11 Memorable Cars Birthday Party Ideas (2024)


Birthday party venues on Peerspace typically cost $50 — $500 per hour.

The race is on! If you’re planning a Cars-themed birthday party, we at Peerspace have a list of fun Cars birthday party ideas perfect for celebrations. Feel free to combine a few ideas or just take on one idea and run with it.

Like with most parties, having a Cars-themed birthday party at your home doesn’t always cut it. That’s why we’ll also share some amazing birthday party rental venues that you can book through our platform. After all, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and makes it easy to discover and book unique spaces everywhere, whether you’re planning a kid’s birthday party or an adult’s.

From party ideas incorporating real cars to crafty “create your own car” ideas, this list includes options that will fit any birthday party size, budget, and age group!

1. Ready, set, go with your own Piston Cup racetrack

motorsports track in Riverside, CA
Source: Peerspace

Make a trip to a real-life version of the Piston Cup race. The Los Angeles International Speedway in the Cars movies is based on a mix of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena (also the location of the Rose Bowl), and the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

But if you don’t live close enough to visit one of these venues, just visit the racetrack closest to home! RacingIn lists over 1,200 U.S. race tracks in their speedway directory for you to peruse.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a more private venue, then you can rent this incredible motorsports track in Riverside, CA (pictured above) on Peerspace today! Like all Peerspaces, this one is operated by a local host, Kara, who strives to make your experience perfect. Talk to her about the Cars-themed party you’re planning and see what she suggests to make it the best party ever. Between this private track rental and the host’s dedication, you can easily create the Cars-themed party of your dreams.

2. You can also rent a car garage on Peerspace

vintage car garage los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Book the perfect venue to enjoy all your Cars birthday party ideas! With Peerspace, you can book both indoor and outdoor party venues to celebrate in. And one of our favorite ideas is booking a real-life car studio!

There are spaces like this one in L.A. that already come with cars included, fully-equipped auto shops like this fully-functional auto shop in Chicago and this auto shop with car lifts in Los Angeles! You can also opt to book a garage production set that offers the car garage experience but with more of a party vibe, like this huge vintage garage with cars included in Los Angeles. Just search for the kind of space you are looking for and the area you live in, and you’ll find an array of options near you.

3. Visit your local auto museum and feast your eyes on the sights

Museum birthday parties are a great way to mix a little bit of learning with a great time. This is a fun birthday party idea for kids and adults alike — so be prepared for lots of parents wanting to join in on the fun too! Some car museums even offer birthday party packages, like the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA, or America’s Car Museum LeMay in Tacoma, WA. Give the local auto museum nearest you a call to see if they offer birthday party packages!

Check out all of our favorite kid’s birthday party ideas to keep your little ones entertained!

4. Take a trip to Route 66

Historic Route 66 Coffee House
Source: Peerspace

Make Lightning McQueen proud by stopping into one of the little towns along Route 66! If you live in an area near the “Mother Road,” —  turn your Cars party into a destination birthday party. Route 66 is 2,400 miles long and crosses eight states and three time zones.

This road is chocked full of amazing history to make for an enjoyable birthday trip for kids and adults alike. The road was first signed into law in 1927 as one of the original U.S. Highways, and sections of the road are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our top destinations along the route include Cadillac Ranch in Texas, The Painted Desert in Arizona, and the Totem Pole Park in Oklahoma. Still, these are just a few of the Cars party ideas along the way!

Once you get to the California portion of the route, why not check out this historic Route 66 coffee house in Upland? It’s a sweet vintage space that offers you plenty of seating, catering, and speakers to enhance your Cars birthday party!

5. Challenge your guests to a Hot Wheels race

a blue hot wheels toy car
Source: Unsplash

Miniaturize the Piston Cup race with toy car playsets! Party guests can design tracks, race each other and compete for prizes! Hot Wheels cars or Cars themed toy cars would also be great party favors for all the guests.

