The 10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Minneapolis

As probably the most personal and revealing of photographic genres, boudoir is different things to different people. However, experienced boudoir clients all agree that if you find the right photographer, it can be a truly incredible, even life-changing, experience! In the Twin Cities, the great news is there’s no shortage of excellent Minneapolis boudoir photographers to choose from. Here are some of the best among them to help you in your search for the perfect one for you.

1. Alyssa Lund

Photographer Alyssa Lund’s boudoir photographs have an incredible “real” quality about them. They’re clearly professional — naturally-lit, simple, uncluttered backgrounds and often blurred with a shallow depth-of-field. Her work is very well-composed, which we expect from someone who started photographing weddings professionally in college and has now been a pro photographer for over a decade. We think we’ve figured out why: the facial expressions on her clients. They’re charmingly next-door natural, whatever their poses. In this way, Lund’s sensibilities do come through in her terrific work. Lund says, “My style is natural and all about celebrating your inner light! Instead of the old-school view of boudoir as a gift for a partner, my clients are doing a boudoir session as a way to celebrate themselves.”

2. Amber Gobin

Mysterious, dark, and moody, Amber Gobin’s sultry boudoir photographs are some of the most compelling we’ve seen. Gobin’s expertise with shadows and using light to dramatic effect is in full view in many of her images. Naturally, she took most of the images in her portfolio indoors. Still, she does take a number of them outside in bright light, and it’s particularly impressive that with a number of them, she’s still able to craft dramatic shadows and contrasts into the image. It’s no mystery why Amber Gobin is one of the best Minneapolis boudoir photographers on the scene today.

3. Rachel Simmons

Although not immediately apparent, photographer Rachel Simmons seems to enjoy taking a more crafted and imaginative approach with her pictures, whatever she happens to be photographing—even boudoir. That’s obvious in a few shots, and with the rest, it’s a lot more subtle. You can likely spot just a bit of tasteful creativity at play, whether with props, color correction, or special effects tweaking here and there. Simmons does not go overboard with the imaginative touches, just some dreamy and sometimes surrealistic nuances to give her work her unique signature feel.

4. Britt DuMonceaux

A photography nut since high school, Britt DuMonceaux did a small boudoir photography session 13 years ago and found it was a personally rewarding experience for herself, so she’s been doing them ever since. Through boudoir, DuMonceaux likes to “remind women how amazing they are and make them feel worthy of every good thing in life.” With the beautiful photos she produces, we’re sure she does just that. We see DuMonceaux favors neutral colors and tones and layering her images with an excellent warm coppery cast. The effect has an attractive vintage-like aura, and yet very much contemporary, with its sharpness and presentation. It’s remarkable work.

5. Vanessa Soliz

Vanessa Soliz is a serious cheerleader for the boudoir genre, insisting that it’s for every woman, no matter who they are or where they’re at in life. Her focus lies on making real, everyday women feel empowered, and in touch with themselves, and by all accounts, her supportive attitude makes all the difference in the world. Artistically, she’s deceptively flexible, demonstrating proficiency with various lighting and editing styles, and capable of knocking it out of the park whether it’s in the studio, outdoors, or a bedroom.

6. Mary Castillo

With her aesthetically simple approach, Mary Castillo delivers some visually stunning boudoir photographs that direct your eye immediately to the model. The vast majority of them are in color, while others sport a minimalistic feel with uniform composition, often in white and black. With your eye drawn to the only spots of color (the model), the effect can be riveting and powerful. Along the same lines, her models have more straightforward, appealing natural expressions, eschewing the attempt at sexy and letting their beauty do the talking. It’s outstanding work.

7. Eva Hagel

In her own words, Eva Hagel is a “fat activist badass,” and her photography proves it. Like other Minneapolis boudoir photographers, Hagel promotes body positivity, but there’s no need for her even to mention it — all it takes is a quick look through her portfolio. It contains one picture after another of mostly plus-sized models, with Hagel turning them into visual art. Seriously. These aren’t simple images. Many have wildly colorful sets, props, lighting, attire, even body paint, and Hagel likes to use various techniques and effects to craft and create striking pictures. There’s only one thing anyone can agree on when describing Hagel’s work: her results are fantastic! 

8. Lauren Wilkinson

There’s a certain clean, fresh quality to Lauren Wilkinson’s boudoir photography, with a modern magazine photo’s simplistic crispness and clarity. Even her models’ expressions, poses, and demeanor are regular and consistent. Very natural and easy. But these pictures are unmistakably intimate. Wilkinson masterfully weaves in just the right amount of naughty and risqué, producing compelling and enormously alluring images. She does it with an understated and effortless look-and-feel that proves an experienced talent at work here.

9. Kelly Cunningham

“Muddy is the hot mess of our lives, and the Flowers is the beauty that shines through it all,” says Kelly Cunningham, to explain her studio’s quirky name, Muddy Flowers Boudoir. She brings the flower out and captures it through her lens. She uses an eclectic mix of styles to capture it — brightly lit, dark and moody, delicate lingerie, regular sleepwear, edgier costumes, elegant poses, and provocative ones. You name it; if it’s within boudoir’s scope, good chance you’ll find it in Cunningham’s portfolio. This variety does reveal a high degree of customizing and tailoring and that it’s all about the client. “Boudoir is more than a photoshoot,” Cunningham explains. “It’s personal, beautiful, and above all else, boudoir is a self-healing therapeutic experience that liberates the woman in you.”

10. Cadence Cornelius

You won’t be seeing many smiles in Cadence Cornelius’s boudoir images. Sensual, seductive, sultry, and serious, there is no mistaking her models’ intent. Seeing any of them staring straight at the camera will be just as rare, making the message clear: these exquisite pictures showcase the beauty of their forms. Despite that, you may find it intriguing that the images are tastefully artistic, the lingerie elegant, the sexy poses tamer than many we’ve seen. The suggestiveness is further visualized through Cornelius’s often dark and dramatically shadowed shots, dimly illuminated by little more than a small, single light source. Cornelius’s different from the norm highly artistic style may very well be the look you’re going for.

Go Explore!

As you can see, there are so many outstanding photographers in Minneapolis to choose from. Check out their websites and portfolios—their personalities can show through in their work — and start communicating. You may be surprised how easy it is to find someone who truly “clicks” with you and your needs. Take the plunge! Everyone’s nervous when dipping their toe into boudoir, but it’s an exhilarating and powerful experience. The best Minneapolis boudoir photographers are experts at helping their clients have a fantastic time and get excellent results.

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