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The 8 Best Columbus Wedding Videographers

The capital city of Ohio certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to wedding videography. Some of the most talented people in the business call the city home. In addition to some of the incredible movies filmed in Columbus, there’s a ton of amazing wedding films being made every day. The most noteworthy Columbus wedding videographers boast plenty of industry experience, and each delivers a high-quality, refreshing approach to documenting your special day. Check out their portfolios and see for yourself!

1. Columbus Wedding Videos

Nathan Schivley, founder of Columbus Wedding Videos, possesses a refined eye for making wedding films look incredible. With his degree in video production from Ohio University, Nathan has put his expert training to work in the wedding industry. His approach is detail-oriented, capturing more than just the big moments of the day, and stitching them all together in a final film that truly encapsulates the experience and emotion of a wedding. His robust experience and professionalism results in coverage of your day being totally seamless. In short, you’ll love what Nathan and his Columbus Wedding Videos team can do.

2. Candace of CandiRainProductions

Candace and the brilliant team at CandiRainProductions knows exactly how to get the job done. With tons of creativity and passion, Candace manages to capture the most emotional moments of your wedding day — she has honed her technical skill and the art of storytelling to ensure that the final product is mesmerizing. Most of all, her work will demonstrate a sense of genuine connection between you and your partner, as well as that of your family and dear guests. Your wedding is a union of two people, but it’s also a merging of families, social circles, and life stories — and CandiRainProductions captures these beautifully.

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3. Iconic Media

Power couple Michael and Courtney Walker founded Iconic Media in 2012, and it has completely changed their lives. Having embraced their inner creativity, this team is always enthusiastic to meet new couples and produce unforgettable wedding videos. They care deeply about the work they do and take the time to truly get to know their clients in order to best meet their needs. Years of experience have allowed the Iconic Media team to refine their craft. Radiating a bright, clean style, the final product is sure to be timeless — something that you will treasure for a lifetime. It’s no wonder Michael and Courtney are among the top wedding videographers in Columbus.

4. Kodjoarts Videography

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Kodjoarts Videography founder Kodjo Somana was born in Togo, and he discovered a passion for art and storytelling at a young age. He quickly learned the tools of the trade, putting his vision to work serving the needs of his community. He’s assembled an incredibly talented team, filled with enthusiastic individuals who know precisely how to craft wedding videos that stand out from the pack, while also taking into account the individual tastes and personalities of their clients. We appreciate their natural yet stylish color correction, and applaud the fact they manage to capture some of the smoothest drone work in Ohio.

5. Prodigy Weddings

The Prodigy Weddings crew takes narrative to heart. Every wedding has its own story, and Prodigy boasts the skill set and technical know-how to craft breathtaking wedding films. Their work is carefully considered, giving the final result a clean and timeless quality — it’s a keepsake you will love revisiting again and again. Thanks to their ample experience, the team at Prodigy Weddings is able to blend in seamlessly in the background of your wedding day, documenting you, your spouse, and guests living in the moment and enjoying every second of the big day.

6. Andrea and Tim of Barefoot Films

Wife-and-husband duo Andrea and Tim — often referred to as “TimAndrea” — produce heartfelt wedding videos with impeccable style, stripped down to the pure emotion and personality of a couple’s journey, yet polished with an artist’s eye for thoughtful visuals. No matter how many videos they make, they find a novel way of approaching each and every one. They share a passion for fun, creative experimentation — for example, Tim has a habit of holding a prism over his lens to create wild dance-floor effects!

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7. Justin and Kristian of villaCREATIVE

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The masterminds behind villaCREATIVE, brothers Justin and Kristian Villanueva aim to create incredible films that brim with life. Beyond sharing a mere story about your big day, their videos tell the world who you are. Using this approach, they produce bright footage full of authenticity and feeling, and their years of experience allow them move through and document the day with a unique fly-on-the-wall perspective. As a result, villaCREATIVE’s films are easygoing but luxurious and elegant; their subjects always look magazine-worthy, as if they’re living their best life.

8. Jonah Epps Films

Jonah Epps is an expert at producing jaw-dropping wedding films that serve as timeless heirlooms. This isn’t all too surprising seeing as he’s one of the most talented Columbus wedding videographers around. With his meticulous attention to detail, he makes sure the story of your day is always in focus, and his emotive footage highlights the heartwarming moments that make your wedding uniquely yours. Thanks to his thorough planning, he’s capturing exactly what matters to you and your loved ones, and crafting a slick, polished final package that’s fit for a movie trailer.

Ohio’s got a number of mid-sized cities in a relatively small state, each of them with their own distinctive cultures and art scenes, and that makes for an underrated class of creative professionals. Seriously — Ohio boasts some of the best wedding videographers and photographers in the country. Take a few minutes to peruse the portfolios of our favorite Columbus wedding videographers, and you’ll see that talent for yourself.

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