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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Cabin?

We’ve gathered up the most important information about the process of renting a cabin. Whether you’re looking to do a photo or film shoot in a rustic setting, throw a cozy and laid-back party in the woods with friends, or simply hang out in a cabin for a few hours (or a few days), there are tons of options throughout the country, no matter what region you’re based in. We’ll provide you with the details of what a cabin has to offer you, explain how to locate the best rental cabins for your needs and budget, and answer the titular question: how much does it cost to rent a cabin? Just keep reading for all the info on how to spend some time in the world’s most gloriously cozy of abodes. 

Why should you rent a cabin?

Let’s say you’re thinking about renting a cabin for a vacation. There are so many elements that make this a way better choice than the more typical hotel room or even something like a cabin on a cruise ship. Rather than being packed into one building with a bunch of people and families, you’re typically located on your own plot of land in the middle of nature. Likewise, instead of being woken up by noisy neighbors in the hotel hallway, you’re much more likely to be sequestered away in a secluded location. Not to mention that a cabin is significantly larger than a standard hotel room. This makes for a significantly more relaxing and enjoyable vacation overall.

Or perhaps you’re planning a photo or film shoot. Most cabins are located in natural areas — woodlands, mountains, and bodies of water are the rule. This makes for a stunning backdrop for your photos or film footage, taking your finished product to the next level, visually. In addition to the exterior vistas, rustic cabin interiors have a great deal to offer in terms of light, shadow, texture, and character. You’ll have so much to work with when creating visual art at a cabin.

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How do you go about renting a cabin?

Renting a cabin might have been a challenge before the age of the Internet. Your options would’ve been relatively limited, making it pretty hard to browse what was available. Then you might have had to call people up on the phone, leave messages expressing your interest, or wait for them to return your call. Best case scenario, you would already know someone who was renting out a cabin — making it just a matter of luck and timing to find the right rental.

Luckily, with the modern blessing that is the internet, your array of options is incredibly vast, and you can search for cabins all over the world. Still, who has the time or energy to go sifting through search engines or browsing local rental sites for the perfect space? That’s why we’re excited to present you with the incredible resource that is Peerspace.

Peerspace is widely known for being the web’s most extensive marketplace for event and meeting spaces. Across hundreds of cities, you’ll find thousands of standout spaces of all kinds — including plenty of cabins, located both in rural areas, as well as in proximity to city centers in every region of the country. 

Not only does Peerspace provide a massive selection of cabins available to rent, the site also makes it unbelievably easy to browse those prospective spaces. Finding a cabin that fits perfectly into your budget while also offering the aesthetic and amenities you’re looking for is totally simple. To start, enter the kind of event you’re planning along with the city you’re planning it in.

Then you can narrow your search down by a bunch of really useful parameters: price per hour, number of event attendees, date for rental, and other filters, including keywords, extra features (from bathtubs to fireplaces to pools), and space type (cabin is an option, so we suggest checking that box to make your search an easy one). 

Lastly, as you’re browsing cabins, you’ll be impressed by the listings’ high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and helpful reviews from past renters, all of which can help to give you a clear sense of what to expect from the place before seeing it in person. When you’ve chosen a cabin that interests you, contact the host directly to discuss renting the space and iron out the logistics.

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How much does it cost to rent a cabin?

We’ve arrived at the most important question in this article: how much does it cost to rent a cabin? The thing is, it’s hard to make a blanket statement about the cost of renting a cabin because it varies wildly depending on the kind of cabin you’re planning on renting and what amenities the place offers. There are luxury cabins, rustic cabins, and everything in between.

Another huge factor in the price is where the cabin is located, and the cost of living in that area — there will be a major difference in rental cost for a cabin near an urban location like near downtown Los Angeles and a cabin in, say, a rural part of California. But we can offer a more general price range for the cost of renting a cabin! On Peerspace, cabins for rental as event spaces can go for less than $100 per hour, like this urban tiny house/cabin with a treehouse office just 15 minutes from downtown Dallas, Texas.

In addition, cabins can be more than $300 per hour, like this unbelievable Swedish modern lakefront house with a dock nestled at Malibou Lake in California’s Santa Monica Mountains. (That’s the price you’ll pay for extreme luxury, if that’s the kind of cabin you’re looking for!)

Realistically, though, most cabins available for rent on Peerspace will run between a reasonable $50 to $200 per hour — like this magical cabin that feels like it’s in the middle of the woods despite being 10 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. Plus, check out this set of three inviting cabins in the heart of New York’s Finger Lake region. 

When it comes to renting a cabin, the search process can be as easy as using a search engine. If you find a cabin to suit your taste, we hope you’ll enjoy a most excellent getaway!

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