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8 Fun Meetup Ideas

So much of our day-to-day interactions are conducted online that even the “clubs” we join can sometimes exist solely on a virtual platform. These days, there is a Facebook group for every hobby, interest, and career under the sun, and most of them never host in-person meetings (Facebook Live doesn’t count!). Fortunately, fun meetup ideas are nearly endless.

Whether you’re a group of improv actors, artists, single parents, writers, or cosplay enthusiasts, hosting a meetup event is a great way to get your members out from behind the computer screen and interacting in the real world. The perfect meetup will depend on your group’s unique interests. Getting everyone together in one place offline will allow you to network, socialize, work towards common goals and make some magic happen! Following are several creative and fun meetup ideas to get you started.

1. Take over an amusement park 

Places like Universal Studios and Disney Parks are popular places for meetups — and not just for theme park enthusiasts. If it’s conveniently located, take a field trip to your local amusement park. Suggest carpools, pick a meeting spot, book restaurant reservations in advance if necessary, and gather to enjoy a day full of fun rides and tasty food. The time spent waiting in lines and sitting down to lunch can be an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. And the best part is, with an amusement park meetup, you don’t have to worry about a venue, entertainment, or food — it’s all there!

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2. Lend a hand together

Volunteering together is a great way for a group of people to bond. It’s not only a fun meetup idea but a meaningful one. Habitat for Humanity is a great group volunteer project, but you can also try serving meals to the homeless in a local park; putting together care packages or holiday gifts for those in need; or hosting an entire fundraiser like a bake sale, garage sale, or car wash together. This is one of the most altruistic and fun meetup ideas.

VolunteerMatch is a great resource for finding both one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities, and this blog can provide you with everything you need to host a successful fundraiser. If you are hosting one, choose a charity that aligns with your group’s mission if possible. For example, if you’re a group of writers, you might choose to raise money for a literacy program. 

3. Get crafty

If your group is artsy, a crafting event may be the best way to go. Go to a make-and-take event at a local craft store or art studio — or design your own event. There’s no limit to what you can make. Candles, pottery, bath bombs, paintings (wine-and-paint night, anyone?), knitting projects, cross-stitch — it’s all possible! Even if your group isn’t centered around art, a make-and-take event can be a productive and fun meetup idea that everyone can enjoy. If you are hosting your own event, you can book an art studio, industrial space, or even a cafe through Peerspace.

4. Try an escape room

Escape rooms are popping up in just about every major city. They are awesome team-building — or, for a singles group, relationship-building — activities. You can easily find a great deal for an escape room experience on Groupon. Afterwards, you can plan to chat over drinks and appetizers at a local bar. When it comes to fun meetup ideas, this is ideal for groups of competitive people who love games.

5. Get outdoors and get active

For a fun meetup idea that doesn’t require a ton of planning, consider taking your group outdoors. Organize a hike, plan a day of mini golf or a night at Top Golf, or even a game of bowling, and enjoy socializing while being active. At places like Top Golf and bowling alleys, you can even order food and drinks during the games. Getting up and active with a group is a great way to motivate yourself, so take this opportunity to find your new workout buddies. 

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6. Host a potluck

Gathering to bond over a meal is the oldest form of a meetup in the book. Choose a food-friendly venue with plenty of tables and seating and invite every member to bring their favorite dish. To stay inclusive and organized, create an online form where people can submit any dietary restrictions and announce what they are bringing. If it helps, construct your potluck around a theme like holiday foods or foods from around the world so that everyone has an idea of what to bring.

7. Host a book (or movie!) club

For a group of film buffs, a movie marathon followed by a discussion is the obvious meetup idea, but any group can enjoy a movie screening if you pick a relevant documentary that ties in with the group’s mission. However, if literature is more your group’s style, host a book club meetup! This, of course, requires advanced planning because you need to give all of the members enough time to read the book, but it’s a worthwhile event that will spark meaningful conversations.

For some tips, check out this blog. Some books even come with guiding questions for discussions. If you don’t have a living room big enough to host everyone, consider booking a cozy cafe or bookstore for the meetup. Don’t forget to complete the movie or book party with snacks and drinks!

8. Book a one-of-a-kind venue

Find a venue for your meetup that suits your unique group. It could be an arcade for gamers, a theater for actors, an art gallery for writers, a bookstore for writers, or a cafe or coworking space for entrepreneurs and digital nomads. The possibilities for fun meetup ideas are endless! The venue of your dreams is available on Peerspace for you to book by the hour. (To help cover rental costs, consider making the meetup a ticketed event).

No matter what you are meeting about, these fun meetup ideas can be an entertaining way to build stronger teams and friendships. We may be an internet-centric society full of remote workers and virtual experiences, but nothing beats face-to-face events. So set a date, pick an activity, send out some invites, and get together with like-minded people.

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