Can You Get Married At An Airbnb?

Can you get married at an Airbnb? The online sphere’s vast wealth of information makes it remarkably simple to locate wedding venues, especially compared to a couple of decades ago. This is amazing news for anyone planning their own wedding, particularly because where you have your wedding is a huge part of the overall experience. We’d even venture to say the most important part, besides maybe the guest list!

At this point, perhaps your internet wedding venue pursuits have brought you to the web’s premier lodging and vacation rental platform, leaving you wondering, “Can you get married at an Airbnb?” 

If so, just keep reading for our answer, as well as our concise guide to using the best online marketplace for wedding venue rentals (and hourly rentals of all kinds!).

Should you use Airbnb to find a wedding venue?

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Spending a night in an Airbnb that leaves a good impression might inspire you to ask: Can you get married at an Airbnb? Is that even a thing?

It’s not a totally unreasonable question, since Airbnb devotes listings to short-term rentals.

The problem with using Airbnb to find a wedding venue is that its interface isn’t compatible with hourly venue rentals. Instead, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s the leading platform for lodging and vacation rentals. That’s why the vast majority of hosts listing their spaces on Airbnb wouldn’t allow you to host your wedding on their property. They haven’t planned for their spaces to be used that way. They have also put their energy toward making them suitable destinations for overnight stays. These have a very different set of requirements than weddings do.

In other words, for most hosts, the answer to “Can you get married at an Airbnb?” is going to be a firm “no.”

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The most useful Airbnb alternative for wedding venues (and more!)

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So where should you look for wedding venues?

The internet’s biggest marketplace for hourly rentals of all kinds, including event spaces, meeting rooms, creative locations, and more: Peerspace. The site boasts a selection spanning tens of thousands of listings in countless cities across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. Plus, it’s always adding new listings and locations.

Why use a Peerspace as your wedding venue?

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We’re hoping you’ve moved past your initial disappointment with the honest answer to the question “Can you get married at an Airbnb?”

Now you can quickly move on to finding your dream wedding venue on Peerspace.

Still not quite sure whether Peerspace will be a good space for your needs? Then keep reading to learn more about what it has to offer.

Hourly rentals are easier on your wedding budget

The average person planning a wedding has to work within a defined budget, and of course that includes the cost of the venue. After all, the venue is often one of the biggest costs for a wedding.

What sets Peerspace apart from Airbnb is that the site offers hourly rentals, as opposed to nightly rentals. On Airbnb, in other words, you have to rent a space for at least one overnight. It’s a model that makes perfect sense for lodging/vacation rentals.

If you attempt to rent a wedding venue on Airbnb, you’ll find that the site provides no way to rent an Airbnb for just a few hours. You’ll have to pay for a full overnight, which is typically more expensive. 

And if you do happen to find an Airbnb that you can use as your wedding venue, you’ll end up paying for extra, unused time that drains your budget unnecessarily. With Peerspace, you can make your money go further by renting a great venue for only the time you need it.

Peerspace’s intuitive search tool simplifies browsing

Although Peerspace lists tens of thousands of spaces, finding your ideal wedding venue won’t be a “needle in a haystack” situation. This is thanks to an ultra-helpful search function that makes narrowing down your venue criteria a total breeze.

To start, head over to the Peerspace homepage and enter the type of event you’re planning (a wedding, of course!). Then, enter the location where you intend to plan it (this can be as broad as an entire country, or as specific as a neighborhood). If you want, also add the date you’d like to have your wedding. This will limit your search results to only wedding venues available in your chosen location and on your chosen date.

From here, you can click the “More filters” button at the top of your search results page. This lets you choose from a host of optional features: keywords, indoor/outdoor spaces, type of space, amenities, style/aesthetic, enhanced cleaning before your booking, and whether or not the space is available to book instantly. 

All of this makes it so that you’re not scrolling through thousands of options to find few that even meet your basic criteria. Instead, you’re only seeing the spaces that adhere to your exact specifications, however narrow or general you’d like those to be.

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Every Peerspace includes all the info you need to make the right choice

After narrowing down your search to your liking, it’s time to start clicking on the listings that pique your interest. Peerspace listings are extremely detailed, from their high-quality photos to their personalized, host-written descriptions.

You’ll find that many listings you come across also have star ratings and reviews from past renters. All of this info comes together to provide plenty of insight into what it might be like to hold your wedding in a given space. Even without physically visiting the location! As questions or requests come to mind, you can also contact hosts for a quick response.

Find your dream wedding venue on Peerspace

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Peerspace boasts affordable hourly rentals, an ultra-intuitive search tool, and detailed listings. So searching Peerspace is the easiest and most effective way to find your perfect wedding venue. Start your search for the perfect wedding venue today on Peerspace!

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