The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Indianapolis

Great startups and businesses can be found anywhere. However, Indianapolis has seen a huge upswing over the last two decades. In fact, the city is widely considered one of the next big tech startup hubs. So much so, that its tech companies have put time and money into recruiting talented people of all ages. As anyone in the startup business knows, you need to have your finger on the marketing pulse to survive. Even though Indy has less competition than established hubs like Silicon Valley or Boston, your company needs to stand out against the crowd. These top Indianapolis video production companies can make that happen.

1. Cantaloupe TV

It’s a given that you’ll feel inspired hearing Cantaloupe TV‘s founder and CEO, Jon DiGregory, talk about his company and their mission. In fact, the first thing you’ll see on the Cantaloupe website is a chance to watch the story. And we seriously recommend sparing a couple of minutes to take it in. Cantaloupe made its mark with interview-style videos that took off online, taking a deep dive into why this content worked. And thus, they have figured out what it is people want to see.

As a result, their business hinges on appealing and informing viewer-sided videos. Cantaloupe TV gets to the heart of the story and then find the thread that will connect your brand to its audience, employees, or whomever you want to reach. After all, why should emotions begin and end with personal stories? They may be your perfect match in Indianapolis if your company has a compelling story you can’t wait to share with the world.

2. 12 Stars Media

Indianapolis video production company 12 Stars Media strives to make the world a better place with meaningful work. We all want to change things for the better. However, 12 Stars Media tells the stories of interesting characters who inspire communities to make positive changes. As important as marketing strategies are, having a video that doesn’t connect to viewers, misses its objective. Thankfully, the team at 12 Stars bridge the gap between corporate messaging’s distance and warmth.

Indeed, 12 Stars’ main pull is in its character-driven storytelling. They also aim to team with clients who inspire them — and in turn, they inspire. To that end, they’ve collaborated on projects with the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation, as well as the Indiana State University, with which they have had a working relationship of numerous years.

3. Full Blown Productions

Full Blown Productions started as a family business in 2001. And since then, they have expanded to become one of the most renowned video production companies in Indianapolis. Full Blown Productions is a team that prides itself on serving and giving back to the Indianapolis community. If you’re an Indianapolis-based company or entrepreneur, you could really sail far with this creative team.

Another cool aspect of this team is that all of their partners and employees live in the metro Indy area and remain active in the community they want to serve. With over 35 years of experience in the video production field and a lifetime of satisfied customers, Full Blown Productions can make magic happen. You really can’t get better than hiring local.

4. Vanguard Media & Entertainment

Full-service Indy-based video production company Vanguard Media has existed and excelled for over 20 years. Calling CNBC, Subaru, Novo Nordisk, and HGTV among their clients, they’ve provided editorial and field production services for these companies and a wide range of others.

Everything about Vanguard Media is professional, from the equipment they use to the directors they hire. The company provides corporate video production, field production, editorial, and directing services. Not only that, they also list their state-of-the-art gear on their website, in case you’re tech heads like us.

5. Scofield Digital Storytelling

Scofield Digital Storytelling has been in the game since 1982. That’s 40 years ago, which is wild to think about. Since then, they’ve produced corporate videos of all kinds, as well as commercials and social media content for hundreds of clients, regardless of their size or reach.

In addition to working with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, they’ve done tons of work with nonprofits and smaller startups. Because, honestly, nobody should have to miss out on a chance to grow. Scofield operates out of their office in Indy’s Broad Ripple neighborhood. And if this isn’t enough for you, we highly recommend watching their #ScofieldStories films.

6. Train918

Most Indianapolis video production companies we’ve seen have great branding. If you ask us, that’s a huge plus given the fact you’re trusting these guys with your business. That said, Train918‘s website and branding totally hooked us, compelling us to stay put for the video content. Train918 is a video production company with artistic vision and the desire to truly collaborate with their clients.

They specialize in visual storytelling with hefty pre- and post-production planning on every project. Having produced and delivered a plethora of projects for corporations, nonprofits, academic institutions, and tech companies, they’re always ready for the next project that comes their way. Maybe it’ll be yours.

7. Road Pictures

Although their focus is on commercials and short films, Road Pictures can make exceptional movies in virtually every avenue they try. With clients in a variety of realms from corporations to institutions, the Road Pictures crew always assigns the most fitting team for the job at hand. In addition, they’re not a company that will only work with big-timers.

Their clients are from all walks of life with diverse budgets. And regardless of where your business stands, they work to the best of their ability to make engaging films that can further your brand or inspire those working for you. Led by Greg Malone, Road Pictures has won tons of awards for what they do. And if you check out their stuff, it’s easy to see why.

8. Songbird Media Group

If you live in Indy, you might not know it, but you’ve probably seen a Songbird Media Group production or two in your time. Heck, the same could also be true if you live hundreds of miles away. An Emmy-winning production company, Songbird is a small team of professionals who live to make movies that matter. Plus, they make it a pact to work with other local production companies, keeping Indy indie. Songbird has worked with a range of clients, from Corvette to The Alexander and Riddell National Bank. Why not yours next?

Why work with Indianapolis video production companies?

There are dozens of reputable Indianapolis video production companies. However, not every single one is going to be the right fit for your business. We hope this article has helped you screen through our favorites to find the perfect company for your next corporate video. Truly, we can’t wait to see it.

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