11 Gorgeous Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Portland (2024)

Discover the charm and diversity of indoor photoshoot locations in Portland, ideal for capturing your creative vision in any weather. It’s an understatement to say there’s a lot going on in Portland. It’s an electrifying city with amazing food, abundant energy, and plenty of arts and culture.

This all adds up to its being a wonderful place to be a photographer, both outdoors in terms of scenery, architecture, and nearby Pacific Northwest natural beauty, as well as numerous interesting and beautiful indoor spaces. 

To locate some of these spaces for your next indoor photoshoot, check out our list of 11 gorgeous indoor photoshoot locations in Portland below! All of these photoshoot locations are available to you on Peerspace, the internet’s largest marketplace for hourly venue rentals. Choose from thousands of distinctive listings throughout hundreds of cities around the world.

Read on for our suggestions and, even more importantly, to get a sense of what this unique city has to offer. With this knowledge, you can easily pinpoint the right space for your photoshoot.

1. Take in industrial vibes at a natural light studio with exposed brick

An exposed-brick photo studio with natural light
Source: Peerspace

Exposed brick gives a space a sense of warmth and character that few other architectural features can match. And this natural light studio in NE Portland, known as Indigo + Spruce Studio, has exposed brick to spare. That’s not to mention the large original windows and other historic architectural features that make the space ideal for photoshoots.

The host even offers extras like a swing and a farmhouse table for an added fee if you’re interested. Other furnishings and props are included with your rental.

It also has dozens and dozens of glowing reviews from the Peerspace community! Here is just one example to show you what we mean: “Absolutely loved our experience with Indigo Spruce! The host was kind and responsive, and the space was absolutely spotless and beautiful! So many different spaces within the studio to add variety to your photos. And the light throughout was amazing!! Already excited for my next shoot here.”

2. Bask in the light at a sunny editorial bungalow

Sun-Filled Airy Bungalow With Private Backyard
Source: Peerspace

Our next choice must be one of the most alluring indoor photoshoot locations in Portland. It’s a stylish and airy bungalow in Vernon filled with modern boho furnishings. Built in the early 1900s, this restored bungalow radiates a historic charm.

Some of its most stand-out features include its wicker hanging swing, subway-tiled kitchen, and dark hardwood floors. There’s also a wood-beamed ceiling, office suite, and concrete fireplace. For a fashion or boudoir shoot, take advantage of the bungalow’s claw foot tub.

And that’s only the interior! Its backyard is its own paradise and something to consider in case you want to shoot outdoors, too. Look forward to raised garden beds and twinkling string lights.

Check out one of this home’s many glowing Peerspace reviews: “This space is absolutely gorgeous ––i nside and out! There are endless photo options in every room and it has an amazing feel and energy about the space –– a reflection of the owners and their attention to detail! It is as spacious as it looks, and there is a ton of beautiful natural light for a photo or video shoot in every room.”

3. Color your world at a psychedelic art bungalow

A colorful, psychedelics-inspired living room
Source: Peerspace

If you need psychedelic vibes, you’ll find them in abundance at this art bungalow in SE Portland. In fact, you’ll definitely have a blast to boot at this indoor photoshoot location in Portland.

There’s a reason this space has been featured in Atlas Obscura Experiences and the Portland Weird Homes Tour. You’ll find plenty of vintage decorations, a full rock-n-roll studio in the basement, and numerous psychedelic murals. Best of all, there’s a master bedroom that’s filled with mandalas and glow-in-the-dark decor. 

“Really interesting, creative space for a funky and psychedelic shoot!” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “The hosts were very communicative and we had a great time shooting here!”

Planning a fierce boudoir shoot? Then you also need to meet our favorite boudoir photographers in Portland!

4. Unleash your imagination at a green screen studio

A green screen studio space
Source: Peerspace

Need a green screen for your photoshoot, so you can add any backdrop you like to your photos? Check out this green screen studio space. It’s a relatively straightforward and high-quality photo studio with a green screen cyc, hair and make-up chair, dressing room, white tabletop cyc, a costume rack, and more. 

