8 Great Corporate Event Planners in NYC

Putting on a corporate event that stands out in a place like New York City takes vision, sophisticated taste, and a lot of creativity. After all, it is a city where locals and visitors have easy daily access to the most incredible food, architecture, and art that the world has to offer. Luckily, the best corporate event planners in NYC have these attributes in spades. But you don’t have to search for these event wizards on your own. We’ve curated this list of the best of the best in New York City’s event world. Each of them brings something unique to the table that sets them apart from the rest. Simply peruse this list, check out their socials, and connect with your favorites today!

1. Peerspace

bowery loft with sun and seating
Source: Peerspace

What if we told you corporate event planning didn’t have to be stressful? In fact, Peerspace — the largest online marketplace for event space rentals — makes it easy, seamless, and affordable to manage the event planning process from end to end yourself. In New York City alone, Peerspace has thousands of meeting and event spaces. From large warehouse spaces and scenic rooftop terraces to quirky, intimate spaces — perfect for mingling over cocktails — these unique locations are abundantly available to book directly from a local host for your corporate event in NYC.

Best of all, Peerspace’s search tool allows you to narrow your venue options by attendee capacity, price, and amenities. And with Peerspace’s detailed descriptions of locations, along with copious high-quality photographs included with each listing, you’ll feel comfortable picking the right space for your event. In addition, our world-class Concierge team can help make the rest of your planning a lot simpler by assisting with catering, furniture, A/V rentals, etc. Plan the perfect event effortlessly.

2. 23 Layers

The team at 23 Layers believes event marketing is more important now than ever. Millennials and members of Gen Z –– who make up a sizable portion of the current consumer base ­­–– tend to have a preference for spending money on experiences rather than goods. And they don’t just want to have a good time — they want to share pictures of themselves having a good time. And 23 Layers — which has a list of past clients like Google, Buzzfeed, and Spotify –– builds events that tell stories and blow minds. The company’s team comprises deeply strategic and disruptive thinkers who internalize your brand and create organic yet surprising and engaging events that exhibit your brand to the world.

3. Cerbelli Creative

Michael Cerbelli of Cerbelli Creative has built a name in the business for being an innovative event planner. He takes on both large and small clients and enjoys staging intimate cocktail hours just as much as he takes pride in planning an event for Sir Paul McCartney. If you want an imaginative, unforgettable corporate event, the team at Cerbelli Creative can exceed your wildest dreams. And most importantly, your event will be fun — Cerbelli Creative never loses sight of the fact that the core of event planning is throwing a fabulous party.

4. NY Lux Events

NY Lux Events is all about having a good time. The team understands that when it comes to event planning, you’ve got to prioritize. This means providing tasty food and crafty cocktails, as well as engaging entertainment with no hitches in the sound, lighting, or graphics — and if you can nail those fundamentals, then you can put on an event fit for a president. NY Lux’s corporate events are a total blast, and the group designs everything to encourage people to mingle and network.

5. Urban Art & Design

Pamela Newman of Urban Art & Design has years of experience planning huge corporate events in NYC. She also boasts a reputation for being an unflappable optimist. Online reviews rave about her skill for keeping events moving smoothly, as well as her ability to avert potential disasters. Urban Art & Design commands loyal corporate customers because of Pamela Nelson’s ability to exude calm, forge great working relationships with all stakeholders, and throw memorable, beautiful parties.

6. James Abel Events

Like other event planners on this list, James Abel has a background that includes both art and business. As such, he deeply understands the brands he works with and can effortlessly design awe-inspiring corporate events. James and his team can take a kernel of an idea and turn it into a night to remember. At every level, James Abel Events brings a unique charm to corporate event planning. The food, music, venue, lighting, and design touches — every aspect of your event gets selected with great thoughtfulness, which your guests will surely appreciate.

7. Lindsay Landman Events

Lindsay Landman is an experienced corporate event planner in NYC. She’s known for her red-carpet affairs, immaculate corporate meet and greets, and well-attended non-profit fundraisers. She’s also one of the best wedding planners in the city — which means she has working relationships with the top caterers and entertainers in the city. She works with an amazing team, and they’re renowned for their ability to craft the perfect look for corporate events, with just the right elements to show off what makes your brand unique.

8. Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie’s clientele list includes more celebrities than it seems polite to name. But let’s just say, Oprah’s on that list. Colin Cowie and his team are all about customized, personalized, one-of-a-kind events. If your brand wants to make a win-the-whole-year type of splash, Colin has a track record of creating events that fill magazine spreads and own Instagram. He and his team could just as easily lay claim to the No. 1 spot on this list.

Corporate event planners in NYC conclusion

If you hire a professional event planner, they will want to pick your brain to really understand the purpose of your event — e.g., whether the event is for marketing and outreach purposes or simply celebratory. And beyond that, they’ll want to know what your idea of a celebration is — how you like to have fun. So think back on the best events from your past and try to remember what made them so enjoyable. Was it simple elegance, great music, a cozy dance floor, or fantastic catering? Each of these New York City-based corporate event planners has the skill and vision to help you — and all of your invited guests — recapture that same awe at your next event. So, go on, throw a party everyone will remember.

And when you want to be your very own event planner, Peerspace has your back. We have thousands of stunning event spaces in New York City and beyond, just waiting to make your acquiantance. While most venues come with exactly what you need (gorgeous decor, perfect lighting, and high-tech A/V equipment), you may find a superb location and a specific amenity missing.

When that happens, simply call up the Concierge service and have it brought right to your venue doorstep. It’s a guaranteed way to make your event perfect for you and your guests, while also giving you time and breathing room to enjoy the festivities yourself!

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