How To Find An Airbnb For Events (2024)


Event venues on Peerspace typically cost $50 — $250 per hour.

Looking for an Airbnb for events? You’ve come to the right place! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace has quickly become the internet’s number one resource for renting event spaces. We have thousands of spaces in hundreds of cities and towns across North America and beyond, with more spaces added daily. Peerspace is similar to Airbnb in terms of convenience but can be vastly different in terms of experience and cost.

Having emerged as a hospitality industry standard, the peer-to-peer rental marketplace Airbnb has its touristic time and purpose. Its primary function is to rent vacation homes as an alternative to guests staying in a hotel.

While a handful of Airbnb properties are available as long-term rentals, it’s pretty rare to come across one that’s rentable by the hour. So, unless your event is overnight and then some, Airbnb is not your best bet.

Ahead, we’ll discuss how Peerspace is the best platform for hourly event space rentals. We’ll even share links to some venues so that you can see for yourself how easy it is to book a lovely venue for your next event on Peerspace.

Peerspace: your Airbnb for events

houston historic downtown bar lounge
Source: Peerspace

Looking for a platform that lets you discover and book stunning event spaces by the hour in your city? Then skip Airbnb and head to Peerspace instead. While Airbnb has officially codified a ban on parties being held in its properties, Peerspace hosts (those who list their venues as event spaces and okay your specific event type) welcome them.

Along with allowing events in its venues, space rentals by the hour are where Peerspace stands heads and shoulders above other venue rental platforms.

With Peerspace, you as the renter only pay for the hours you need the venue. Plus, prices are clearly stated on each listing and there are no hidden fees.

Peerspace has hundreds of thousands of venues that rent by the hour. It’s the most extensive online marketplace of its type. But what types of events can you hold in a Peerspace?

Renting a Peerspace is ideal for events such as:

No matter what type of social or professional event you’re planning, you can use Peerspace to rent the perfect venue for it. Next, we’ll discuss how to do just that.

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How to use Peerspace to find an event space

Grass is Greener: Event Tents for Parties and Conferences
Source: Peerspace

So, how do you use Peerspace to book a sensational rental space for your next event?

First, visit the site’s homepage, or download the app, and enter your location and event type. Then, narrow down the results using keywords or filters that better suit your preferences. You can filter results that only show rentable venues in your chosen location that have pools you and your guests can enjoy, rooftops to take your gathering to new heights, ballrooms if you want plenty of space for dancing, and so much more.

As you’ll soon see, each property on Peerspace has its own unique listing, on which you’ll view photos, a detailed description of the space, upfront pricing, and reviewers from past renters. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting before you decide to book a Peerspace.

Have any questions about a prospective venue? No problem, you can also reach out to the venue’s local host through the listing page. These helpful folks can also help with more difficult aspects of event planning, such as sourcing catering, entertainment, and equipment. Just reach out and ask!

Keep reading to learn how Peerspace’s features make it the best option as the Airbnb for events.

Peerspace makes it easy to book an event space

san clemente Tropical Boho Beach Bungalow
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace offers a simple booking procedure using either the app or the website. In doing so, you book your event directly with the owner or ambassador of the space. And as we mentioned, communication is ultra-easy, too, with the rental platform serving as a liaison between the peer-to-peer parties.

Another bonus of using Peerspace for events is that the site shows high-quality pictures of what you’re renting. Photographs highlight the shared spaces where your hourly event will take place, and there is no question regarding what you’re walking into.

You can also read genuine reviews from past renters, allowing you to picture yourself in the space when holding your event. Plus, the pricing is clearly stated on the listing page without the risk of hidden fees. By the time you book, you’ll have the peace of mind that your event venue will meet if not exceed your expectations!

Quickly find event spaces that suit your guest list

1920s bloomsbury ballroom
Source: Peerspace

As we mentioned, Peerspace is the Airbnb for event spaces thanks to its ease of use. Another way that it makes it easy for you to find the precise venue for your needs is to filter venues by the number of people who will be in attendance at the event.

Are you going to need a property that can accommodate eight teammates for a brainstorming session? Or are you hosting a large wedding with hundreds of friends and family in attendance?

