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The 5 Best Costume Rental Companies in Atlanta

Productions are hard work that require an immense amount of planning and gathering supplies. If you focus on just the costume department of a theater, film, music video, or commercial shoot, you need a ton of pieces, such as wigs, jackets, and accessories. Or maybe you’re setting up your cosplay for your next convention or photo shoot. Regardless, your wardrobe calls for a level of detail that professionals can respect. Atlanta is no stranger to productions, especially in the past two decades having risen to become one of the entertainment industry’s favorite cities. That said, browse through the top costume rental companies in Atlanta so you can ensure your costume department runs without a hitch. 

1. Southeast Costume

Number one on our list is Southeast Costume, based in the Upper West Side, it is the only full service costume rental company in Atlanta. Not only does it offer costume rentals, it also provides film equipment, production facilities, and miscellaneous production supplies. It is strictly geared towards all productions and is relatively new. It began in 2009 and already has over 100 major credits to their name including movies like The Hunger Games or shows like Stranger Things.

Their costumes cover the 1950s to current times and they have a specific selection of vocation uniforms as well as holiday attire and cultural clothing. The Southeast Costume staff is dedicated to bringing your vision to life in a way that meets your budget. They are open to working with you and your team for the sake of creating something together, that dedication lands them number one in our book.

2. Costumes Etc

Maybe you don’t have a whole production team behind you, or it’s just you, a couple friends and your camera, or maybe you just want to keep the costume forever. Then Costumes Etc is probably more up your alley. They are geared more towards the everyday need for a costume and you can peruse to your heart’s content.

They’ve moved their location around a lot since 1992, but currently are located on Faulkner Road North East. Costumes Etc is a family owned shop that builds its business model on encouraging one’s creativity to come out and put together something more unique than your typical packaged Halloween polyester.

Offering a wide range of costume interests and a stock of over 55,000 items available, their store is not overwhelming in the least, everything is neatly laid out and on display so your eyes can easily scan for your desired wig, armor, or cowboy boots. Dedicate your next afternoon to a fun day of browsing their selections.

3. Norcostco

The Norcostco in Atlanta is one of four locations in the country, their first location established back in 1884 in Minneapolis. With the rise of productions in Atlanta, it seemed fitting a Norcostco should crop up. It only caters to productions but of every scale, from student films to massive theater productions.

What makes Norcostco so ideal is that every costume in their inventory is original and can’t be found on any other rack. They create the costumes themselves with film and theater in mind, therefore the costumes are practical, comfortable, and above all, durable. In addition, they pay attention to embellishments and period accuracy.

It is guaranteed that the costume you rent will be of high quality and easily altered if needed. Norcostco also has costumes ready for over 300 popular theater productions, so you can get everything you need in one fell swoop. Norcostco is not only one of the best costume rental companies in Atlanta, but also in Dallas, Denver, and Minneapolis. 

4. The Industry Supply Store

In case you couldn’t have guessed by the name, The Industry Supply Store is heavily geared towards productions as well. It is located a couple minutes north east of Atlanta, in Tucker, Georgia. They have their costume options split into multiple sections including: period, prison, lab coats, law enforcement, military, fur, suits, construction, 1960s, and even bridal.

The Industry Supply Store offers four different rental period options as well such as a 10 day period for smaller productions and for larger ones either the 8 week, 12 week, or 16 week period. They offer a 72 hour approval window for you to take the costume back to get fittings done or handle approvals from your production team.

Additionally, they even allow you to make your own alterations as long as you can return it as it was before you rented it. The Industry Supply Store, as the name suggests, also has many other expendables or set necessities that can be bought or rented out for the team. Be sure to check out our selection of venues on Peerspace that can serve as your headquarters, production office, or wardrobe storage space.

5. Peach Label

Closing out our best costume rental companies in Atlanta list is the Peach Label. Based right in the outskirts of Atlanta, it is a family-owned, production-based rental spot specializing in time period clothing; specifically from 1950s to the 1990s. They’ve helped supply wardrobe for shows like Watchmen, Lovecraft County, and Stranger Things. They are a quickly growing business, and that’s no surprise since they work to make things easier for all productions.

The rental period can span anywhere from two to 15 weeks for productions, and one week for anything other than productions. Peach Label offers in house alterations and will assist with your fittings in house as well. They have a wide variety of every style available during those time periods and are happy to roll out the red carpet for you by appointment. 

Find an incredible costume in Atlanta today!

With all these options you are bound to find exactly what you need. Every one of these costume rental shops in Atlanta will definitely be willing to go above and beyond to find that special item if for some reason they don’t carry it already. Peerspace is also here to exceed your expectations.

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