Throwing A Woodland Wedding: All The Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Day

Whether you want to feel like Snow White or a woodland fairy, a woodland wedding can make an already important, exciting day even more special and magical. We at Peerspace have gathered some tips and tricks to help you plan your woodland wedding. Read on for some inspiring advice!

Choosing the right woodland wedding venue

Woodland Wedding
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Perhaps the most important aspect of throwing a woodland wedding and ensuring everything goes smoothly is choosing the right setting. That is, the right woodland! After all, the theme of this style of the wedding almost entirely revolves around the place where you’re having it.

To find the woodland wedding venue of your dreams, consider using Peerspace, the internet’s most extensive marketplace for hourly event venue rentals, including plenty of venues located in or near some seriously gorgeous forests.

There are hundreds of wedding venues with forest access available for rent through Peerspace, so be sure to take a look at what’s out there near wherever you’re planning to hold your wedding. Here are a couple of our favorites as examples of what Peerspace has to offer:

Hidden Enchanted Forest with Panoramic Views of Atlanta Skyline View

While this enchanted forest venue is just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, it’s secluded enough to allow you and your wedding guests to forget the outside world for just a few hours. Yet, it’s also close enough to the city to provide a breathtaking view of the Atlanta skyline.

Here’s how the hosts describe this special place: “Our mountain top venue is overlooking the beautiful Atlanta skyline on over 10 luscious wooded acres. The long range views prove perfect for enjoying the sunrise ceremonies, romantic sunsets, and everything in between while nestled in a tree covered setting. We have a charming 1 bd/1ba modern farmhouse decor cottage on site and can be used for staging area, photo studio or for crew meetings”. This is a great venue for a smaller wedding, as it can host up to 50 guests total.

Enchanting Rainforest Event Space In The City

Perhaps getting married in the middle of a rainforest is more your speed. If so, this enchanting rainforest event space in the Franklin Hills of Los Feliz, Los Angeles is an ideal location. The WithInn is “a truly one-of-a-kind 6,000 square foot backyard environment designed for guests to escape the city and enjoy nature.”

This space features waterfalls, ponds, a treehouse with a pulley delivery system, an outdoor lounge, an outdoor kitchen with a covered pergola, a lounge area, a meditation platform, a fire pit, atmospheric lighting, a projector, a sound system, and more!

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Decorating for a woodland wedding

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Although the beauty of the forest itself is the star here, choosing the right decor is crucial to creating the magical vibe of a perfect woodland wedding. We’d suggest that you go with rustic, simple additions that put natural beauty front and center.

For instance, especially as it gets dark, you’ll want to include the right lighting–an affordable yet lovely choice would be string lights or other similar outdoor bulbs, which you can even use to make centerpieces for tables. Here’s a list of 35 gorgeous ideas for using string lights at your wedding to help you take full advantage of the potential of this simple aesthetic tool.

Another way to make your woodland wedding beautiful is to create a rustic, natural arch as the focus of your wedding ceremony, to highlight the space where you’re planning to exchange vows. For inspiration, here are 53 (!) charming woodland wedding arches and altars, all of which are stunning in their own way–it’s hard to go wrong here.

Also, even though music isn’t expressly “decor,” it is part of creating the overall ambiance of the setting through auditory means, so we definitely think it’s worth discussing here. One option for music is to hire a harpist, which will create the perfect fairytale atmosphere (and will also likely be more affordable than a full band, as an added bonus).

Finally, consider holding a woodland wedding in the fall, when the leaves are especially colorful. This will make for extra special photos, too – a topic we’ll discuss in the next section.

Looking for more decor ideas in this vein? Check out One Fab Day’s fabulous styling ideas for a woodland-inspired wedding.

What to wear for your woodland wedding

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Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. You’ll probably want to choose a gown that gives off fairytale vibes.

You can take this in a “princess-y” direction, choosing a gown with a long train, a full layered skirt, and big puffy sleeves, as well as lots of intricate lace. Or you can go in more of a “forest nymph” direction, emulating the look of an otherworldly creature that lives in the forest (a green dress would be perfect for this).

Either way, don’t limit yourself to the traditional white dress–you’re already taking your wedding in a non-traditional direction, so you should keep your options open when it comes to bridalwear, too. Unsure where to begin? Here are 53 unique woodland wedding gowns to help you decide what to look for in a wedding gown of your own.

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Woodland wedding photography ideas

Stunning 155 Acre Farm For Private Events ontario rental
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One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is getting those wedding photos just right, as you and your beloved will be looking back on them for years to come. An otherworldly idea that will make for an incredible entrance and fabulous wedding photos is for the bride and/or groom to enter on horseback, walking slowly down the woodland path toward the altar to gasps of awe from their guests!

Time of day makes a huge difference when it comes to taking photos for an outdoor wedding. For starters, you may want to ensure that you exchange vows around the magical evening “golden hour,” which will enhance the ethereal quality of your wedding photos. And if you can, find a spot in advance with a great view of the sunset and plan your wedding day so that you have time to take sunset photos there.

Depending on where you hold your woodland wedding, there may also be nearby vistas of mountains, a lake, or views from a high cliff that would make an ideal backdrop for some of your pictures, so be sure to plan some time to take photos in the best nearby spots.

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