Of its many rave reviews, most Peerspace users comment on the studio’s wonderful host in addition to the thoughtful space itself. Here is one example: “Outstanding experience from start to finish. You can search the world over and will not find another studio owner as friendly, flexible, and helpful as Mark. Unless your shoot requires a giant soundstage or very high ceilings, this is hands-down the best place to shoot green screen in Portland.”

5. Shoot fitness photography at a bright, beautiful private gym

A fitness center is one of the top Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Portland
Source: Peerspace

For an athletic-themed photoshoot, this bright, beautiful private gym in NW Portland will check all the boxes. The venue boasts an open floor plan, giant windows, and several skylights for abundant natural light. Plus, you can capture views of the Fremont Bridge for a uniquely Portland shot. Add to that the gym itself, and you have a recipe for a world-class photoshoot. 

A photographer shared a helpful review about this beautiful gym: “This space is so clean and beautiful. They have so many different looks throughout. Was perfect for our photoshoot and would be amazing place to work out.”

6. Step back in time at a stylish modern home with a retro room

Modern stylish home with neon lights and retro furnishings in Portland, Oregon
Source: Peerspace

Tucked away in Cully, this eclectic contemporary home offers the best of both worlds: a lively, plant-filled house with a converted garage that boasts retro vibes. So, whether your shoot calls for a bright and vibrant space or a moody, neon-lit hideaway, you can get both for the price of one with this unique Portland rental.

And if you need an outdoor location for your photo session, this venue also has a spacious yard with a covered sitting area, outdoor kitchen, and fireplace. You’ll be transported to multiple places and time periods with this one Peerspace location.

This glowing review of the space speaks for itself: “This space surpassed my wildest expectations. It certainly looks like the photos, but it’s so much more stunning in person. The host was responsive and very warm, pleasant and accommodating. This home has so many amazing spots to shoot photos. Every direction has excellent potential.

We got more photos than we knew what to do with after four hours and we probably could have even gotten a few more. The decorations are so unique — it gives every space its own ambiance. I felt that we were able to get so many different themes out of this booking. Outstandingly good value. Don’t pass this one up, I can’t imagine anything could beat it. Just WOW.

7. Enjoy the beauty of a Parisian-inspired space filled with natural light

bright Paris-style studio rental in Portland, Oregon
Source: Peerspace

Speaking of being transported elsewhere, what about Paris? One of our favorite indoor photoshoot locations in Portland is this fabulous and Parisian-inspired space, which is especially notable for its top-notch natural light.

It’s a 700-square-foot studio housed within a 100-year-old warehouse with huge windows and crisp, white French walls for added texture. Ideal for lifestyle, editorial, and product photography, this place can also accommodate food photography since the host offers a breathtaking inventory of styling pieces and dinnerware.

A Peerspace user who booked a production here shares: “This space was amazing. Clean. Bright. Great for video and photo. Will absolutely be coming back again. Tristan was super helpful, and a joy to meet. Thank you!” 

8. Feel right at home at an art-filled house in inner NE Portland

A cozy and warm home is one of the top Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Portland
Source: Peerspace

This art-filled home, known as The Cottage, is another space that will make you feel like your indoor photoshoot is taking place right in your own home. That is if your home was a space that was perfectly clean and cozy. And you didn’t have to worry about any of the maintenance, cleaning, or upkeep.

The home gets lots of natural light, which is further enhanced by the bright interiors. Plus, the plant life throughout adds a pop of freshness. Your photoshoot here would be beautiful.

Just take it from a Peerspace user who left this cottage the following review: “Wow, this is an interior dreamscape. What a gift to be able to book this in Portland. The rooms photographed very bright for a Portland day too. So much beautiful art and thoughtful touches.”

