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Our Favorite Filmmaking Podcasts (2020)

Podcasts are a terrific way to engage your mind while you are running errands, making dinner, spending time at the gym, or even working on your next great production. From concept through to post, the following podcasts offer invaluable tips and advice about the art of filmmaking. That said, here are our favorite filmmaking podcasts of 2020. 

1. The Documentary Life

The Documentary Life is the brainchild of documentary filmmaker and “doc-lifer” Chris G. Parkhurst. Chris, along with his wife, Stephanie, who is also a documentary filmmaker, produces this biweekly podcast that covers all aspects of documentary making, fundraising, and distribution. Chris believes that documentarians need to live a “documentary life” in order to be successful. In each episode, Chris and a guest engage in a conversation around their documentary lives and recent projects. Past episode guests include Irene Taylor Brodsky and Bing Liu.

2. NoFilmSchool Podcast

NoFilmSchool is a great site filled with educational information for aspiring filmmakers and seasoned professionals alike. The NoFilmSchool Podcast follows the lead of the site, providing interviews with production experts from all areas of film production, as well as festival coverage from top film events, such as the Sundance Film Festival, to a variety of industry events. If you are looking to continue your filmmaking education, be sure to give the NoFilmSchool Podcast a listen.

3. Indie Film Hustle

The Indie Film Hustle podcast is an extension of the Indie Film Hustle site. Founded by filmmaker Alex Ferrari, Indie Film Hustle strives to give listeners the real story of the filmmaking business in a raw and honest style. The podcast is educational in nature. Past episodes include such topics as The Art of Directing Actors, The Death of Traditional Film Distribution, and How to Shoot in an Impossible Location. As you can see, Alex is really straightforward in his approach. If you’re wanting a straight-shooter who will share their honest experiences in the film business, look no further.

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4. The Film Riot Podcast

Created by Ryan Connolly, Film Riot is another fantastic resource packed with filmmaking tips and tricks, as well as industry information, and the podcast is no different. The podcast is conversational in style and, in each episode, an expert in various areas of filmmaking, including directors, editors, directors of photography, and even stunt coordinators, share their expertise and experience with listeners.

5. Pure Nonfiction

Pure Nonfiction is a documentary-focused podcast hosted by Thom Powers. Thom is one of the founders of DOC NYC, and he has an incredible knowledge of the documentary world. Each episode, Thom is joined by a documentary filmmaker to discuss their latest work. Pure Nonfiction is also a film series at the IFC Center in NYC, so if you are a NYC native or visiting the city, be sure to check out what is playing at IFC. Past guests of the podcast include Werner Herzog and Penny Lane.

6. Score: The Podcast

The sound of your film is a critical component of the overall feel. Take a deep dive into the world of film composers with Score: The Podcast. Score is actually based on a film by the same name — Score: A Film Music Documentary. In each episode, listeners are introduced to the world of Hollywood composers. The podcast features interviews as well as music demonstrations.

7. The Video Consortium: Rough Cut

Many industry professionals and video journalists will find value in The Video Consortium: Rough Cut podcast. The podcast serves as an extension of The Video Consortium itself — a “creative community of today’s top emerging voices in documentary film and video journalism.” Each episode of the podcast is conversation-based, featuring a variety of nonfiction makers and experts.

8. Making Movies is HARD!!!

It’s true, isn’t it? Filmmaking is hard, but it is also deeply gratifying. Each episode of Making Movies features conversations with filmmakers that focus on the unique challenges of independent filmmaking. With insightful discussions, this is easily one of our favorite filmmaking podcasts for indie-minded folk.

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9. The Cinematography Podcast

While the focus of this podcast is really the “art and philosophy of the moving image,” it features a variety of experts from different aspects of production. If you want to hear from the makers of some of your favorite shows and films, including Game of Thrones, check out The Cinematography Podcast.

10. Show Don’t Tell

Show Don’t Tell is a podcast created by independent filmmaking expert Noam Kroll. This podcast is focused on the micro-budget film, and it’s a great resource for filmmakers with big ideas and small budgets. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of micro-budget filmmaking, serving as an informative weekly podcast for filmmakers. Just because you are working with a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t make a great film!

11. Mograph Podcast

Motion graphics can play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your film, from titles and credits to integrated motion elements within the body of your film. As such, having a better understanding of the world of motion is an excellent way to expand how you think about filmmaking. The Mograph Podcast is an extension of, focusing on the world of Cinema 4D, After Effects, render engines, and more. The hosts Dave Koss and Matt Milstead also dive into the business of motion graphics, with topics such as working with clients, handling contracts, and more. 

12. Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast

We would be remiss if we didn’t include a screenwriting podcast, and Write On is our favorite. Write On is produced by screenwriting platform giant Final Draft. The podcast not only provides tips on tricks on how to master screenwriting software, such as Final Draft, but it provides interviews with working industry professionals, including screenwriters, producers, agents, and producers. If you are a seasoned screenwriter or diving into your first script, Write On: A Screenwriting Podcast is an invaluable resource.

There you have it — our top filmmaking podcasts of 2020. Happy listening! 

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