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The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in Los Angeles

These days, so much of what we do relies on branding. No matter if you’re a startup, a nonprofit, an independent contractor, or a large corporation, you’re not going very far unless your company has a cohesive vision. That’s where video production agencies come in, many of which also supply advice on digital marketing campaigns and social media. Indeed, cohesive branding in a company video can be the difference between becoming renowned or falling at the first hurdle. If you’re in the market for filmmakers who can change the course of your brand or company, look no further than these killer Los Angeles video production companies.

1. Beverly Boy Productions

In the business since 2002, Beverly Boy Productions has worked with dozens of the country’s topmost brands, which isn’t surprising as they have an HQ on both the East and West Coast (in West Palm Beach, FL, and the greater Los Angeles area, respectively). Approaching every project as its own masterpiece, the agile team of creatives at Beverly Boy are the real deal. If you saw one of their commercials before a movie, we can bet you’d be simply transfixed.

They’ve made a variety of high-quality videos, from interviews and testimonials to TV commercials, brimming with eye-catching visuals that enhance any brand. When it comes to their corporate video production, they set about in extracting the core of what your business is about. A Beverly Boy video truly answers the much-needed marketing questions: “Who are we?” and, “Why are we?”

2. Blend

One click-through to Blend’s website and you’ll see this Los Angeles corporate video production company and digital marketing agency isn’t messing around. For Blend, the process is simple: a mix of strategy, creativity, and production. As they say quite frankly, producing high-quality video content is in their DNA. It’s at the core of what they do.

In addition, they’ve worked with myriad esteemed clients from Verizon and Porsche to MasterCard and Lyft. Blend’s advantage is in their approach. As an OmniChannel company, they can create their stories according to whichever platform they’re meant for, be it Instagram shorts or big-budget commercials.

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3. JMaverick Studios

For JMaverick Studios, the concept of having a team that manages to push industries and human thought is something they very much take to heart. Led by Jeremy Williams and a relentless team of creatives driven by instinct rather than what’s expected, JMaverick Studios produces branded content for respected companies all over the world.

A few of their biggest corporate clients have included Airbnb, AT&T, Adobe, and BMW, but they do plenty of work for nonprofits and smaller organizations, too. JMaverick Studios’ mantra hinges on a Steve Jobs quote: “I want to put a ding in the universe.” And they definitely do that. Their work is the definition of energetic, adventurous, and provocative.

4. Pluck Creative Studio

Pluck is one of our favorite Los Angeles corporate video production companies (and their New York office is stellar as well). They thrive on bringing heart to each of their projects and telling stories that connect with the audience. With their world-class, award-winning work, Pluck makes their clients stand out with a stamp uniquely their own.

A multitude of huge brands have put their faith in Pluck and been deeply rewarded; with brands such as Capital One, UCLA, Pepsi, and MasterCard returning to them again and again. Regardless of whether your corporate video is for a small nonprofit or a huge enterprise, they invest the same energy into everything.

5. LocalEyes Video Production

Creating content that brings brands to life, LocalEyes Video Production understands that a good video is more than just footage. It’s a journey that begins in planning and only ends once satisfaction is met. LocalEyes works closely with clients to craft custom videos that elevate a brand’s profile, as well as demonstrate authority and a professional-level attention to detail.

An effective corporate video needs to have a connection between the audience and the brand in a way that doesn’t feel forced. This means research and lots of planning as well as the actual content. LocalEyes is a creative team with a clear goal: to get the best out of your business.

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6. Transit Pictures

Whether you’re a major corporation (like Netflix or Hulu) or a small biz, you don’t have to be Mercedes to have A-class marketing. Los Angeles corporate video production company Transit Pictures describes itself as mobile, as the crew “travels light” and aims to “help you make videos that don’t just ask for attention but capture it.” (And yes, the aforementioned name drops are referencing just a couple of their clients, which also include Nickelodeon, Paramount, and WorldVentures.)

Each project Transit Pictures works on is structured around capturing people’s attention in a world that’s inundated with competing voices and media. Headed by executive producer Brennon Edwards and creative director Tony Valentino — and, of course, backed up by a dynamic team of passionate, inspired creatives — Transit Pictures takes on every challenge with fresh eyes and an insatiable desire to create.

7. Casual Films

In spite of their name, Casual Pictures is anything but casual. In fact, they are a global company with offices not only in Los Angeles, but London, New York, and San Francisco as well. That being said, their casual approach to branded filmmaking has been lauded by hundreds of satisfied clients, ranging from the likes of Canon and GoDaddy to Marriott and Chanel.

Clients consistently choose to work with Casual Films because of the quality of their work and their ability to create a noteworthy product that matters. For Casual Pictures, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance and, therefore, they strive to communicate a brand as effectively as possible. For corporate videos that set business filmmaking on fire, look no further than the talented individuals at Casual Pictures.

8. Column Five

We’re not going to sugarcoat this: Column Five‘s content is phenomenal. Whether they’re making corporate or commercial videos, their content is bright and modern. It relies on attention-grabbing details and elements, such as thoughtfully chosen colors, stop-motion, split-screen, animation, and music. They produce media with impact, the type that stops the audience from scrolling past.

With a team of over 50 people, Column Five has worked with hundreds of brands in every sector, from tech and analytics to education. Dyson, Kia, Cornell University, and HuffPo, to name a few. If you need content that’s different and inspires people of all ages, Column Five is the creative agency to do it. In addition, the team publishes helpful resources on topics ranging from video production to content marketing, such as their comprehensive e-book The Content Marketer’s Guide to Brand Video and the thoughtfully written article “10 Tips to Do Great Work with Your Video Agency.”

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