Easily eliminate spaces that are too large or small right off the bat by setting your preferences using Peerspace’s simple search engine. It’s a real time saver that will match you with your dream event space quickly.

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Fine-tune venue choices based on specific amenities

converted bank cafe in baltimore
Source: Peerspace

After you winnow down that list to only local properties that are available on the date or dates of your event and how many people have RSVPed to attend, select or deselect amenities that the rental offers.

Some amenities offer chairs and tables, audio-visual equipment, and even coffee for your event. Others are more specific, like photography studios and restaurants that provide lighting and backdrops, industrial kitchens, and so forth.

All of these amenities are visible on the property’s detailed Peerspace listing. If you need anything extra that the venue does not offer, check with your venue’s host. They are often too happy to help you plan your event and can often recommend caterers, entertainers, and other local services.

You don’t need to source or negotiate with vendors because Peerspace does all that footwork for you. Relying on the assistance of your venue’s dedicated host sets Peerspace apart from Airbnb and a heck of a lot of other venue rental platforms!

Peerspace hosts offer you their full support

Private Vip Salon Suite Downtown Hyde Park
Source: Peerspace

Similarly to Airbnb, local people own the Peerspace venues you rent. But again, Peerspace is like the Airbnb for events since Peerspace hosts list their venues as an event space.

In Peerspace’s case, a photographer may rent out their fully-equipped studio complete with a cyclorama at night when they’re not using it. Or chic cafes and bars may rent out their spaces when they’re closed. Homeowners who have homes with unique features, like a huge backyard or exciting architecture, are also popular on Peerspace. These types of spaces, and more, are available for you to rent for your event venue.

Renting from a real person in your community or destination city is a Peerspace perk.

Many of our hosts are creatives who deck out their unique spaces to offer their fellow creatives a distinct space to work. Some of our event venues are even operated by event planners who are happy to help you plan and execute your event as much as you like. Peerspace hosts can be as hands-on as you need.

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Peerspace connects you to the most unique settings

an estate and trailer in the desert
Source: Peerspace

When you rent a Peerspace venue for your event instead of a run-of-the-mill conference room or restaurant, you enjoy the novelty of hosting your shindig somewhere truly special.

You can choose a space that is 100% outdoors, like a stylish rooftop, open-sided barn, pool, or gazebo, for example. Some spaces are hybrid, offering you both indoor and outdoor space. Depending on your event, location, and time of the year, that may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Overall, Peerspace has the largest selection of professional photo and video studios, sky-high penthouses, artistic lofts, renovated warehouses, and homes anywhere and everywhere.

You can also rent unexpected spaces, like classrooms, sound stages, theaters, museums, galleries, churches, and other unique and attractive venues to hold your next event.

With Peerspace as your Airbnb for events, you never have to limit your options. While you can see how some of these features are similar to Airbnb, what makes Peerspace the Airbnb for events is the vast array of space types at your fingertips! We delve more into that ahead.

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Peerspace event venues are available globally

spacious rooftop event space in downtown denver
Source: Peerspace

Every day, Peerspace uncovers new spaces for your hourly rental enjoyment. And there are Peerspace spaces in hundreds of cities across the U.S. and worldwide, with more hosts signing up to rent out their venues daily.

Need some examples?

Production events

How about this truly fun New York photo studio with 2,000 square feet of useable, daylit space? Book it to host a photo or video shoot or even an event. It has space for 100 guests and an open, modular layout that makes it easy to design the space to suit your needs. The host also offers helpful add-ons, like special lighting, a projector, and tables and chairs.

This is a Peerspace venue that gets lots of love from the Peerspace community, to the tune of hundreds of five-star reviews! Here is just one example: “Amazing space! Very versatile and beautiful aesthetic. Plenty of amenities to help any photographer of any level achieve the look they want, along with an affordable rate to go with it. The host was very professional as well as helpful. Would definitely recommend this space to others.”


Wouldn’t this epic Bay Area mansion be an exquisite setting for a wedding? It has space for 70 guests and is filled with elegant, high-end furnishings. You and your guests can enjoy the outdoor gardens, two grand foyers, and large living and dining spaces. It’s large enough and offers several unique spaces so you can host your ceremony and reception in one gorgeous spot.

