The 11 Best Commercial Photographers in Los Angeles

Hoping to work with one of the best Los Angeles commercial photographers? Whether you’re managing a brand or business or are just in need of a professional photographer, commercial photography is the answer. Commercial photographers specialize in certain niches, like fashion, food, corporate headshots, or product photography.

Therefore, it’s essential to find the photographer best able to suit your particular needs. Of course, in a city like Los Angeles, we’re hardly without options. That’s why we at Peerspace have narrowed down the playing field to these 11 best Los Angeles commercial photographers. They are no strangers to working with top-level brands and can bring your story to life.

1. Macey J. Foronda

Macey J. Foronda is an accomplished commercial and editorial photographer in LA who has worked with Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, and Teen Vogue, to name just a couple. Her fun, creative style is a standout of all the Los Angeles commercial photographers. She is also comfortable shooting both in studio and out on location.

Looking through Macey’s colorful, vibrant portfolio, we see a lot of famous faces, including Billie EIlish, Zach Galifianakis, and even The Rock! Whether she’s shooting portraits or products, she crafts beautiful, balanced photographs. Each feels artistic, nuanced, and engaging. 

2. Mark DeLong

Mark DeLong has an enormously successful photography and videography career behind him already, working with clients such as American Airlines, BMW North America, and Mercedes-Benz. DeLong’s work is superb, marrying careful lighting design with tasteful posing and composition to craft a scene that naturally guides the viewer’s eye around the frame. DeLong describes himself as someone who finds inspiration everywhere. He is one of the Los Angeles commercial photographers who is always willing to get outside his comfort zone to try something new. 

3. Stephen Denton

Los Angeles commercial photographer Stephen Denton was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and now works in magical California. His work is authentic and unreserved, allowing the subject matter to influence the end photograph. Along with his commercial work, Denton’s Instagram page is full of travel and documentary images, showcasing his wide-ranging photographic chops.

Denton is also a big golf enthusiast, and it, therefore, comes as little surprise that his clientele includes Puma Golf, Cobra Golf, Golf Tips Magazine, The Golfer’s Journal … we could go on! Frankly, the sport has never looked better than when it’s in front of Denton’s lens.

4. Ed Carreón

Ed Carreón has had an incredible journey to becoming a commercial photographer. He has moved throughout Asia from Micronesia to India, gotten attacked by sharks, fallen in love in Mexico, and is now “making his mama proud” by publishing work to wide acclaim.

Carreón’s commercial work is clean, composed, and precise, as he aims to “figure out the best way to approach your objectives”. He works diligently to ensure that his photographs function as a tool to help a business or brand achieve its goals. And for 20 years, he has done just that for clients like Johnson and Johnson, Pimco, Cedar Sinai, and Virgin Galactic. 

5. David Zentz

David Zentz is a storyteller by nature and describes himself as specializing in “colorful, impactful” images. You are sure to be impressed looking through Zentz’s portfolio, as it encompasses “sumo wrestlers, Fortune 500 business leaders, and rodeo clowns”.

Whether shooting in a studio or out on location, Zentz manages to find the best pose and the best angle for the moment, bringing us into his client’s environment effortlessly. Even, flattering lighting is the hallmark of his corporate work more so than other Los Angeles commercial photographers. His documentary brand photographs incorporate more nuanced light and dark tones. This in turn crafts an image worth mulling over for a long time. 

6. Jeff Singer

Jeff Singer is a photographer who truly paints with light, turning that which comes before his lens into a work of art. We especially love how Singer incorporates color profiles into his work. In fact, he’s unafraid to add colored lighting in ways that really make the images pop.

Singer’s other projects, especially those out on location, showcase his attention to detail. Here he brings to the forefront wide shots of the product or brand and the minor additions that make the design that much more unique. 

7. Kremer Johnson

Working together as a team, Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson are two “narrative-driven” conceptual artists who also describe themselves as being “creative chameleons”. Their efforts in creating dynamic, playful images and their willingness to experiment and adapt have resulted in brilliantly memorable results.

