and designs along with a floor-to-ceiling mirror in one of the bedrooms. Located in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, this spot is highly convenient, with a flexible and friendly host.

4. Raw historic underground gymnasium

Basketball Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Here we have something really special that you’re just not gonna find anywhere else – this raw historic underground gymnasium. It is such a cool abandoned spot, that you just need to see it to believe it. From the owner’s description: “This is a 2500 square foot gymnasium available for film shoots, photo shoots, and various events. The space also comes with an adjacent 72 square foot ramp that makes for a cool side room. The gym measures 50 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 13.5 feet high”.

Not only is this a really awesome spot, but it also has tons of enthusiastic five-star reviews from creators. “I am absolutely in love with the space. It is incredible there are so many little crevices and spots to get lost in and photo opportunities. And I can’t wait to book the space again soon. Event space owners staff were amazing to work with. I appreciate Xhosa, Andrew and everybody that helped me. I would definitely recommend this space to others!”

5. Abandoned facility

brooklyn abandoned facility rental
Source: Peerspace

Next, let’s take a trip down to the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn to this abandoned facility that’s ideal for just about any production looking for a run-down office or facility. The long halls and overhead fluorescent lighting are perfect for a spooky hospital or apocalyptic office space. The host of this abandoned house, NYC area has put together the 15,000 square feet to be a filmmaker’s playground and it’s available with convenient and flexible hours.

6. Shapira’s creepy warehouse

abandoned house nyc
Source: Peerspace

While you’re in the Norwood neighborhood in the Bronx you’re going to want to swing by Shapira’s creepy warehouse for a totally amazing “bando” vibe. You’ll have all the space you need to stretch out with 5,000 square feet of creepy warehouse to work with. There’s plenty of exposed ductwork and plumbing along with all the natural light you’ll need for a well-lit yet spooky photoshoot or film session.

7. Raw historic surreal locker room

grungy colorful video shoot space
Source: Peerspace

We have a real treat for you up next–take a look at this vibey and one-of-a-kind raw and historic surreal locker room! It’s in Brooklyn, and here’s what the hosts have to say about this space. “The rooms, located beneath a church, were abandoned in the 1970s. From October 2018 through April 2019, the space was renovated and is now available for your use. Thus, the look of the space is raw and industrial. Most of the floors are concrete. The bathroom and shower room are tiled. Many of the walls have flaking paint jobs and weathered areas. There’s exposed piping, wood beams, and unique materials and textures everywhere.”

This location has it all, along with all that unique space you have hundreds of happy five-star reviews like this one: “Had an excellent time in the Raw Historic Locker Room. Unique, funky, and surreal are only a few ways to describe it. Great for film or photo shoots. Alex is a great and attentive host!” As you can see from the high-quality pictures uploaded by the host, this spot has earned the surreal vibe that it promises.

8. Shapira’s 37 unique abandoned building

unique abandoned building in williamsburg
Source: Peerspace

Finishing off our list of abandoned house, NYC rentals is a spot that is truly photo-ready. Take a look at all that Shapira’s 37, a unique abandoned building, has to offer. There are rooms that look completely raw and unfinished while others have peeling paint and exposed features. This is all brought to you in one convenient location with a film-friendly host that has super flexible hours. With the help of Peerspace, you can get access to this location with ease. This is a great New York City property that offers an authentic city feeling.

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