9. Marvel at the cityscape from a downtown natural light studio

Portland studio with stunning downtown views
Source: Peerspace

Lots of photo studios are great indoor spaces, but how many can say that they have a view like the one at this downtown natural light studio? Take a look at the photos to be blown away and consider if the vista out the gargantuan floor-to-ceiling windows is the right fit to take your photoshoot to the next level.

The host also offers lighting equipment, a green screen, a white backdrop, and camera equipment, some included and others extra. Clearly, this is the type of space that can easily bring your creative vision to life!

But don’t just take our word for it! Here is one of the many positive reviews for this studio: “Great spot for product photography/any photo shoot. Great camera available for rent, and overall a good clean space. Nathan is a great guy and made everything very simple, even got us in our booking with less than 24 hours notice. Would not hesitate to book again”

These unique photoshoot rooms in Portland make it easy to uplevel your content. Check them out!

10. Embrace simplicity at the The Tabletop Studio

A no-frills studio space with painted white brick walls and a desk
Source: Peerspace

This 800-square-foot natural light photo studio has high ceilings, white exposed brick, and features that make it perfect for portraits, food, and lifestyle shoots. In fact, while the layout of the space is beautiful, the amenities are equally stunning. You can make use of the studio’s lighting equipment, backdrops, dressing room, full kitchen, and freight elevator while here.

A freelance brand and web designer booked the venue for a photo session and left this stellar review: “The Tabletop Studio was perfect for my photoshoot. The instructions to get in to the space were super clear and helpful, the space itself was large, beautiful and extremely well stocked. There were at least five high-quality lights with a bunch of different attachments and stands, tripods, and a plethora of backdrops (mounted vinyl and fabric). There were two different walls full of props — mostly kitchen/food-oriented and tabletop accessories. Would absolutely book this space again.

Be sure to check out The Tabletop Studio for yourself on Peerspace!

11. Take advantage of the versatility of this large, elegant house

Large and elegant home in Forest Highlights, Portland, Oregon
Source: Peerspace

No matter if you’re planning a food photography session or a boudoir shoot, this versatile Forest Highlands abode has everything you need. Elegant and spacious, the house features a small library area with woodwork, bright rooms, lots of thoughtful decor, and more.

Plus, there’s even a white or green screen backdrop and still photo light on-site available for use. For an extra fee, you can also add on strobe lights or a Manfrotto tripod.

Here’s what one Peerspace user had to say about this incredible space: “I had the pleasure of using Michele’s home for a food photoshoot, and it was absolutely perfect. The natural lighting in the space was ideal, making every shot stunning. The tasteful furniture and captivating art pieces added a unique touch to the ambiance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the photos. Michele herself was incredibly kind and accommodating throughout the entire process, which made everything seamless and enjoyable. I highly recommend her home for any photo shoots or creative projects. It was truly a pleasure, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Bonus: Get cozy at The Gem on Hawthorne

A moody studio space is one of the top Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Portland
Source: Peerspace

This ornate studio in the heart of SE Portland is aptly named. Everything about it, from the ample natural light that pours through the windows to the abundant plant life, exudes vibrancy. There’s also an array of eye-catching textures, thanks to the presence of carved wood, metal, and velvet. It’s simply one of the most special indoor photoshoot locations you’ll find in Portland.

Just take a look at the photos in the listing to see what the space has to offer — you won’t be disappointed. Peerspace users have enjoyed it for everything from sultry boudoir shoots to sunny lifestyle projects.

“This space is curated beautifully! Definitely got gorgeous shots of my model with the large windows allowing for natural light. It’s quiet even while facing Hawthorne,” shares a photographer in their Peerspace review. “Looking forward to booking this space again and highly recommend to others.”

Peerspace has the best indoor photoshoot locations in Portland

A bright bathroom is one of the best Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Portland
Source: Peerspace

How amazing are these indoor photoshoot locations in Portland? Discover a variety of unique Portland venues on Peerspace to suit any style and budget.

If none of the indoor photoshoot locations in Portland on our list is a good fit for your needs, a quick and easy search on Peerspace can help you find the space that works for you. With new venue rentals added daily, you never know what you’ll find!

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