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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Columbus

Over the last five years, Columbus, OH, has become a thriving ecosystem of exciting new businesses. As a matter of fact, Forbes even put it No. 1 on its list of Top 10 rising cities for startups in 2018. In the years since then, the city’s exciting scene has continually surpassed the per capita funds of almost any other city in the US. Basically, what we’re saying is CBUS is worth exploring if you’re looking for somewhere to start a business — or if you’re looking to relocate. Not only is there a wealth of other professionals to mix with, but there are tons of exciting Columbus video production companies that can help you create corporate content that’ll establish you as one of its leading players. All you need is the right firm.

1. Mills James

In business for 30 years with a force of 180 strong, as well as offices in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and even Boston, Mills James has helped some of the biggest names in the biz reach their target audience. Among their clients: Target, P&G, Victoria’s Secret, Chase, and CNN — and that’s merely scraping the surface. Mills James produces hundreds of videos every year for brands of all sizes, from those with a couple of employees to Fortune 500 companies.

No matter your reach, Mills James does everything from event ad video production to necessary post-production effects like color grading and VFX. Basically, if you’re aiming for clout and the renown to go with it, it’ll do you good to look into these brilliant creatives. Check out their reel for a sampling of the top-tier polish and experienced technique that go into every production.

2. Kodjoarts Videography & Photography

Columbus wedding videographer Kodjo Somana might be known for his love stories, but he also creates some epic corporate videos. Equipped with a robust work ethic, cutting-edge equipment, and the tenacity of a scrappy biz, Kodjo and his team offer a host of video services. Whether you’re needing marketing videos; employee or HR explainers; or even if you want to produce a music video to go viral at the end of the year, you can trust the Kodjoarts do it. Sometimes, a dynamic crew of three is exactly what you need for your project.

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3. Vital Companies

Columbus-based Vital Companies chose their name for a good reason. With over a decade of experience in audio and video production, as well as a keen interest in digital marketing, Vital is a firm to watch. Like most of the Columbus video production companies we sourced for this piece, the Vital team creates not just stories that tell, but stories that sell. When you collab with this production company, you’re getting more than a corporate video — you’re also getting audience research, marketing strategy, storyboarding, and more. Interested? Check out their entertaining video podcast, which will give you a feel for their vibrant personality.

4. Leftchannel Motion Design Studio

As a renowned motion graphics and animation studio, leftchannel has the capability to tell your brand’s story in an innovative way. With an office in Columbus and Milan, they’ve done plenty of live-action work on top of their stellar animation, including projects for esteemed brands like Absolut and Nike, as well as music videos for iconic bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers. Leftchannel creates aesthetically pleasing content that inspires a viewer to take action, whether that’s buying a product or exploring a brand even further. In short, if you’re looking for one of the most refreshing Columbus video production companies that thinks outside the box, leftchannel is the way to go.

5. Kinopicz American

Columbus video production studio Kinopicz American provides creative solutions for any corporate problem. Providing everything from live-action video to motion design and end-to-end digital experiences, Kinopicz has been on the go since 2009. From there, they’ve gone from strength to strength, adding national and local clients like the American Heart Association, McCann, and Huntington to their roster. Kinopicz was inspired by old-school Americana, employing a team of incredible visual artists, writers, photographers, and designers to bring life to a creative concept.

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6. Spacejunk

There’s nothing better than hiring a motion graphics and live-action studio like Spacejunk, featuring passionate individuals who are excited to be at work every day. Co-owners and managing partners Robb Dierken and Mike Blosel lead their team of forward-thinking, experienced creatives who love what they do. To say Spacejunk came from humble beginnings is an understatement — the studio came from an operating space in Mike’s attic. However, they’ve come a long way since then and now have a hub in the heart of downtown Columbus. As for their process, Spacejunk handles bigger and smaller clients, and they rarely say no to developing an idea. It’s this open-minded approach that’s made them one of the go-to video production companies in Columbus.

7. Sway the Crowd

Sway the Crowd is a noteworthy full-service video production company you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on. The biz all started on a college campus in 2011 when a single video the core team had made managed to amass millions of views. Since their first viral video, they’ve dedicated themselves to producing effective corporate videos for companies, solo entrepreneurs, and nonprofits that are making a difference in the community and world at large. Offering a slew of creatives services, from aerial videos to photography, Sway the Crowd and their corporate videos stand out from the crowd. Whether creating testimonials, social media content, or explainers, they’ve worked alongside tons of satisfied customers.

8. Outsider Video & Motion Graphics

Some of us like tradition, others like to be different. Established in 2000, Outsider is a full-service motion graphics and video production studio that develops high-quality, out-of-the-box video content made to turn revenue. As well as working with dozens of local and national clients, they’re more than open to working with those who are setting off on their first venture. You can count on Outsider to help attract customers, an audience, and more talent to your brand. From the very first inklings of an idea through to the last stages in post, Outsider won’t stop until you’re completely happy with the final product. Partnerships like that don’t grow on trees, especially in the production world.

Regardless of whether you’re venturing into the corporate world for the first time or need a spruce-up, having branded video is an essential factor. After all, we’re in a world where video content is being created and devoured within milliseconds. Why should your brand be left behind?

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