13 Fun Fortnite Party Ideas

When organizing your next party, there are a plethora of themes to take into consideration. You can’t go wrong with Fortnite party ideas when it comes to entertaining children, particularly those who enjoy video games.

In 2017, Epic Games launched Fortnite, a multiplayer online video game that has become a global trend. Throwing a Fortnite-themed party is undoubtedly a way to wow your child — as well as all their peers.

But where do you start? First, book the perfect party venue through Peerspace. Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. Our simple platform makes it easy to discover and book well-equipped and stylish spaces just about anywhere across the globe. We’ll share a few venue suggestions ahead along with our other Fortnite party ideas. Let’s get to it!

1. Book a Peerspace venue

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Are you looking for a place to throw your Fortnite-themed party? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Visit the Peerspace website and select your desired venue to throw your ultimate Fortnite-themed party to impress your kids and adults alike.

In fact, this is actually a Fortnite party idea that adults will probably enjoy more than the kids! While the kids will be distracted by their games, the adults can galavant in a stunning venue (while supervising, of course!)

Just select your city and you will be amazed to see a list of great venues available for your Fortnite party. We’ll share information about real Peerspace party venues throughout this article, so you get a sense of what’s out there!

2. Fortnite-style decorations

living room decor
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It’s now time to start the real fun of organizing the Fortnite party! To properly set the tone, you want to make sure every aspect of your party is themed. And that includes the decor. But Fortnite-specific decor online or get crafty and make your own. We suggest checking out a few online tutorials first, though, just to be on the safe side!

3. Treasure hunt

garden flex space in brooklyn
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Are you looking for something exciting? Here is what you can do. Before the celebration, make 50 or more V Bucks by cutting out V Bucks from cardboard. The players hunt for the V Bucks by exploring the general area in which you’ve hidden them. They may use the coins to purchase treasure or rewards after finding them all.

Discover even more fun game night party ideas here to enhance your Fortnite event!

4. Dropbox centerpiece

Downtown 70's Blue RETRO room los angeles rental
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Recreate the video game-inspired blue DROP box centerpieces. Paint the raw wood box with blue paint and then finish it off with a coat of white paint. Set aside to dry. Print and cut two copies of the DROP centerpiece. Place the DROP printable on the open side of the crate, flattening it against the table. Hot glue or double-sided tape could connect the print to the front and rear of the box. Use a balloon stick to attach an inflated yellow latex balloon to it. Helium is not necessary. Set the stick into the crate’s top and position another balloon cup opposite the post to keep it level. The Fortnite-inspired Dropbox Centerpiece is now ready.

5. Loot llama Fortnite cake

Urban up and coming bakery
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The Loot Llama is a popular character in Fortnite, and baking this gigantic cake would be super impressive to your guests. It even has sweets within it, just as an authentic piñata would have.

Cosnider booking a stylish Peerspace venue complete with a fully-equipped kitchen to pull this one off with ease.

Conversely, you can book time at a party-perfect bakery and ask them to bake your Loot Lama on the premises. One example is this urban up-and-coming bakery in Brooklyn, NYC (pictured above). It has space for 30 guests and a charming atmosphere that all your guests will love.

6. Boogie bombs

STUNNING Venue with Private Roof nyc rental
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Colorful boogie bombs are hand grenades that look like disco balls in the Fortnite world. In your world, you can use colorful candies to replicate the look. Fill a bowl with Skittles, Smarties, or M&Ms to make boogie bombs that are bright and colorful to eat while dancing. Perfect for party favors, simply place them in cellophane wrappers, and you’ve got yourself a bag of boogie bombs on the road! Boogie bombs make a fantastic Fortnite party idea.

7. Shrinking island

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Source: Peerspace

This is a fun game that mixes musical chairs with Fortnite and is appropriate for more mature players. Make several posters that feature the names of the Fortnite island areas before the party starts. The posters should be around the size of an 8″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Put tape on the seats to hold island names.

To begin, you will need one fewer chair than players. Organize the seats in two rows, placing them back-to-back. As the music plays, players must boogie dance around the seats. Players must sit on a chair after the music stops. Remove one chair each round. And, eliminate the player without a chair once the music stops. Finish with one chair and two players. After the music stops, the last person to take a seat is the winner.

8. DIY Fortnite first-aid kit treats

St. Patrick’s Day party ideas
Source: Peerspace

Treats are essential at any party, but they are vital for a Fortnite-themed party. Grab some fruit roll-ups, Rice Krispies, and white frosting, and make a quick and easy dessert. And convert them into snacks for the first aid kit.

9. Target practice

Backyard Paradise in West Village nyc new york city rental
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Set up some targets and give Nerf guns to your party attendees so they can get some hands-on experience with the Fortnite-style weapons. This clever Fortnite party idea uses a stepladder to set up a tin can target and paper plates as targets for a tin can shooting competition. Other ideas include: Create a bullseye-painted paper plate fence, or a tin can pyramid around the yard or garage to prevent anyone from entering.

10. Fortnite cookies

friendsgiving ideas
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What a great idea these simple Fortnite cookies are! They are stunningly adorned, and we believe they would make an excellent addition to any Fortnite-themed party or event. And cookies are easy enough to bake so you don’t need to be a pro to perfect them.

Make sure you take care of the attention to detail in these delightful Fortnite cookies. Your guests, especially your kid, will really adore them!

Need more food inspo? Then you need to see our event-perfect unique catering ideas next!

11. Durr burger

party venue
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In case you’re planning to cook to suit your Fortnite-themed party, the Durr Burger is a must-have menu item. If you have the time to cook these up, your guests will be grateful.

However, if you are short on time, ordering the Durr burgers online with the tongue and eyes already attached may be your best bet for a quick fix. However, make sure the burgers you order are tall and meaty because anything less than that will not suffice.

12. Fortnite photo booth

Stylish Daylight Photo Studio with Custom Backdrops
Source: Peerspace

It is essential to include a DIY Fortnite photo booth as part of your Fortnite party theme! Your kid and all the party guests will enjoy having a photographic record of their enjoyable day to look back on in the future. Gather all the Fortnite party supplies that you’ll need to build this whimsical backdrop, and before you know it, everyone will be clamoring to get their picture taken in front of the background!

No space to set up a Fortnite photoshoot in your home? Then check out Peerspace and book a fully-equipped photo studio near you! For instance, this stylish daylight photo studio in Brooklyn, NYC comes equipped with custom backdrops, professional gear, and props to create the themed photoshoot of your dreams.

13. The chug jug

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Looking for creative Fortnite party ideas that also quench thirst? Why not set up your very own Chug Jug? The Chug Jug is a super-simple method to serve drinks to your birthday party guests on the big day. Simply set up bottles filled with tasty punch and adorn them with custom-printed labels. Your guests will love this extra-special touch! Mason jars work great with this idea.

Fortnite party ideas: conclusion

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We hope these Fortnite party ideas will level up your next gathering! Start by booking an amazing Peerspace venue and then serve up some tasty Fortnite-inspired food and drinks. Ensure there are plenty of activities on hand to keep your guests enthralled. With this winning combination, you’ll be hosting a memorable party in no time!

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