13 Creative February Gender Reveal Ideas

If you’re planning a February gender reveal, then you need some creative February ideas to commemorate this special milestone! Ahead, we share 13 creative suggestions that will make your gathering one to remember. They should provide plenty of inspiration and a great place to get started as you begin planning.

You will also notice that a few of the ideas on this list also include relevant links to Peerspace venues. Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and makes it easy (and fun!) to discover and book spaces ideal for all of your important moments. Without further ado, let’s get to the February gender reveal ideas.

1. Don’t be afraid to go outside

February Gender Reveal Ideas
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You might not have considered doing a gender reveal outside in the cold, but there are some fun February gender reveal ideas on this list that take place outdoors and even take advantage of snowy weather. Be open to the idea of bundling up and taking some photos in the great outdoors.

To ensure you and your guests get snuggly warm again fast, book a venue with indoor and outdoor fireplaces. In fact, you can book a charming venue, like this rustic private cabin in Stroudsburg, PA for your gender reveal. It boasts a chic and modern interior complete with a fireplace and an outdoor fire pit and a hot tub for staying cozy with your guests.

2. If it’s snowy outside, build a snowman!

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Chameleon Colors has an amazing February gender reveal idea: first, build a snowman. Order colored powder corresponding to the sex of the baby. Then, “set up the tripod for your phone or camera, and hit record.

Give everyone a blackout bag with a small hole cut out of the top. Count to three and dump the color powder all over the white snowman. The white snow will be painted in the color powder,” announcing the gender of the baby-to-be!

3. Use a piñata

Historic Mansion with Spacious Yard new orleans
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Here’s an extra fun February gender reveal idea! Fill a piñata with pink/blue candy or confetti, or buy a gender reveal piñata at a local party store. Then, have your guests break the piñata open to find out what the gender of the baby will be. This is one of those cute February gender reveal ideas that’s worth filming, so be sure to have your smartphone on standby!

Check out our fun DIY gender reveal decoration ideas to make your gathering even more special!

4. Hang wintry decor

Metro Atlanta Pink and Blue Baby Shower atlanta rental
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If you live somewhere with cold winters and you’re hosting an in-person event for your gender reveal, you might want to embrace a wintry aesthetic in your decor. Lots of banners and other decorative items come in shades of pink and blue and are also decorated with winter imagery like snowflakes.

In fact, we love this winter wonderland gender reveal banner as well as this adorable onesie-shaped garland with snowflakes.

If you’re short on time, why not skip the decorating and book a Peerspace like this metro Atlanta pink and blue event home? It has you covered in terms of color scheme and is definitely cute enough to serve as the perfect gender reveal venue for your party.

5. Gender reveal confetti

toronto furnished studio and event space
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If it’s cold outside, just because you can’t comfortably have your gathering outside doesn’t mean your gender reveal can’t be exciting and dramatic.

One affordable way to do this is with glittery party poppers, writes Little Things. “Everyone grabs a party popper and pops it at the same time to reveal pink or blue confetti.”

6. Gender reveal snow angels

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Another fabulous February gender reveal idea from Chameleon Colors: create an adorable pink or blue snow angel. Line your family up from oldest to youngest, and have them all make snow angels.

Then, “create a small baby snow angel indentation at the end of the family line to announce the upcoming arrival of the new addition. Announce your baby’s gender – and make it colorful – by pouring pink or blue color powder into the snow angel indentation”. Send photos of the finished snow angels to friends and family as your announcement.

Looking for a snowy setting that just also happens to make a beautiful party pad? Then check out this cozy A-frame cabin in Jefferson, CO. It will likely be covered in snow come February and makes a charming gathering spot for you and your loved ones.

7. Bake a gender reveal cake

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Having an in-person gathering? If so, serve your guests a gender reveal cake. Frost it with a color other than blue or pink, and then dye the interior of the cake the color corresponding to the sex. This will make the moment when you slice the cake extra dramatic as everyone waits excitedly to see what color the slices of cake will be.

If you’re hosting people IRL, you might consider renting an event venue for a few hours to make the event extra special. Luckily, Peerspace connects with venues that have gorgeous and fully-functional kitchens for your use. A great example is this rustic hidden gem studio in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. It would be a wonderful place to bake and serve your gender reveal cake. It also has hundreds of positive reviews.

To quote one reviewer who appreciated the venue and its host, “Chris was very communicative and helpful throughout the process. The space is amazing and was perfect for our event. We would (and will!) book again!” Sounds ideal!

8. Penguin-themed gender reveal

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FirstCry Parenting has another awesome idea – a gender reveal that uses penguins as the inspo for its decor! This includes “​​inflatable penguin art balloons, penguin-inspired signs, and a cake with a cute penguin crafted on top” as well as “fuzzy baby penguins, soft fake white snowflakes, twinkly lights, and another snowy decor”. We can’t think of much that’s cuter than penguins, so we love this theme.

Our chic black and white party ideas can help you score venues that would perfectly suit your penguin theme. Check it out!

9. Valentine’s Day-themed gender reveal

pink dream studio
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If your gender reveal is taking place in February, it’s happening during the month of Valentine’s Day, so why not embrace that and have your gender reveal also be a Valentine’s celebration?

Use a pink and red color scheme, decorate with lots of hearts, and send out thematic invitations like these ones that say, “A sweet little Valentine is on the way!”

10. Outfit reveal

February Gender Reveal Ideas
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Surprising everyone with an outfit reveal is an awesome gender reveal idea. It’s also versatile since you can do it in person at a gathering with loved ones (walking down a long staircase can work well), in photos/on video, or via Zoom. And all it requires you to do is to buy the “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” shirt and put it on!

If you’re in Vancouver, BC, you can also book this luxury mansion in West Van so you can utilize its dramatic winding staircase for your big reveal. The fact that it also has an indoor pool, a hot tub, and a private movie theater doesn’t hurt either!

Use our gender reveal video ideas to ensure even far away guests feel like they’re part of the excitement!

11. Use color-changing candles

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One interesting and exciting gender reveal option is to purchase a color-changing candle that only turns blue or pink about 15 to 20 minutes after the candle is lit. Here’s an example of these types of candles if you’re looking for one to purchase.

12. Decorate with homemade paper snowflakes

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Remember making cut-out paper snowflakes as a kid using folded pieces of paper? February gender reveal ideas would be beautified by the addition of some beautifully made paper snowflakes. These instructions on making paper snowflakes from Martha Stewart are a great place to start.

13. Host a tea party with colored tea

February Gender Reveal Ideas
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Plan a tea party (here are some suggestions for doing that from Martha Stewart)! And make sure the tea inside the teapots has been dyed the color corresponding to the baby’s sex. When your guests sit down and start pouring their cups of tea – ideally into clear glasses, so the color is totally visible.

We’d suggest renting a fancy space for a gathering like this one if you can. This cute event venue in Los Angeles would be a great place to host your tea party, as it’s also a real tea room called Rose & Blanc. Contact the host to request the full-service afternoon tea party event package. Peerspace hosts are always willing to help in any way they can and strive to make your event exceptional!

February gender reveal ideas: conclusion

February Gender Reveal Ideas
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We hope these February gender reveal ideas are inspired your event planning and you’re ready to throw an epic reveal! Gender reveals have a lot of moving parts, so never be afraid to reach out and ask for help with your planning.

And remember, when you book a Peerspace venue, you not only get the perfect setting, but you also get the assistance of your venue’s local host. Planning your dream gender reveal has never been easier!

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