The 7 Best Boudoir Photographers in St. Louis

In need of the best St. Louis boudoir photographers for your next project? Don’t worry, Peerspace is here to make introductions! As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we work with photographers daily, helping them secure creative venues for their work. We have seen a lot of beautiful photography and hope to pass our keen eye on to you. That way, you’ll feel confident about booking a boudoir shoot with a photographer whose aesthetic matches your own.

Boudoir photography is a style that’s often misunderstood as something sexy but shallow. Truly, boudoir is about more than images for your partner to enjoy — it can also be a heartwarming, splendidly intimate gift to yourself. Excited yet? Consider one of these talented St. Louis boudoir photographers for your next photoshoot!

1. Brianna Cox of Boudoir by Bri

Brianna Cox is among the most intuitive, talented St. Louis boudoir photographers seeking to help you shed your cares and self-doubt in favor of a new outlook towards yourself. She reminds us that no one is less worthy despite what societal notions of success and beauty tell us. Brianna is equally at home in the outdoors as well as in the studio. And she’s one of the first boudoir photographers we’ve seen to bring a drone into the genre for stunningly creative angles!

Another aspect of Brianna’s work that we enjoy is the sheer diversity of settings she brings into her boudoir work. Brick-walled downtown studios, country ranch, hotel room, and an endless wheat field are just a few of the settings she uses to weave her stories. And the outfits and poses impeccably match as well. Her website also offers a treasure trove of glowing reviews from past clients.

Here is just one example that perfectly sums up the power of a wonderful boudoir shoot experience: “Everything I’ve done after my boudoir session has felt a little different with my secret new empowerment tucked underneath. This experience, these photos have awakened the confidence that I’ve been missing. I think I’ll do a boudoir session every year.”

2. Terra of Earthkind Boudoir

In her own words, Terra of Earthkind Boudoir gracefully hits the “why” of the genre. “We’re told we’re supposed to look and act in a way society deems ‘beautiful.’ Earthkind Boudoir gives you permission to be YOU, whatever that means for YOU”. Being seen by a photographer who can put your beauty on display despite what society and even you think about your body is a rare art and a gift worth giving to yourself.

Her clients are women from all walks of life, and her poses have a naturalness that’s playful yet not over the top. Terra’s color grading is also in line with her inviting style, with an attractive film-like profile we really adore! She also doesn’t have any prerequisites when it comes to your outfit choices or posing. It’s totally up to you and what you’re comfortable with. Just know that Terra will be with you every step of the way, supporting you on your boudoir journey.

Looking for a unique space to celebrate your shoot with Terra? Then check out this speakeasy apartment in Soulard! It’s a one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired space with a moody jewel-toned color palette and an anti-Prohibition wallpaper mural.

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3. Bethany and Zack Photography

Of all the St. Louis boudoir photographers we’ve come across, Bethany and Zack’s images make the best use of props that add to the scene. Rose petals, blankets, bed frames, and other elements give their work a fine art appeal that’s missing in a lot of boudoir photography. And none of it distracts from their clients in the slightest!

We love seeing bathtubs in meadows, elevator takes, and other delightful compositions that few photographers are bold enough to take on. Consider renting this eclectic bohemian loft in Overland if you choose to work with Bethany and Zack. Just imagine how great they’ll make you look posing pn the green vlvet sofa, beneath the neon lights, and the shabby-chic bedroom!

4. Chelsey Logan Photography

Chelsey Logan encourages prospective clients to set aside their fears over stretch marks and embrace a vision of themselves as a whole, just as they are. As a photographer, she is equally at home in the outdoors as well as in the studio and makes great use of abundant natural light in both areas.

We especially enjoy the more wide-angle perspective Chelsey uses when photographing clients. She brings in a background that’s expansive and storytelling yet tidy and well-considered. It’s a nice departure from the tighter compositions typically used by boudoir photographers!

This urban eclectic greenhouse in Marine Villa can be the perfect setting for an indoor/outdoor boudoir shoow with Chelsey. The stylish windows, lush plant life, and abundant exposed brick throughout will make an amazing backdrop to her artistry.

5. Rachel Megan of North Arrow Creative

Rachel Megan’s brand of intimate portraiture claims a distinct identity from what we often think of as boudoir. Rather than it being solely a gift for your partner, Rachel invites you to think of intimate portraiture as a gift to yourself. Indeed, we can see the confidence, vulnerability, and playful spontaneity in the eyes and poses of her subjects!

On occasion, she incorporates thoughtful editorial takes, distinguishing her work from that of other St. Louis boudoir photographers. We love how she has her subjects taking on poses like reading on the couch and other ideas that suggest we walked into someone’s life. Be sure to check out Rachel’s website for more boudoir info, such as her helpful “what to wear” style guide.

If you work with Rachek, consider also booking this beautiful, well-lit studio in Downtown West. It’s neutral color palette and collection of furnishings provide the perfect setting for her lifestyle-focused boudoir shoots.

6. Sydney and Tony Kell of Chosen Photography

Husband-and-wife photographer duo Sydney and Tony Kell are wedding, portrait, and St. Louis boudoir photographers covering the metro area. Despite the diverse spread of photography genres they cover, we can’t help but love the way their color profiles and compositions match.

They are fond of expansive portraits with centered subjects in a style reminiscent of traditional portraiture. But taking that approach to boudoir is quite exciting and original, especially when paired with their brightly lit, more cheerful lighting style that stands apart from the sultry shadows of traditional boudoir. Their work feels celebratory, which is a great match for the body positivity of the genre!

We think this luxe modern photography studio in Edwardsville, IL would be a perfect setting for your boudoir shoot with the Kells! The studio is brimming with natural light and offers you professional lighting and furniture rentals.

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7. Heather Marie x Boudoir Babes

Heather Marie is the photographer behind Boudoir Babes, her passion project meant to empower her clients through the art of her photography. She’s equally at home shooting in the outdoors as well as in the studio, and her talent for choosing locations and matching clothes and lighting to them is second to none.

It’s hard to say which theme we enjoyed the most. But with everything from holiday glamour to fetish-oriented takes, it’s clear that Heather has a creative concept for any client! She also works with couples and men in her boudoir work, proving that body positivity and self-love are for all. Her high-contrast photography style coupled with dramatic lighting also gives her work a signature consistency. Check out her website for a full list of boudoir services and answers to FAQs.

See what type of creative concept Heather can think up for you at this cozy bungalow in Webster Groves. It’s a hygge-inspired home with a moody, texture-filled bedroom, a black and white tub, an indoor hammock, and a fun outdoor space to explore, complete with a pool.

Bonus: Beautifully Empowered Boudoir

Beautifully Empowered is a popular boudoir studio serving St. Louis and southern Illinois. Owner Krysta is the lead photographer who makes it her mission to make her clients feel beautiful and empowered in front of her camera. And judging by her images, she completely nails it!

We also adore the sets and props that Beautifully Empowered utilizes during its shoots. Expect plenty of lush greenery, angelic feathered wings, moody bedding, and neon signs to adorn your photos here.

Looking for a unique space to utilize Krysta’s empowering skills? Then check out this pink place apartment in Soulard. It’s a two-bedroom loft with serious feminine charm, boasting a pink and white color palette and fun accents like exposed brick walls, neon lights, and a faux flower installation.

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