The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Detroit

Hoping to work with one of the best Detroit video production companies to bring your video needs to life? At Peerspace, this does not surprise us! Perhaps one of the best parts of the startup boom is the number of companies looking for new cities to call home.

Detroit’s tech and startup scene have been growing rapidly for the last several years. People have realized not only what a great city Motown actually is but also how much talent it has. In fact, Startup Genome’s 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report dubbed Detroit the number one emerging startup ecosystem. Of course, wherever there are startups, digital marketing companies aren’t far behind.

For all of the Detroit video production companies out there, there are at least two startups, entrepreneurs, or businesses that need their expertise. And if you’re one of them, we’ve picked our favorite video production companies to inspire and aid your decision. Let’s check them out.

1. Three Lyons Creative

Three Lyons Creative (3LC) was started by three cousins, Mike Williams, Tony Eggert, and Daniel Wylie-Eggert. Each cousin studied a different creative subject in school, then afterward, they decided to pull together to make their own creative agency. Since 2014, the guys and their team have been providing various video services to big and small Detroit companies.

Providing state-of-the-art animation, studio-quality audio production, and professional cinematography, 3LC has made all kinds of corporate videos, from political campaigns to how-to videos. If you’re a community group, nonprofit, artist, or business in Motown, it’ll serve you well to check out 3LC’s reel and team up with their creative crew.

2. Highway Media

Award-winning Detroit video production company Highway Media has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Established in 1987, they have worked with hundreds of brands to enhance their marketing strategies through video, allowing them to count esteemed names like Argent, Hayden McNeil, and the Detroit Tigers among their clients.

Highway Media’s mission is to exceed its client’s expectations on every job they take. In doing so, they create end-to-end video campaigns that serve their business while also taking into account their marketing agendas. They’ve won tons of awards, have impressive work to show for it, and are a really talented bunch to collab with.

3. Mindfield

With clients from Chrysler to IBM and Campbell’s to Google, it’s no surprise that Mindfield is one of the top Detroit video production companies. Based out of Detroit itself, their work has taken them around the block and beyond — i.e., worldwide. Still, Detroit is in the Mindfield team’s collective hearts, and the work they’ve done for the city shows it.

Mindfield came to fruition in 2000 when three freelance producers came together to create their own production company. Soon thereafter, they were working for businesses and advertisers of all sizes, creating effective videos that landed. Now a conglomerate of video editors, motion graphic designers, and interactive developers, they’ve never lost that enthusiastic, free spirit that keeps them driven to make movies. And that’s exactly what a corporate video needs.

4. Volk Video

If you’re looking for a creative powerhouse that specializes in corporate media, then Volk Video might be the perfect fit for you. Hands down the best corporate video production company in South East Michigan, Volk has worked with tons of renowned businesses. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness and work on a marketing campaign or touch base with your employees, Volk can do it. 

Like all production companies worth their weight in gold, they intimately understand that any old video will only go so far. On the contrary, a video catering to the audience it’s aimed at that hooks their attention and makes them want more is a priceless asset in today’s business economy. If you’re interested, take a look at Volk’s eye-catching corporate portfolio.

5. Conference Technologies

Formerly known as TVS Studios, Conference Technologies (CTI) has been providing companies with communication solutions since 1988. In short, there are not many services that CTI can’t provide. With dozens of offices in cities across the US, including Detroit, they provide lighting services, technical support, and the planning it takes to make an impactful video.

CTI’s strength is in its affiliations with the corporate world. In fact, they’ve helped hundreds of companies connect to both their audiences and employees. As their name suggests, Conference Technologies connects the dots between creativity and technology. So, if you’re seeking a company to work alongside whose experience can guide you the entire way, we’d say the dynamic team at CTI is for you.

6. Zara Creative

Award-winning Detroit video production company Zara Creative‘s showcase reel caused hardcore frisson. All our arm hairs stood up on all of their ends, and if that’s not a case supporting a creative team, we don’t know what is. CEO and mastermind Heather Zara started the company in 2012. After being a television anchor for more than a decade, she knew there was more to life for her than that.

Since then, Heather and her team of talented producers, writers, and directors have worked with everyone from the Kresge Foundation and Great Lakes Coffee to the City of Detroit itself. They also produced a cool campaign for the Michigan Democratic Party called “Go Vote,” inspiring people to vote for change. We truly appreciate this brilliant crew’s style, ideas, gusto, and commitment to humanity. Check out Zara Creative today!

7. Clearview Media

Clearview Media exists to tell people’s stories. Stories are one of the most important parts of a video, no matter its length or audience. Even master filmmaker David Lynch’s surrealist movies have a story, so you can’t expect your business or startup not to have one and still manage to connect. Clearview started with a clear view: to help companies in Metro Detroit stand out from their competitors using video.

With that in mind and the desire to explore the importance of storytelling in marketing, they’ve grown to be one of Detroit’s leading video production companies. The Clearview Media team describes the power of narrative best in their own words, “We use a patent-pending storytelling process designed to increase engagement by focusing on four key elements: people, place, purpose and plot. This process applies to product and marketing videos, testimonials, nonprofits, and anything in between.”

8. Video Burst

With a focus on producing videos for an increasingly web-forward age, Video Burst has one passion: making films that connect. All too many times, when it comes to creativity, the internet can divide the generations. But with companies like Video Burst, those divides seem to dissolve. The internet is for everyone, and digital media is, too.

Whether you’re the head of a huge corporation or a small business just trying to get their feet off the ground, the Video Burst team creates videos for you, by you — videos that connect. Based out of Troy, MI, but willing to travel, the team provides services for all types of companies and individuals, delivering innovative web-driven videos to hit your target markets. From viral videos to company testimonials and advertisements, you can trust these creative masterminds to help you engage.

Bonus: Green Sky

Green Sky has spent the last several years making a name for itself in the Detroit video production scene. This is a thoroughly modern company that has partnered with some of the largest companies in Detroit and beyond to solve problems and reach audiences. And they’re very successful at that!

So what sets Green Sky apart from its competitors? Most Detroit video production companies are adept at helping you share your story. However, Green Sky helps you discover and share your narrative, the human component of your story that connects with your audience best. Theirs are videos that connect on a deeper level and leave a lasting impression on your viewers. And what company couldn’t benefit from that?

Detroit video production companies: conclusion

Detroit video production companies
Source: Peerspace

Maybe you’re part of the burgeoning startup scene, or your company has been there from the start. Either way, there are tons of choices when it comes to choosing who will make your corporate videos. All that matters is the message you want to tell and the people you want to reach. No medium outside of video does that better.

And when you need amazing locations to bring your video to life, check out Peerspace. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we make it easy to find and rent spaces that suit your creative vision. All of our venues are owned and operated by locals looking to help their creative community create their best work. To discover all the amazing spaces near you, check out Peerspace today.

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