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The 8 Best Engagement Photographers in Seattle

There are a few elements which all engagement photos generally share, regardless of where the photos are being taken and who’s behind the lens: close-ups of diamond rings, blankets draped around shoulders, lots of white, lots of big smiles, and a few pets thrown in for good measure. In uncertain hands, this recipe can become a little overdone — but that could not be further from the case with the top Seattle engagement photographers.

Engagement photographers in the Pacific Northwest have some of the most beautiful American country at their disposal, serving as the backdrop to some of the most genuine, authentic couples’ shoots we’ve seen. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Seattle engagement photographers, in no special order, including a mix of long-established pros and relative newcomers to the scene. We are so excited to showcase their talents here — so let’s get to it!

1. Maddie Martelli of Copper and Velvet Photography

Maddie Martelli describes herself as a “hippie wannabe, burning her incense and listening to ’70s hits while rocking a giant fedora [and] snapping photos,” and that same vivid description can be applied to Maddie’s photography style, too. Her warm-toned, vintage vibe evokes intimacy and sweetness, slow afternoons by riverbeds, dirt roads, and flower meadow mazes. Her ability to capture the simple quiet moments and emphasize the connection between her subjects is absolutely stunning.

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2. Noah Comber

Noah Comber’s work can make even the most bustling city street look as calm as an autumn afternoon in the mountains. Even in the center of busy, breathing cities, he seems to have a way of canceling out the extra noise, making the passersby and the world outside fade a bit, bringing his subjects solely into focus. He captures the bending of light in such a fantastic way that every hour looks like golden hour. His work shooting individuals is stellar, but we especially love his work with couples, like the photo featured here.

3. MC Photography Co.

Though the identity of the photographer behind MC Photography Co. is currently unknown to us, we couldn’t bear the idea of leaving them off our list of favorite Seattle engagement photographers! MC Photography’s portfolio can be found on their Instagram, and if you check it out, you’ll see why we had to include them here. Their photos are crisp and clean with vibrant contrast, and we love the creative way they’ve displayed their work on Instagram. Their portfolio is diverse and unique, including individual portraits, family sessions, and lifestyle photography, but our favorites are definitely the images that capture the connection between couples.

4. Kelly Lemon

Kelly Lemon stands out among Seattle engagement photographers with her talent in telling the love stories of the people she shoots. From the moment of the surprise proposal on to the engagement session, and then through the wedding and afterward, Kelly is there, fully present and utterly devoted to capturing these special memories for her clients. The PNW’s natural beauty often provides the backdrop for her gorgeous photos, but the loving relationship between her clients is the true focus of her work — and, unceasingly, it shines.

5. Anna Tee

Anna Tee’s approach — to life in general, in addition to her photographic style — is authenticity. It’s adventure, it’s fun; it’s freedom and nature and the choice to chase the things in life which bring you joy. All of this simply oozes from her work, most of which is set in the PNW wild, emanating from the expressions on her clients’ faces. People go to Anna in search of photos that will convey the truest possible reflection of their lives together, and even just a quick perusal of her portfolio will prove that the people get what they come for — every time!

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6. Sarah Campo

As her bio on her website proclaims, Sarah Campo “captures all things love.” Love pours out of every image she shoots, whether it’s part of an engagement, wedding, or boudoir session. Her photos have a softness to them, a lightness that brings out whimsy and confidence in her subjects. The comfort her clients have with her is evident, and her keen eye for finding the exact perfect moment of balance between light and shadow guarantees that she’ll produce an image that radiates their personalities with ease.

7. Kaitlin Evans

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Beach days are the best days! 🖤

A post shared by Kaitlin Evans Photography (@kaitlinevansphoto) on

Specializing in wedding and lifestyle photography, Kaitlin Evans has a gift in bringing out the joy of a photo. Her use of interesting angles, lighting, and very subtle editing techniques results in photos that will look just as gorgeous years from now, when they’re placed in family photo albums and reflected on for generations. In addition, her monochrome work is understated and simple, with deep shadows and skillful use of contrast and light. We especially love the photo featured here, with the rock and sea depicted with such sharp texture to contrast the softness of the couple in focus.

8. Vera V. Pashkevich

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Draped in sunlight. Brandon & Kelly.

A post shared by Vera V. Pashkevich (@verapashphoto) on

Finally, rounding out our list of best Seattle engagement photographers is a name you just might recognize from previous blogs highlighting talent in the Seattle area: Vera V. Pashkevich. We just couldn’t help but feature her work here once again. Wielding a camera since she was 16, Vera places extreme importance on the use of photography as transmission of truth — a vehicle for stories that connect us all on some human level.

This approach shines in her couples’ photography just as brightly as it does in some of her more fine-art- or hybrid-leaning pieces. The photo we’ve chosen to feature today caught our eye because, though the couple is in the center of the frame, they are not the story in and of themselves. Like so many others in her region, Vera takes advantage of the beauty of the natural world around her, informing the mood and impact of her images to showcase not only the people she’s shooting but the world in which they live.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of some of the most exciting faces in the engagement photography industry in Seattle. Their work serves one of the highest, most important ideals in the human experience — the ability to give love, to receive it, and to radiate it outward like ripples in the water to reach everyone, everywhere. If you’re ever in the PNW, in love, and in need of someone to capture the depths of that intangible human emotion in a visible way — is that even possible, really? — Well, if it is… we hope this list might be a good place to start.

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