12 Divorce Party Ideas to Celebrate the Next Chapter (2024)


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If you are going through a divorce, a party might not be the first thing on your mind. Divorce is never easy, but it can be the beginning of something liberating and beautiful, so make lemonade out of the situation. Celebrate your fresh start with an unforgettable divorce party surrounded by all of your best friends. You just need some divorce party ideas and the perfect event space to make your planning easier.

Peerspace provides all of the above for you in our guide below! Along with divorce party ideas, we’ll also include information about real event venue rentals that you can book for your party today to inspire your party planning. Let’s check it all out!

1. Book a venue that helps you get the party started courtesy of Peerspace

La Jolla Stunning Ocean-View Retreat
Source: Peerspace

Whether you have holiday party plans or divorce party ideas, you don’t need a party-ready pad to have amazing events for your friends and family. In fact, house parties aren’t your only option for intimate gatherings.

Peerspace can help you find affordable venues complete with all of the comforts of home and more. It’s like living in a new home for a day! Just head to our homepage, input your location, and choose your party type. You’ll soon discover a whole world of unique, Insta-worthy venues available near you to rent by the hour. 

One adorable example that we think is divorce-party perfect is this gorgeous La Jolla stunning oceanview retreat in San Diego, CA. Host an intimate dinner and cocktail party here for your nearest and dearest and toast to your bright future while looking out over beautiful La Jolla beach!

Some venues even offer catering and janitorial services, so you won’t have to worry about the cooking or the cleaning! Hosting has never been so relaxing. Speaking of, all Peerspace venues are hosted by locals who strive to make your experience in their space perfect. Reach out to yours with any questions or requests, and they’d be thrilled to help you out.

2. Make it an open-bar party in a super cool setting

Unique Speakeasy With Fun Cocktail Services
Source: Peerspace

Raise a glass to your freedom and happiness! You’ll want to keep the drinks flowing at a party like this. This divorce party idea isn’t a suggestion; it’s non-negotiable. Tap into your inner mixologist with recipes online, or hire a professional bartender to join your party.

You can also enjoy a little of both, some self-guided freedom when you book a Peerspace cocktail party venue like this unique speakeasy with fun cocktail services in Seattle, WA. When you book this sweet and stylish space, you and your guests will have complete run of the house, including the use of the house liquors. The host leaves detailed instructions behind so you and your guests can play mixologist for a night! Sounds like a blast to us.

3. Focus on self-care as you plan your next step

Small town down town.Trendy beauty bar
Source: Peerspace

Treat yourself and your guests to much-needed pampering with a self-care-themed party. Go to a spa with your besties, or stay home and rent in-home spa equipment, hire manicurists, buy face masks, and relax! Serve your favorite comfort foods, wear comfy clothes like pajamas or loungewear, go to a yoga class with everyone, or stay in and watch movies and TV shows. Give favors like bath bombs, bath salts, bath bubbles, face masks, essential oils, or aromatherapy candles.

You can also book one of the many Peerspace venues across North America and beyond that provides a perfectly soothing self-care experience. For instance, this small town downtown trendy beauty bar in Whiting, IN offers you all the luxury self-care amenities you could want in a comfy and stylish setting.

Talk to the host about your divorce party ideas and see how she can help tailor an event to you and your guests. That type of bespoke experience is what you can come to expect when you use Peerspace for booking event venues.

4. Create a vision board to help manifest greatness

Dreamweaver House in Tiburon
Source: Peerspace

What dreams will you fulfill in this next chapter of your life? We all know that marriage requires compromises, so now that you aren’t compromising on anything anymore find out what you really want out of life. Throw it back to art class. Get crafty and make scrapbooks or poster boards with photos cut out of magazines. Think about the next vacation you want to take, the new skills you want to learn, or hobbies you want to take up, and create a vision book or board that showcases all of your plans for the future. 

Looking for the perfect retreat space to relax and ponder the future? Then you will adore this Dreamweaver House in Tiburon, CA. It has a bright and minimalist bungalow feel with a soothing color palette, beautiful design features, and a relaxing private garden space. That’s not even mentioning the hot tub and ocean views! Just check out the photos and picture yourself there, healing and growing.

New to vision boards? Then check out our helpful creative vision board party ideas for your group!

5. Plan your divorce party around a theme for more inspiration

nyc rooftops
Source: Peerspace

Pick a theme to give you ideas for your divorce party and run with it! If you’re stumped on what to pick, think of empowering movies and TV shows, like Insecure, Killing Eve, or Eat, Pray, Love. Play games centered on the film or series, dress up like the characters, and create a menu based on foods featured in the movie or show.

If you’re going with Insecure, may we make a suggestion? Why not book an impossibly hip DTLA venue on Peerspace, like the ones Issa, Molly, and Lawrence used to regular?! For a 2024 twist, enjoy all the exciting opportunities singlehood can bring you by opening yourself up to new opportunities a la Donald Glover’s remake of Mr and Mrs Smith.

6. Watch some movies to help you feel your feels

divorce party ideas
Source: Peerspace

Escape reality with your best friends and some feel-good movies. Our favorites include movies like cheesy or heartwarming romantic comedies or empowering stories about single people. Here are some ideas to get you started: Someone Great, Always Be My Maybe, When Harry Met Sally, Wild, Silver Linings Playbook, and How to be Single. Best of all, you can book a private movie theater on Peerspace for you and your crew! Laugh, cry, yell, and of course, eat tons of popcorn together.

