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7 Beautiful Baby Shower Venue Ideas in Washington, DC

Congratulations! A baby is on the way, which means life is about to change in the happiest possible manner! Let’s face it: everyday life makes all of us feel so darned serious all the time. That’s what’s so wonderful about a baby shower: it offers the opportunity to celebrate and embrace all of the good in the world, as well as let loose and have a lighthearted time. Beauty, fun, and joy are reason enough for a party; the fact we can celebrate a new baby at the same time is a snuggly, cuddly, noisy bonus! To fête the newborn and its parents, check out these beautiful baby shower venue ideas in the Washington, DC, metro area. Looking for more? Visit Peerspace for even more venue ideas in DC and metro areas across the country.

1. An intimate alley event space

Unique Alley Event Space washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

What a strange place to start — an alley! This is one of the most beautiful baby shower venue ideas in Washington, DC, as it offers a space that is both intimate and private, as well as surprisingly bright and welcoming. Big windows and the neutral black, white, and gray of the interior means you can customize the feel to suit your taste and theme. The cozy size lends itself to a casual event, so plan the menu accordingly: displays of chilled appetizers or mini desserts and a coffee bar come to mind. The entrance at street-level makes delivery of decor and food incredibly convenient. An added bonus: they even offer stroller parking outside! 

2. A bright and spacious Dupont Circle art gallery

Unique Art Gallery - Dupont Circle washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

From the moment they arrive at the entrance of this gallery, your guests will be in awe! The magnificent exterior architecture welcomes you into a comfortable and engaging art gallery. Art-adorned hallways lead to well-lit nooks and visual surprises: whitewashed brick and bay windows, to name a few. These days the multiple fireplaces are purely decorative, but that does not detract from the coziness that their mere presence offers. Create a party that invites guests to wander and enjoy the exhibits before settling in for games.

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3. An NYC-inspired studio loft in Logan Circle

Inspiring Loft in the heart of Logan circle washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

This intimate loft is a perfect spot for those who are looking for a hip, urban venue. It is unassuming but easy to access, it’s also a quiet oasis in the center of the action. Renovations to the 150-year-old carriage house were done with care, to both respect the history of the space but also to create a comfortable space in which to throw beautiful gatherings. The loft’s neutral decor gives you a blank canvas.

4. A Georgetown studio with spectacular lighting and greenery

downtown studio with greenery dc washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

There’s no more beautiful, well-thought-out baby shower venue than a photography studio! Bright and light, spacious and with soaring ceilings encourage a similar attitude from your guests. The space is decorated with both lounge and dining furniture, allowing your guests to move and flow through the event as you see fit. Finally, are you looking for a unique baby shower activity? Take the photo booth concept to the next level! Rental of this studio includes all of their photo equipment, from screens to props and lighting.

5. A cozy, retro 1960s-style cafe

Mod, 60s Cafe washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

This beautiful baby shower venue allows guests to enjoy a throwback feel. This cozy cafe offers a nod to a time when American family dynamics were beginning to shift in a progressive, exciting way. The loft and tons of natural light are second only to the brightly colored murals on the walls which, incidentally, leave the need for extensive decor as an unnecessary expense. Finally, the venue offers in-house catering to allow for ease of planning your perfectly appointed menu.

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6. A Trinidad-based rooftop garden with DC View

Rooftop Garden with DC View washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

Now, stick with us: an outdoor venue on the rooftop of a hardware store is a beautiful baby shower venue idea. Honestly! Sure, the views of the city are spectacular, but the rooftop itself is incredibly well-thought-out and welcoming to events of all kinds. Colorful greenhouses and the paths between them make guests feel like they’re in a garden rather than on the top of a building. Contemporary-style awnings provide shade while also allowing air flow. The venue owner loves their space and wants others to love it, too. They spread that feeling by encouraging an interactive experience, offering services of plant workshops and/or the creation of custom plants as a favor. What better way to welcome a new baby into the world by encouraging and nurturing life!

7. A historic and charming antebellum home

Historic Antebellum Home with Charming Space washington dc
Source: Peerspace

For the traditional-minded or history geeks, this private home is one of the most picturesque baby shower venue ideas in Washington, DC. At nearly 180 years old, Ash Hill is located just outside of DC, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is overflowing with Southern charm, from the wraparound porch to the ornate chandeliers to the enchanting garden. Enormous windows with vintage panes offer picture-perfect views of the property and invite buckets of sunshine inside. The gorgeous setting means little decor is necessary, so you can consider going crazy with the food! Feature a menu that includes Southern treats, such as biscuits and picnic-style fried chicken, pralines, and peach cobbler. And, by all means, don’t forget the sweet tea! They advertise that there are a few friendly ghosts, if you believe in that sort of thing. We say, the more, the merrier! 

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