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The 11 Best Houston Family Photographers

Houston’s size and diversity make it one of the most inspiring cities in the United States — with so much culture, it should come as no surprise that the city is home to a thriving creative community. There’s real talent in Houston, and the city is filled with photographers at the top of their game. Working with families, though, takes more than just vision. You need a passionate photographer — one who loves meeting new people and learning about their stories. These are some of the top Houston family photographers, and each creative boasts ample creativity and the people skills necessary to produce amazing portraits.

1. Bethany and Dustin of Sweet Nest Photography

Bethany and Dustin, the talented duo behind Sweet Nest Photography, understand the ways life can be an adventure that deserves to be documented. They tell their client’s stories in their images, capturing their personalities during genuine moments. By shooting only in the best natural light, the team is able to make portraits with amazing skin tones and colors that never overwhelm the subjects in the images. Their emotive portraits are gorgeous and sure to please anyone who works with this team.

2. Elizabeth Jones

With children of her own, Elizabeth understands firsthand how important it is to document families. She knows that a significant part of the value of family portraits comes from the times later in life when you look back on those images. Much of her portraiture focuses on capturing the early days of your family — a time that Elizabeth knows will move quickly. By using soft, natural light, she’s able to produce timeless portraits.

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3. Deborah Koch

Deborah’s family portraiture is often reminiscent of a fairytale — her subjects wear colorful clothing in idyllic settings, and her images have a kind of dreamy quality, thanks to their warm light and shallow depth of field. She realized early on the great photography’s about more than pointing the camera and releasing the shutter. After studying the art formally and starting her own business, Deborah has excelled at creating unique images.

4. Rebecca Penny

Rebecca creates breathtaking portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime. Time flies quickly when you first start your family, and Rebecca knows that documenting those early days is important. This attitude drives her passion for working with families, and the images she makes are incredible. Bright, even lighting flatters her subjects, and her preference for neutral backgrounds ensures that nothing distracts from the memories being made in her images.

5. Katie Hill

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Born and raised in Houston, Katie has had a love of photography for most of her life. Her style focuses on candid moments between her subjects, and her photoshoots are casual enough to give her clients plenty of breathing room. This relaxed atmosphere lets their personality shine in the images. Her warmly lit, natural light portraits make her families look great, while her creative composition imbues her images with a certain je ne sais quoi. Her balance of perfect lighting and artistic vision easily makes her one of the best Houston family photographers.

6. Oak and Ember Photography

Through years of experience, Oak and Ember Photography has crafted a strategy for great family portrait sessions. Their shoots are energetic, but careful planning goes into the preparation of each one. Location details and outfit recommendations are worked out in advance, so on the day of the shoot, everything runs smoothly. Their meticulous process pays off — Oak and Ember produce consistently high-quality images, filled with warm light, great colors, and plenty of expression.

7. Casey Mcdonald of Three Little Chickadees Photography

Casey is a passionate photographer who loves working with families. Her comprehensive family photoshoot package makes sure you get all the images you could want of your family. She also has a great eye for details and always finds the best natural light for her subjects. Her photos are bright but never subtract from the story unfolding in the images, where she often shows families laughing and playing together.

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8. Kayla Mills

Kayla’s work is characterized by natural light, contrast, and slightly muted colors — she tones her images in a style that has become popular in recent years, but her personal touches make her images feel unique. Kayla isn’t afraid to get close to her subjects, and much of her work is marked by tight framing and images that feel as though you’re reliving these memories with your family. Combined with her knack for capturing expressive emotion, Kayla’s work makes her one of the best Houston family photographers.

9. Allison Craig of Lentille Photography

The mastermind behind Lentille Photography, Allison has one primary goal with her photography: give clients something that they’ll love. This service-centered approach makes her a wonderful photographer to work with. Her images focus on capturing moments of expression, often in brightly lit, outdoor settings. Her colors are always warm, and the neutral palette of her subject’s clothing create a sense of timelessness in her images.

10. Malae Talley

Malae is armed with a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography and a passion for creating art. Her family portraits often focus on activity and moments of authentic expression. Working in natural light and gorgeous outdoor settings, Malae’s family images document the adventures her families are on and the memories they create along the way. Rich colors and artistic compositions are found throughout her portfolio and are a testament to her skills behind the camera.

11. Sara Ascencio

Sara’s photographic talent is evident in her portfolio, and her energetic approach to family photo sessions produces exceptional results. She works in natural light, often outdoors, and has an uncanny ability to always find soft and even illumination. Her subjects’ skin tones look great, and the landscape’s color palette always complements her client’s outfits. This, with her consistent ability to capture real emotions, makes Sara one of the best Houston family photographers you could work with.

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