Check Out These 10 Creative Retreat Ideas

Retreats are an important activity for most companies and organizations. Whether you want to host an annual staff retreat or a weekend getaway for your executive team, there’s a range of creative retreat ideas to choose from. Retreats aren’t just about heading off into the mountains and turning off your smartphones. In fact, some retreats include presentations, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. It’s up to you to decide how plugged in or unplugged you want your retreat to be.

You can use your retreat time to introduce remote employees to the entire team or reinforce your corporate values and objectives. And, when you need space for your retreat, no matter which type, rely on Peerspace. We have bookable venues with the latest high-tech gadgets perfect for conferences. We also have beachside lofts, for when you want to take a break with your team and breathe some fresh air. With that in mind, check out our list of 10 creative retreat ideas. It includes both venues and activities to help you get started planning your retreat.

1. Host a spin-off event at a conference

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Have a small budget and don’t have the money to pay for a venue and keynote speakers? Try lining up your retreat alongside a conference that’s related to your industry. It may be cheaper to buy your employees tickets to a major conference than plan a standalone event.

This is a great idea for remote teams. If your group is traveling to a major industry conference anyway, why not extend the trip by a few days or a weekend to tack on a retreat? You’ll benefit from all of the presentations and networking opportunities at the main event. And, you’ll still have time for your team to discuss the lessons they’ve learned in a more intimate setting.

2. Rent a unique, customized venue on Peerspace

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Whether you decide to host your retreat in the city or out of town, find a one-of-a-kind venue on Peerspace. There are literally thousands of options, and tons to fit your team’s needs. You’ll find everything from downtown coworking spaces to rural cabins and retreat venues. Escape the confines of our day-to-day corporate environment and choose a unique space that will impress your guests and contribute to a productive retreat environment.

At most venues, you’ll have the option of bringing your own catering, event staff, and A/V gear, or you can choose from one of Peerspace’s trusted vendors. Plus, you can ask your local host about options, or call up Peerspace’s Concierge team to put together a customized package!

3. Go camping (or glamping)

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Depending on your team’s standards for comfort, you can head outdoors for a weekend away from the office on a camping or glamping retreat. Relive summer camp on a corporate retreat hosted by Camp No Counselors, where you’ll play games and sing songs around the bonfire. Or book something more luxurious with Under Canvas, which provides tents, catering, and more to corporate teams in scenic locations all around the United States.

4. Take team photos

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The best time to capture great photos of your team is when everyone is relaxed and having fun together. Whether you’re looking for corporate headshots or candid photos of your executive team, now is your chance to hire a photographer and plan a photoshoot. Rent a Peerspace venue with a great view or a fully-equipped photo studio to achieve the best-looking shots.

5. Plan a virtual retreat

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Do you have a large team spread out all over the country (or even the world)? Can’t meet up in person as often as you’d like due to COVID-related restrictions? While Slack and other platforms can make it easy to schedule virtual meetings, make sure to set aside some time for casual activities, too. Play virtual team-building games like the Jackbox Party Pack, or host a remote talent show via webcam!

6. Spend the night at sea

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For a true team-building adventure, plan a retreat with the Seattle Sailing Club for an overnight sailing trip with two instructors and up to six team members. You may not get much work done, but you’ll learn to work together as a crew and take turns on “watch” as you sail around Puget Sound all day and night. This is a great creative retreat idea for small teams that want to build trust and communication skills through hands-on experience. And just about every city has an equivalent experience, so check around locally if this idea appeals to you and your team.

7. Host a game show

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Game shows are the perfect idea for an orientation retreat when your goal is to welcome new employees into your company. Why? Because you can create customized questions that are designed to familiarize your team with your company’s policies or values. Instead of a boring slideshow, a gameshow can get your message across in an engaging and exciting way.

8. Plan a hackathon

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If the goal of your retreat is to generate new ideas and spur new projects, turn your retreat into a hackathon. Give your team some guidelines and let them pitch their ideas or present their prototypes to the entire company. This is a good way to bring some new energy to your company. It also ensures employee engagement. In fact, the whole process is a breeze if you line up speakers and facilitators for guidance. For more ideas, check out our tips on planning a hackathon.

9. Make it an artists’ retreat

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Just because your team works in tech or finance doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Put aside your laptops for the weekend and take out a notebook or paintbrush. Hire a facilitator to lead you through a writing workshop, cooking workshop, or painting lesson. Whichever creative medium you choose, your team will exercise a different side of their brain and return to the office with a more creative perspective on their day job.

10. Go underground

We’ve saved one of the most creative retreat ideas for last. If your team is up for the challenge, take them on an underground caving adventure. This can even include an overnight stay in the cave. These retreats are available at several caving centers in the US, such as Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee and Marengo Cave in Indiana. Bring your sleeping bags and brave the dark for a truly unforgettable team retreat that will bring your team closer together.

As you can see, team retreats can be customized to fit groups of any size. But for the best results, find a venue with multiple spaces that can be used for small group activities and breakout sessions. If you need help finding the right venue for your team, just reach out to Peerspace’s Concierge team for help lining up a location, event staff, equipment, and more. It’s all possible with just one easy booking!

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