Check out what a Peerspace reviewer shared after hosting their event here: “This is a beautiful house in the heart of Oakland. The rooms are unique and different. It’s a great place to host a large group of people. EJ was very responsive and really worked to make it work for us.”

An intimate gathering of friends

Looking to catch up with your crew in a distinct space? Then check out this fun all-pink photo studio on the southwest side of Houston! The Pink Palace is a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment decorated top to bottom in fun pink decor.

There are also tons of spaces here to pose and take pics with your friends, like the cloud ceilings, the grass wall with a pink neon sign, and even the backyard.

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An important corporate event

If you’re hosting a professional function and need an Airbnb for events, then rely on Peerspace, no matter where you’re located. For instance, check out this elegant downtown multi-purpose event space in Toronto, ON. It has an open layout and modern design scheme, with space for 80 guests. There are also multiple seating areas and a kitchenette with a bar, ideal for your catering team to set up. The host even offers a projector and screen and professional photography equipment, in case you’re interested.

A Peerspace reviewer who booked this Toronto event space for a launch party had this to say about their experience: “Overall, the venue-holders were very flexible people. They’re super nice and accommodating. They def made our experience easy and simple. Would totally do this again.”

Baby and bridal showers

We love the idea of hosting a bridal or baby shower at this luxury European-style villa in Sydney, Australia. It’s a wonderful example of the type of space that Peerspace can connect you with, even on a global scale.

At more than 1,700 square feet, the home has space for 20 guests and boasts an elegant European-inspired indoor and outdoor space complete with manicured gardens, two living areas, two kitchens, and a pool. Considering each space abounds with European antiquities, there will be very little need for decorating on your part!

In the words of a Peerspace reviewer: “Absolutely stunning location, gorgeous afternoon light in the garden. Indoors is a great space, there is plenty of room and it flows really nicely. George is a welcoming and relaxed host, available for anything we needed but let us get on with things. I highly recommend this space to anyone. Thanks for having us in your home George!”

Dinner parties

Are you looking to host a dinner party for close friends in a sophisticated and warm setting? Peerspace has thousands of options for you in cities across the globe! And if you’re in London, we especially recommend renting time at The Nest – A beautiful cafe-style lounge with a kitchen in Hammersmith.

This 500-square-foot event space boasts a bright, plant-filled ambiance and space for about 35 guests. What makes this space stand out from dozens of other local options is its sunny Los Angeles-like decor. And like all good lounges, you and your guests can relax in the numerous comfy seating areas and serve a gorgeous feast in the elegant green-toned kitchen. With areas for dining, cocktails, and reception, you and your guests can enjoy a multi-faceted dining experience here. Cook for yourselves here, or enjoy the lounge’s BYO food and drink policy.

Check out this super helpful review left by a Peerspace user after booking their event here: “Samira and team were so flexible and communicative; the space felt like an upscale home away from home w/ the self-serve catering counter/sink, adjustable music, screen projection and lush decor. The space bent to exactly what we needed but was a wonder all on it’s own. The entire building is captivating and located in an easy-to-access neighborhood.”

Peerspace is the Airbnb of hourly event rentals

nyc furnished roof deck
Source: Peerspace

All told, you can see why Peerspace is the Airbnb for events. It’s the largest peer-to-peer online platform to rent creative venues by the hour versus overnight. And unlike Airbnb, Peerspace welcomes you to host your special events in our spaces.

Airbnb makes sense for a vacation; Peerspace is where you go to find a place to create and celebrate.

Peerspace has venues in hundreds of cities in North America and beyond, all of which are simple to book and boast a range of incredible amenities.

Between its user-friendly interface, crystal-clear venue details, and straightforward pricing, Peerspace is the ultimate platform for renting event spaces by the hour. And thanks to its friendly hosts and the incredible array of venue options, you’ll enjoy a private event space that is stylish and memorable.

Click the link and see what Peerspaces are available near you! You’re sure to find something incredible for your photoshoot, kid’s birthday party, team meeting, family reunion, hackathon, etc. The only problem you may have is narrowing it down to just one space per event!

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