How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Movie Theater Room? (2024)


Movie theater rooms on Peerspace cost anywhere between $75 — $395 per hour.

Wondering how much does it cost to rent a movie theater room? You’ve come to the right place! As the largest online marketplace for venue rentals by the hour, Peerspace can show you how easy it is to rent a movie theater that meets your budget. Not only are our venues budget-friendly, but they’re also immensely stylish and ideal for any type of event you’re hosting.

Whether you’re screening a film project, need a big screen for a meeting, or simply want to host a really fancy movie night for your friends, sometimes you need a little “lights, camera, action” to take your event over the top. And, believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to rent a movie theater room. Gone are the days when you had to drive down to your local AMC and pay a boatload to close the complex down (thankfully!).

To ease the process of booking a movie theater room, we’ve gathered some great information to walk you through. We share why you might want to use a big screen to elevate your event and exactly where to book these spaces. And, of course, we’ll also answer the question that brought you here: how much does it cost to actually rent a movie theater room? Let’s get started!

Why should you rent a movie theater room?

a historic movie theater with thousands of seats
Source: Peerspace

First of all, why rent a movie theater room in the first place? Isn’t my living room’s flat-screen TV just fine the way it is?

Well, if you’re just watching this week’s 90 Day Fiance, your living room and its flat-screen TV should suffice a-okay. However, if you’re hosting an event, be it a screening of your latest production or a birthday party wherein watching movies is a key element, the setting is everything.

Movie theater rooms tap into a special kind of childhood nostalgia. And therefore, they are one of the most magical places to make memories. The dark lighting, comfortable chairs, and tasty snacks will ensure that your guests are satisfied and paying attention to whatever is being presented. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to wow your attendees by finding a really unique venue in which to gather.

There are several other ways to use a movie theater room rental than just watching a film. EAs and team leads may choose to present corporate training videos or a new product to the team using a big screen. You can also use movie theater rooms for more outside-the-box, fun family functions. You can show slideshows with family photos to reminisce during reunions, birthday parties, graduations, or even anniversary celebrations.

We’ve also compiled a few more ideas on how to use movie theater rooms for your events:

Game night

Host a gaming party and play your favorite video games up on the big screen. Many rentals can hook up your gaming system directly up to the screen, enabling you to challenge friends to a race, battle, or singing competition. 

Corporate gathering

Show appreciation to clients or employees. Everyone loves a good movie, so why not treat your clients and employees to a unique outing using an actual movie theater room? Screen one of the hottest new movies or a classic. You can even step it up a notch by providing branded souvenir drink cups and popcorn buckets.

Movie-themed party

Plan a themed party set in a certain decade, or centered around a particular film franchise, and get watching. If you and your friends love a good binge, a watch party at a movie theater could be the perfect way to bring you all together to bond under the big screen. 

In all of these instances, renting a movie theater room will elevate the experience. You’ll book a private space that has the movie magic ambiance, the professional equipment you need to watch your film on the big screen, and maybe even a few cool extras, like popcorn machines and neat lighting.

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Use Peerspace to rent the perfect movie theater room

los angeles home with private theater room
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Renting a movie theater room sounds pretty great, right? But before we answer “how much does it cost to rent a movie theater room?” we’ll discuss how to do so.

In the past, to rent a movie theater room, you’d need to go directly to a private theater and hope a) they had dates that aligned with your event needs and b) they were willing to rent out their space in the first place. Because this kind of request is a bit unusual, pricing information could be difficult to find on a theater’s website. It can take days to wrangle a theater representative to get you the information you need.

This hassle could ultimately send you on a never-ending quest of calling and emailing dozens of movie theaters before finding one that fits your dates and budget.

Enter: Peerspace

Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for event space rentals. It provides access to thousands of unique venues for special occasions, such as meetings, photoshoots, birthday parties, hackathons, baby showers, corporate offsites, and beyond.

Not only are Peerspace locations available in cities across the US and globe but they’re also incredibly easy (and safe) to book directly from local hosts.

Speaking of hosts, your Peerspace host is dedicated to ensuring your time in their space is perfect. Reach out to yours with any questions or requests leading up to and during your event and they’ll be happy to oblige.

How to book a private theater with ease on Peerspace

Newly remodeled theater with 3 break out rooms dallas texas rental
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Though Peerspace has the potential to connect you with thousands of movie theater rooms, finding the perfect one for your event couldn’t be any simpler.

Start your search

First, start your search by heading to our homepage. You’ll need to input what type of event you’d like to host, whether that is a corporate event, party, workshop, performance, or one of the many other event options, and then input your location.

Filter your results

Once you enter those initial parameters and hit search, you’ll see a list of venue results. If you’d like to specifically see theater options, open up the Filters tab and check the “theater” box to narrow down your options. You can also narrow down your results by price range, the date of your event, and the number of attendees.

You might also search for other amenities such as kitchens, fire pits, lounges, outdoor space, and more if you want a movie theater room that includes these.

Peruse listings

From there, you’ll be able to explore your search results. Click the different movie theater room listings, peruse the high-quality photos, investigate the space details, read past renters’ reviews, and see pricing. Then, contact the host directly to ask any additional questions you may have about the space you’re interested in booking.

The beauty of booking a movie theater room on Peerspace is that you can transact on a secure, trusted platform versus operating independently and opening yourself to all kinds of risk.