This photographic duo has earned awards and accolades left and right for their work. They have also partnered with clients such as Visa, Proctor & Gamble, and DirecTV. Kremer and Johnson bring a little extra magic to their photoshoots, making them two of the best Los Angeles commercial photographers. 

8. Photography by Paulina

Paulina is a commercial photographer specializing in product photography such as skincare, perfume, jewelry, and other small goods. Her work features a clean, stylized, natural look, with warm, earthen colors, simple backdrops, and a minimalistic atmosphere. “I believe your brand deserves to be showcased beautifully,” Paulina states on her website. And trust us, her gorgeous, inviting portfolio does just that.

Looking at Paulina’s photographs is like taking a long breath of fresh air. Each one is elegant, composed, balanced, and inviting. Those looking to advertise their health or beauty products brand won’t need to look any farther than Photography by Paulina. 

9. Cera Hensley

Cera Hensley’s photos burst with life, featuring brilliant colors, bright set-ups, and elegant, uncomplicated compositions. Each photo feels like an intricate installation at an art museum. This is because she perfectly coordinates the lighting, mood, and subject matter to bring the viewer directly into the moment.

Hensley often plays with elements of repetition and symmetry to craft photos that feel balanced. However, each is also engaging, leaving less creative commercial photographers rather in the dust. Hers are certainly the kind of images you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. 

10. Kristine Eldridge

Kristine Eldridge is one of the few Los Angeles commercial photographers who specializes in children’s clothing. Eldridge says that she sees the world through a viewfinder, and her photographs’ authentic, vibrant nature is a testament to her capabilities.

Her lifestyle work’s warm, engaging feel is beautifully incorporated into her commercial photographs. All feature lots of stunning outdoor locations, soft natural lighting, and plenty of big smiles. It’s also clear that children’s fashion is an area where Eldridge feels the most at home, and she has worked with the likes of Oilily and Little Skye Kids. 

11. Lindsay Kreighbaum

Full of zing and zest, Los Angeles commercial photographer Lindsay Kreighbaum’s work positively pops with color, grabbing our attention from the first glance. Her effective framing and composition techniques mean that our eye is drawn throughout the entire frame. We rest on one element and then move on to the next until we’ve absorbed the whole image. We especially the way she involves shadows. Many photographers aim to provide even lighting throughout their images, but Kreighbaum’s artistic use of elongated shadows adds to the power of her photos.

Perhaps best of all, clients of Kreighbaum needn’t have to stop at a single frame. In fact, her stop-motion creations are a creative way to bring even more life and story to the product. Kreighbaum may be appearing towards the end of this list. Still, she is certainly foremost in our hearts, and her vibrant backdrops, engaging set-ups, and attention to detail make her one of the best commercial photographers in Los Angeles. 

Bonus: April Staso

One look through April Staso’s portfolio, and we were hooked! We love her modern approach to the commercial photography genre. It does away with stale poses, uninspired compositions, and cheesy characters. Instead, she takes a more vivid, high-fashion approach to commercial photography. Hers is the type of photography that makes you want to be the people in the photos, experiencing what they’re experiencing. And you cannot put a price tag on that.

Staso uses close-crops of products and models along with colorful settings to inspire a sense of whimsy in the viewer. Her client list includes Lash Bar, Genexa Pharmaceuticals, and Fragrent Jewels.

Commercial photographers in Los Angeles: conclusion

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Source: Peerspace

Commercial photography is a big industry, and it can be daunting to try and find the photographer who best suits your brand or product, especially in a city as large as LA. Fortunately, that big selection also means you’re sure to eventually find someone whose specialization is the perfect match for your niche, and utilizing that resource will be a huge boost to your advertising. We’ve done most of the work for you here, and these 11 best Los Angeles commercial photographers are your sure-fire key to success. 

Hire your favorite and then come back here to Peerspace to book the perfect photoshoot location. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, our platform boasts hundreds upon hundreds of creative spaces in LA. Whether you’re in the market for a full-service photography studio, a Hollywood Hills mansion, or anything in between, Peerspace has you covered.

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