6. Watch some great flicks at a drive-in movie theater

northridge valley home with amazing yard
Source: Peerspace

Sleepovers and movie birthday parties are always a big hit — but what about stepping it up a notch and creating a Drive-In movie theatre to watch Cars in the driveway?! There are so many different fun routes to go with this birthday plan! For instance, you can set up blankets in the back of a pickup truck and use the garage door as a screen.

You can also rent this stunning backyard space in Northridge, CA that has its own outdoor theater, or this one in Pasadena with its own cozy intimate backyard cinema. These are only a couple of examples of the types of spaces you can book through Peerspace!

7. Get crafty and build your own (cardboard) car

garage loft brooklyn nyc rental
Source: Peerspace

Looking for Cars birthday party ideas that are cheap but still tons of fun? Put all those old cardboard boxes you have at home to use — let the kiddos use them to make their own cars! All you’ll need is paint, boxes, glue, paper plates (for the tires), and some imagination. For extra fun, consider cutting off the top and bottom of the box so kids can “wear” their car creations and even have foot races to see who made the fastest foot-powered vehicle!

8. Cars-themed mural

photo and film studio nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

This idea might take quite a bit of pre-birthday prep — but it’ll be well worth it for the post-party keepsake! On a large sheet or wall (that you don’t mind having painted), outline a scene from the Cars movie. You could also project an outline of a scene onto the wall/sheet you plan to let the kids paint to make outlining easier. Then, during the party, have lots of colors and paints ready so the kids can fill in the scene. Once the scene is fully painted, you can also use it for a party photoshoot backdrop!

If you’re a photographer, discover our guide on car photography to ensure you nail the shot every time!

9. Get your motors running for a cookie decorating party

a stainless steel kitchen with food-laden countertop
Source: Peerspace

Why buy a Cars-themed cake when you can let the party guests decorate their own sugary snacks?! Sugar cookie or cupcake decorating would be a great way to get the kids’ artistic juices flowing and let them show off their creativity. Head to the kitchen, bake away, and have kids vote for their favorite Cars-themed cupcake/cookie. And as a bonus, they can eat them as soon as they’re done.

10. Play with ever-fun remote control cars

remote control car toy kids party
Source: Pixabay

Bring on the competition! Remote control cars would be a great birthday present that guests can also enjoy “test driving” at the birthday party. Set up courses, obstacles, and more for the kids to compete and feel a part of a real car race!

11. Don’t forget the decorations!

the garage sfo san francisco rental
Source: Peerspace

Whatever Cars party ideas you choose to incorporate into the celebration — don’t forget to decorate with Cars-themed balloons, plates, table covers, and more. These little touches can really help bring the party theme together and make the celebration feel complete.

Keep it simple and rent a car garage through Peerspace and enjoy a pre-decorated rental with all the ambiance you want!

12. Plan a Cars-themed photoshoot

warehouse with vintage cars and motorcycles
Source: Peerspace

Parents will especially love this idea if they’re planning the birthday party of their little motorhead! Why not plan a photoshoot for your little one surrounded by real cars to commemorate their latest birthday milestone?

To get started, book a Peerspace location that has lots of vehicles on site. Then, contact the venue’s host and see if they can recommend a qualified photographer to take the adorable snaps.

In case you need some inspiration, here are a few of our favorite Peerspace stocked with awesome vehicles of every age and variety:

There are other spaces just like these peppered across North America and beyond, just waiting for you to discover them on Peerspace. This is one of those Cars birthday party ideas that will provide you with lasting memories!

Cars birthday party ideas: conclusion

a vintage truck in a field
Source: Peerspace

A Cars-themed birthday party is a sweet idea for any fan of cars themselves, and of course, all fans of the adorable Pixar franchise.

If the idea seems daunting to you at first, never worry. You have Peerspace by your side to offer you these fun Cars birthday party ideas and countless themed event space rentals to bring the whole party to life.

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