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The 5 Best Costume Rental Companies in Los Angeles

Whether you’re planning your next Halloween costume, assembling wardrobes for a film production, or hosting the coolest party of the year while dressed the part, the many costume rental companies in Los Angeles have you covered. The show biz capital of the country (perhaps rivaled only by New York City) features many excellent costume shops available for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Narrow down your search exclusively to Los Angeles’s top costume rental companies.

1. The Costume House

Another of the best costume rental companies in Los Angeles located in North Hollywood is The Costume House. They rent out to everyone for anything, including film, television, theater, schools, events, students, and the individual in need of a costume for Halloween. The Costume House specializes in historical and period pieces which cover from the 1100s to the present. However, they have also found space to carry some futuristic options for those with their eyes set on the future.

They are one of the few costume shops open on Saturdays and they have a variety of plus size options available. Their tailor shop also makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you. This costume shop offers consultations to stop any foreseen complication and will help customize your shopping to get the best version of who or what you want to be. They also sell packaged costumes for sale if that is more your speed.

2. Western Costume Company

The Western Costume Company had to be on this list. It is the most established costume shop in the country as well as the largest, it is an icon of the costume design world. The Western Costume Company is geared towards production: film, theater, and television. Located in North Hollywood, it is your one stop shop and a home to costume designers everywhere. Western Costume has acquired the biggest stock of costumes by either buying them from film sets or by designing and making their own in house.

Even if what you want isn’t found in their existing stock, their staff is made of talented tailors, milliners (hat makers), and shoemakers that can create what you need from scratch. Their facilities include workshop space, a fabric and supply store, and even a research library to get you started. Their film credits stretch back to the 1910s and are going stronger every decade. You’d be able to find costumes from movies like The Titanic, The Wizard of Oz, Young Frankenstein, and Jurassic Park.

This is definitely the place if you are a professional and know exactly what you want because they have every caveat covered. It definitely deserves the number one spot of the best costume rental companies in Los Angeles.

3. Adele’s of Hollywood

Adele’s of Hollywood is another family owned shop to add to the list. It was established back in 1945 and is located right on Hollywood Boulevard. They are known for designing and making their own costumes, even packaging sets for sale. Their niche? Santa Claus and mascot costumes that they rent out to people all over the country.

They are actually the top suppliers of Santa Claus and Easter Bunny costumes in America. But if that’s not what you need this holiday season, Adele’s has got you covered with your choice in period, character, and niche costumes for both kids and adults. They will rent out to productions and to the general public as well. Go ahead and check out their website that lists their options in full detail and you’ll see why Adele’s in Hollywood is one of the best costume rental companies in Los Angeles. 

4. Thrifty Rents

New to the game (est. 2017), but growing fast: Thrifty Rents. They were established to focus on the low budget productions that would be more conscious of the cost of each costume. Their niche is law enforcement uniforms and medical costumes, and it seems they are expanding their stock, though they haven’t strayed from professional uniform type costumes.

Additionally, their rates are low and start at 30 per day, no insurance needed, and they offer free delivery within the Los Angeles area. You can also pick up costumes at their location in Echo Park. Their business model is simple and easy for your budding filmmaker or photographer, so be sure to keep your eye on them as they grow their stock.

5. Ursula’s Costumes

In contrast, Ursula’s Costumes caters more to the general audience though it still keeps its door open to production needs. It is a family owned, Santa Monica staple that is open year round to cater to your themed celebrations. Ursula’s Costumes makes it onto our list for the wide variety of unique and specific costumes available at an affordable price to the casual renter. And if you are looking for something specific and for some reason it can not be found in their existing inventory, their helpful staff are happy to seek it out for you and bring it to the store.

Their costume options vary from the popular superhero outfit to the niche DIY ensembles. Additionally, Ursula’s carries wigs, beards, jewelry, props, and fog machines for rent as well. If you are hosting a party, be sure to check out Peerspaces Concierge services, when paired with Ursula’s Costumes, it’s sure to be the party of the year.

Find your perfect costume today!

There you have it, the five best costume rental companies in Los Angeles! We are confident you  can find exactly what you need in any one of these unique locations. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are hosting a party, planning a film shoot, photo shoot, or performance, Peerspace can help you find the ideal location for your event. Simply browse through our local options in a city near you, from gallery spaces, theaters, and mansions. Happy browsing!

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