Don’t worry, we’ll answer the question “how much does it cost to rent a movie theater room?” in just a bit. First, let’s check out some of the incredible movie theater rooms you can book on Peerspace.

Types of movie theater rooms you can rent through Peerspace

egyptian themed theater seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Theaters of all sizes, styles, and amenities are listed on Peerspace. Some are in public spaces, while others are in private homes and mansions. Just check out some of our favorite theater rentals coast to coast.

West Coast

This historic option in the heart of Hollywood — a charming black box theater — offers an intimate venue for private viewing. You can also use one for speaking engagements, family functions, school presentations, and much more. It has space for 70 guests and has a stage with a curtained backdrop, 50 moveable seats, and high ceilings.

One renter used the space for a school presentation and had the following kudos to give to the host: “Brett was an amazing host, he helped with the lighting and was lovely all around. The venue was absolutely beautiful!

While you’re at it, explore this amazing screening room in North Hollywood that seats 36 people. Your booking comes with an on-site projectionist, multi-format projecting options, and a superb sound system setup.

One past guest especially loved the space and the crew: “Such a helpful crew! Very patient and kind. Great big space with plenty of room for guests to network, a food station, and a large screen.”

And, this massive waterfront theater in San Francisco’s Marina District that seats over 400 people! It boasts 10,000 square feet of space, which comprises the auditorium, multiple dressing rooms, and rentable equipment.

Need something smaller? Check out this San Diego screening room that’s perfect for film screenings and events. It has seating for 14 guests, a 72-inch TV, surround sound, and is completely private.

There are also large theaters available on Peerspace that can accommodate hundreds of people. Check out this jaw-dropping Egyptian-themed theater in Seattle (pictured above) that comes with an expansive screen, a grand lobby space, and a fully stocked and staffed concession stand.

The South

Take a look at this Texas-sized theater in Dallas that comes with a projector, chairs, a balcony, and three dressing rooms. 

An event organizer who used the space for a private party shared the following Peerspace review: “Very nice venue for parties and events. Kevin was super responsive and helpful both leading up to and during the event. Technical capabilities to project slideshow and provide lights and sound were also a big convenience. Highly recommend.

And how about the incredible private movie theater in this luxurious mansion in Atlanta? Besides being a gorgeous, modern, and inviting home, it has its own custom-built movie theater room with seating for 12 and Dolby Atmos surround sound. This type of theater space is ideal for private events, especially since the home also offers you access to a hot tub and gourmet kitchen!

The Midwest

For a screening room that doubles as a stylish break-out space, check out this beautiful movie theater / screening room in Chicago, IL? It boasts a private theater room with seating for 40, an NEC film projector, and 5.2 surround sound. Plus, there’s an on-site lounge ideal for both personal and business gatherings.

If you’re looking for a venue that can entertain a large-scale gathering, check out this Minneapolis event space. Along with its private on-site movie theater room, it also offers you a speakeasy-style bar, a game room, a performance space, and more!

East coast

Looking for a private movie theater room in the heart of Manhattan, NY? Then check out this private screening room in Chelsea! It provides seating for 8, a JVC D-ILA 4K Reference Series Projector, 5.1 Surround Sound Paradigm Cinema Speakers, and an Elite Screens 4K drop-down projector screen for the most bespoke experience. And, let’s not forget, the popcorn machine!

This stunning turn-of-the-century theater near Boston is bursting with retro charm and modern tech. It boasts state-of-the-art A/V equipment and on-site personnel.

A producer who booked the space for a production shared the following about the experience: “Booked the Mahawie for a video interview shoot and it was a perfect venue for our needs. The staff was super helpful, Karin was able to answer all our questions leading up to the shoot and Lucas was an ideal on-site contact. Venue has lots of light and space to work with and we didn’t have any sound issues at all during recording. Would highly recommend!”

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How much does it cost to rent a movie theater room?

Private Screening Room—Chelsea, NYC
Source: Peerspace

Of course, renting a movie theater room depends largely on the date, time, and length of your event. Another factor that dictates price is the city that you’re booking in. If you choose to rent a screening venue directly from a theater, you’re likely up against a lot of ambiguity on pricing and availability.

On the other hand, Peerspace‘s transparent pricing makes it crystal clear when the movie theater room you’re interested in booking is available. Listings also state upfront how much it costs per hour to host your event in that space. 

Movie theater rooms on Peerspace rent starting at $150 per hour and can go up to $500+ per hour for large spaces. Many of these rentals come with Peerspace’s flexible cancellation policy. This policy allows guests to cancel their booking until 90 days before the event start time and receive a full refund (including all fees). 

Of course, we always recommend covering all your bases by messaging your Peerspace host directly. This ensures you understand their specific cancellation as well as any other details on pricing and your event needs.

Rent a movie theater room on Peerspace

a mcmansion with a private movie theater room in los angeles
Source: Peerspace

When you rent a movie theater room on Peerspace, you’ll get transparent pricing with none of the hidden fees that make booking a traditional event space so cumbersome. You can enjoy upfront pricing and an incredible space to call your own for a few hours.

Essentially, your options are endless when it comes to the many amazing movie theater rooms to choose from on Peerspace. Plus, Peerspace’s dedicated hosts can help with handling logistics for catering, entertainment, and equipment to make your event a smashing success. Just reach out and ask. In the meantime, happy searching!

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