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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Detroit

Detroit has a reputation for resilience and scrappiness, and a testament to that is the enduring happiness of the couples who meet and get married here. For years, Detroit has remained a major cultural hub in Michigan, so it comes as no surprise the city is home to some of the best wedding photographers in the United States.

These photographers routinely rise above the competition, demonstrating incredible talent and skill behind the camera. They have a clear vision of how to approach weddings and deliver great results to all their clients. As you’re planning your wedding, make your life a little less stressful by hiring someone you know you can trust to do a stellar job. To get started, take a look at our list of the best wedding photographers in Detroit.

1. Shauna Wear

Shauna is a passionate photographer who loves working with couples to make their wedding day amazing. Her portfolio is made up of extraordinary, colorful portraits and plenty of candid moments that feature genuine emotion. She’s detail-oriented and creates images that showcase both the beauty of your wedding, as well as the meaningful moments you spend experiencing with your spouse.

2. Rosy and Shaun

Rosy and Shaun are Detroit natives, so you can be sure they know the city well. They’re aware of all the best places in the city for photos, and their unique backgrounds make their work stand out. As a wife-and-husband team, they’ve developed a great system that blends their skillsets: Rosy’s energy and ability to put people at ease, and Shaun’s detail work and composition. Their work is colorful and firmly rooted in the city’s aesthetics.

3. Craig David Butler

Craig is a photographer who is first and foremost committed to his clients. His award-winning work is well-composed and intimate, as well as a clear indicator of Craig’s ability to capture genuine moments with his clients. His service is completely customizable, so you get the exact wedding package you envision for your big day. Ultimately, Craig understands that good wedding photography begins with the fundamentals, so he doesn’t chase trends when doing his work.

4. Amy Claeys

Amy’s approach is unique in that, while she primarily shoots digital images, she’s also in love with shooting film. Because of this, she’ll always have a film camera at weddings, shooting a roll or two of film at each event. Her wedding work is colorful, filled with real expressions of emotion from throughout the day, as well as plenty of artistic shots. Her detail work truly captures the aesthetics of each wedding as well, resulting in a well-rounded collection of photos.

5. Chad Wu

Chad is an award-winning Detroit-based wedding photographer whose love of nature is clearly evident in his work. His portfolio is a testament to his skill — the images are well-lit, often with subtle colors and great bokeh. His work combines posed portraiture, candid moments, and subtle detail shots, so you can be sure every element of your wedding will be documented, from the rings to the expression on your face when you see your significant other for the first time.

6. Adrienne and Amber

Adrienne and Amber are a best-friend photography power team that bring plenty of excitement to their shoots. Both of them hold bachelor’s degrees in photography, and they’ve collaborated together since 2002. They focus on capturing the smaller, intimate moments throughout the wedding day, alongside the overt displays of emotion. Their portfolio is filled with images of genuine expression. Their portraiture is also natural and relaxed, so your images reflect your best self.

7. Dan Cox

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Dan is a friendly and dedicated photographer who loves to have fun at weddings. But his lighthearted approach doesn’t detract in any way from his ability to take great photos — quite the opposite. He loves capturing the candid moments that happen most naturally when everyone is relaxed. And he won’t miss any of the details that set your wedding apart. His images are dramatic, well-composed, and — most importantly capture — authentic expressions by real people.

8. Ami Williams

Ami is completely dedicated to making beautiful images for her clients. With total commitment to doing her best work at every wedding, Ami’s goal is to capture genuine, honest emotion with beautiful compositions that will always remind you of one of the most important days of your life. Her work shows relaxed couples whose love for one another is evident in each image. Ami’s ability to consistently make these emotive images makes her one of the best Detroit wedding photographers.

9. Kellie Robinson

Like many of the best Detroit wedding photographers, Kellie avoids traditional, overly posed wedding portraiture. Instead, she favors images wherein personalities shine and the moments are genuine. Her portfolio is filled with images that evoke sentimentality and consistently show couples having a blast on their wedding day. Her natural light work demonstrates her mastery of lighting images and making her couples look great.

10. Erika Stewart

Erika is a lifelong photographer who also majored in the subject in college. With her extensive education and experience, it’s no surprise that her portfolio showcases some amazing images. Her couples are relaxed and completely comfortable showing emotion on camera, and her portrait work is bright and natural — nobody looks stiff in her images.

11. Me + Him Photography

Kelly and Trevor, the power couple behind Me + Him Photography, draw inspiration from their own relationship when they photograph weddings. They love the work they do, and you will, too. This team understands that the images they make on your wedding day will be part of your family’s legacy, and they take this responsibility seriously. While so many photographers rightly call themselves storytellers, Kelly and Trevor consider themselves biographers. They’re at your wedding to celebrate with you and document this very important part of your life.

12. Julie Palmer

Julie goes above and beyond at the weddings she photographs. She’s more than willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the day runs smoothly. Her style emphasizes natural colors and a harmony between moody and airy light. Julie gets all the details right, making frequent use of idyllic landscapes and outdoor scenery to create stunning images. Her portfolio’s balance of natural posing and candid captures helps cement her one of the best Detroit wedding photographers.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. Find a photographer who can work in the style that speaks to you and produce pictures you’ll love. It may help to learn a bit about different styles of wedding photography. Use the photographer’s experience and creativity, but try to bring your own vision to the table, too! If that means keeping things strictly traditional and refined — awesome. If you’d prefer to get wild and creative, go for it. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have photos your family can love looking back on for decades.

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