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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Theater?

If you’re looking to put on a performance of some kind, you’ll want that elegant atmosphere along with all the amenities that come with a theater space. This article will describe the crucial details of the process of renting a theater (e.g., why it’s worth renting a theater, how you can do so, etc.) and, of course, provide the answer to the question: how much does it cost to rent a theater? Read on to find out how to make an impressive theater space your own for at least a few hours.

Why should you rent a theater?

The unique ambiance of a theater — from the long velvet curtains, to the soaring ceilings, to the high-tech and expensive lighting — is one that’s difficult to imitate. Plus, for many events you’ll need a stage or the ability to screen film footage, and theaters are the best place to find those amenities. And that’s not to mention the simple factor of seating — it’s not exactly easy or cheap to rent dozens or hundreds of chairs.

Rather than spending lots of money to bring these features to your event, why not rent out a theater, which will already have all of them available for your use? That’s much more convenient, and will probably be more affordable. There’s no better place than a theater for events like:

  • A comedic improv show
  • A performance of a play
  • A birthday party movie screening with friends
  • A benefit concert for an important cause
  • A movie screening watch party
  • And so much more! (The only limit is your imagination.)

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How do you rent a theater?

In the past, it might have been a hassle to find a theater to rent. You’d probably have to look up local theaters in your area (maybe even in the yellow pages!) and call them on the phone, one at a time, to inquire about how to rent out their theater for an event. In all likelihood, you wouldn’t be able to locate or contact every theater, and you might actually miss out on some of the best options in your area. 

Today, it’s a completely different story. You’re probably well-acquainted with the fact that the internet has made searching for just about anything immeasurably easier, and that includes event spaces available for rental. Today, in the time it would have taken you to call up one theater, you can find dozens or even hundreds of options throughout your city, your country, and even the whole world. But it can still be a bit messy to try and find various theaters’ websites on search engines or locate them on local rental sites. So what can you do to make your search easier and more streamlined?

The answer is Peerspace! It’s the most comprehensive online marketplace for event spaces, with thousands of listings across hundreds of cities, including hundreds of theaters throughout every region of the United States. In addition to the impressive broadness of its selection, Peerspace makes the process of searching for the right theater incredibly simple. It’s easy to find a theater that’s suited to your budget, aesthetic, and logistical needs.

First, on the homepage, input the type of event you’re planning and the city where it will take place, as well as the date of the event, into the search bar. Then, if needed, you can make your search more specific by using a wide range of optional filters: price range, number of attendees, type of space (in this case, you can check “Theater”), extra features (such as fireplaces, exposed brick, kitchens, etc.), and any keywords you think might be useful.

Another thing that makes using Peerspace really helpful is the fact that all its listings include detailed descriptions of the event space, high-resolution photos, and reviews from those who’ve rented the space in the past. These will make it easy to predict what the theater will be like, even before you’ve gotten the chance to visit it. (Once again, what a huge improvement from the days of calling each theater and visiting each one to get more details!) And when you’ve decided on the perfect theater for your event, it’s easy to reach out to the host and figure out all the details of renting the space.

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How much does it cost to rent a theater?

We’ve arrived at the central question of this article: how much does it actually cost to rent a theater? While we’d love to give you an exact number — that’d make this whole process a whole lot easier — the truth is that the rental cost really depends on a huge number of factors. The most important variables include the size of the theater (renting a grand, majestic theater will be considerably more expensive than renting a small, simple blackbox theater), as well as the location of the theater (whether it’s located in a major city or a smaller and less expensive one, and even the cost of living in the neighborhood where it’s located).

Although we can’t be all that specific, we can certainly give you a more general estimate in the form of a price range! When you search on Peerspace, you’ll find that theaters are available to be rented for as little as $18, like this simple blackbox theater in the North Center area of Chicago. On the other end of the spectrum, some theaters cost more than $600 per hour to rent, such as this cool, historic movie theater built in the 1940s and located in California’s Newport Beach.

Most listings are somewhere in the middle, between roughly $100 and $300 per hour. For instance, this adorable independent movie theater in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, includes a small cafe and is available for $225 per hour. Another great example: this large, newly remodeled theater in Dallas, TX, which also has a 1200-square-foot outdoor deck. 

Whatever your budget, there’s likely to be a theater out there for the event you’re planning, so give a search on Peerspace a try!

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