7. Do it 1920s style

Historic Private Brooklyn Speakeasy nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Just about everybody loves the style and grandeur associated with the Roaring ’20s. So why not make it the theme for your divorce party ideas? After all, that particular decade was one brimming with optimism and escapism, two things you can probably use just about now. So where to get started? Simply book one of the many stunning Roaring ’20s themed spaces on Peerspace. There are sensational venue options in cities across the country, many of which include the decor and other exciting amenities.

And if you need assistance locating vendors, arranging catering services, or renting furniture and A/V equipment, reach out to your Peerspace venue’s local host. They have connections with vendors across your city and can make killer recommendations for the must-haves that they don’t provide themselves.

8. Indulge in sweets in a club-like setting

Colorful, neon, donut/ice cream/coffee shop with ocean view on the jersey shore boardwalk
Source: Peerspace

Now more than ever, you deserve something sweet. And besides, it’s not a party without cake! Celebrate this momentous occasion with your favorite cake or a variety of sweets. Set up a dessert station by laying out a table topped with plates, trays, and cake stands filled with dainty treats like cupcakes, macarons, petit fours, mini pies, cake pops, or cakesicles, whoopie pies, custom “Happy Divorce!” cookies, or even colorful candies.

Or, if ice cream is more your jam, set up a sundae bar filled with tubs of ice cream, bowls of sprinkles, candies, and nuts. Be sure to also get toppings like whipped cream, chocolate fudge, strawberry syrup, and caramel. 

This is another one of those divorce party ideas that Peerspace can help make easy for you! For instance, you can book out this colorful neon donut, ice cream, and coffee shop on the Jersey Shore in Long Branch, NJ. Gather with your loved ones and enjoy some decadent treats in one of the coolest looking dessert shops on the East Coast!

9. Play dating app-inspired games

austin rental Downtown Restaurant with Speakeasy Underground Bar
Source: Peerspace

Your love life isn’t over after a divorce. Although you may not be ready to get back into the game just yet, you can still have fun envisioning what it will be like to get back out there! Play a silly dating app-inspired game. Make some fill-in-the-blank dating profiles and play a dating app version of Mad Libs. For another game option, you can have your guests swipe through a dating app or scroll through the “Missed Connections” section on Craigslist and take turns reading the bios or posts in silly or dramatic voices.

For more inspiration, check out these creative couple game night ideas to enjoy with your gang!

10. Keep the music going and dance your cares away

colorful jungle disco rental in LA
Source: Peerspace

You’re gonna need some new jams to dance to now that you’re single. Curate an empowering playlist filled with self-love anthems. Try songs from artists like P!nk, Lizzo, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Destiny’s Child. Or, go the extra mile and bring in some live music. In fact, you can hire a concert venue and musicians through the Peerspace to ensure an easy and successful party!

11. Party like it’s a bachelor/bachelorette party 

divorce party ideas
Source: Peerspace

Bachelor or bachelorette party traditions actually make more sense for divorce parties if you think about it. Take some divorce party ideas from this pre-wedding ritual and enjoy a night of celebrating singlehood! Hire exotic dancers, decorate with cheeky signs and banners, serve erotic-inspired desserts, play games like Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. You can also host a boudoir photoshoot to give everyone a major confidence boost. You’ll remember all the things you loved (and missed!) about singlehood.

Read our classy boudoir photoshoot ideas to help inspire a fun and elegant shoot!

12. Shout it from the rooftop (of an amazing venue!)

Outdoor Photoshoot Locations In Miami
Source: Peerspace

Step one: book a stunning Peerspace venue with its own private rooftop. Step two: shout away your divorce woes with your best friends at your side. Going through a divorce is difficult and can be a lengthy process. It’s time to unleash some of your pent-up frustrations by engaging in some scream therapy while staring at the beautiful cityscape before you. Only do this if it’s a private rooftop and there is zero chance of anyone inside the building hearing you, lest you attract the authorities and frighten the neighbors in the process.

And if this is a viable option, you’ll feel great afterward! You and your friends can also shout affirmations and dreams from the rooftop, too. Because, you know, it is possible to speak our hopes into fruition!

Divorce party ideas come to life with Peerspace

divorce party ideas
Source: Peerspace

The end of a marriage can mark the beginning of a beautiful new adventure. Celebrate this next chapter in your life with an epic bash. Start by booking the perfect venue on Peerspace. You can check out each listing’s high-res photos, upfront pricing, detailed descriptions provided by the local host, and reviewers from past bookers like yourself.

You can book a venue that has the precise vibe you want and amenities you need (rooftop access, swimming pool, fire pit, photoshoot backdrops, etc.) And remember, your Peerspace host is there for you if you want to maximize your booking with any additional rentals, like gourmet catering, wait staff, and karaoke machines.

These divorce party ideas are all you need to plan an empowering celebration you and your friends will love. Between these ideas and a sensational Peerspace venue to call your own for a few hours, the path to a new and improved frame of mind is in sight.

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