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The 10 Best Event Photographers in Austin

The ideal event photographer does double duty: they capture your event as it happens like a photojournalist, as well as make sure to catch everyone from their most flattering angles. Whether they’re shooting a graduation or corporate event, beauty and joy are what the best photographers are after. These top Austin event photographers know how to walk this tightrope, faithfully capturing reality while finding the beauty in the everyday. And that’s just part of what makes them the best at what they do. 

1. Kathie Tam

If you want a photographer who builds personal relationships with their clients to ensure that they get a deeper understanding of their needs, we recommend you check out Kathie Tam. She’s recognized by numerous publications as one of the best Austin event photographers. And her portfolio is energetic, colorful, and full of compelling, joyous event photos that people won’t be able to resist sharing. She’s organized, talented, and produces amazing work. What more could you want in your event photographer?

2. AzulOx Visuals

The team at AzulOx Visuals specializes in commercial photography — producing some of the best advertising, editorial, and event photography in the city of Austin. We love their team approach to event photography, as well as their willingness to collaborate and lean on the unique strengths that each member of their team brings to the table. This consistently leads to superior photos. Looking at their portfolio, you can tell they have a lot of fun working together and take great pride in their ability to provide total coverage of local events. No one does a better job at capturing local events from every angle than the team at AzulOx Visuals.

3. Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander is an event photographer to get excited about. She wears a million hats, working full-time at her own business as an event and entertainment photographer, while also freelancing as a journalist writing and shooting her own photos for a number of different publications. Her work’s been published in Rolling Stone, E! Magazine, and other Austin-area media outlets. Her gorgeous portfolio, illustrious client list, and the fact that she’s a member of the Professional Photographers of America should all tell you that you can trust that Jessica will do the job — and do it well.

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4. Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson is a highly sought-after Austin corporate event photographer who specializes in making events look amazing and successful. He is a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), as well as the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). A certified digital retoucher, he takes youthful, energetic photographs that capture something essential about the brands and events that he and his teams shoot for. Multiple fashion magazines, Austin Monthly, CNBC, and other media outlets have featured his award-winning work.

5. Katrina Barber

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If you’re looking for an event photographer with an ability to effortlessly connect through their photographs — telling compelling stories of everyday people bonding by celebrating the things they love — then look no further than Katrina Barber. She’s perhaps the best event photographer in the city. Her photos are crisp and clean with true-to-life color and lighting. She demonstrates an amazing ability to cut through the noise straight to the moments of connection that make any notable event worthwhile. 

6. Brian Birzer

Brian Birzer is an extremely capable event photographer boasting some of the most flawless instincts of any photographer we’ve come across. His work with light and color are essentially perfect, allowing him to capture true-to-life photos with minimal post-production editing. Additionally, even when he’s simply documenting the events he’s at, he always does his very best to capture attendees at their best angles, looking just the way they’d like to be seen. We appreciate his skill and conscientiousness, and you will, too!

7. Jesse Knish

With tons of experience in branding, marketing, and shooting lifestyle photography, Jesse Knish knows that building a brand is all about establishing emotional connections between your company and community. The team at Jesse Knish Productions offers a full suite of creative photo and video services to help your brand stand out. What makes them one of the best Austin event photographers is their ability to thrive under pressure, which makes them particularly well-equipped to nail your shot list, even during the biggest, most overwhelming events. Take a look at their portfolio, and you’ll see colorful, youthful, often hilarious photographs — just the type of work that would look great associated with your brand. 

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8. Mira Visu Photography 

Mira Visu Photography is a husband-and-wife duo that live to tell stories. They have an impeccable reputation as wedding photographers, and they turn their skill of documentary photography and capturing the interplay in relationships in groups towards taking some of the most absorbing, visually pleasing event photos around. Their attention to detail is really what clients rave about; they all feel lucky to work with a team of photographers who care about their events just as much as they do. The photos they take are fun, colorful, perfectly balanced, and shot in a digital fine-art style guaranteed to draw people in.

9. Max Photography

Justin Elledge of Max Photography is a super-chill, trustworthy, technically skilled, and extremely creative event photographer. He built his name doing wedding photography, but is also always down to shoot events, especially when they have good food and music. One thing we really like about Max Photography — in addition to their amazing portfolio filled with laughing people and gorgeous locations — is that they go above and beyond for their clients. In review after review, people rave about Max Photography’s professionalism and eagerness to please.

10. Mike Holp

The first thing that stood out to us about Mike Holp’s portfolio is that it’s filled with pictures taken from unique perspectives and vantage points. His technique and composition is at least equal to everyone on this list, but his desire to capture something unique is unparalleled. His photos indicate a profound amount of passion for his craft. And he clearly has the desire to document everything through photography, as he’s not only an excellent documentary photographer of events, but he’s adept at documenting his own life in stunning photos. You can’t go wrong when you work with a photographer for whom photography is life.

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