12 Unforgettable Halloween Birthday Party Ideas (2024)


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Looking for inspired Halloween birthday party ideas to make your birthday party the most memorable one yet? At Peerspace, we get it! after all, Halloween parties can be some of the best parties. The costumes, fried food, and haunted houses are unforgettable and offer you and your guests the perfect opportunity to let loose for the night, no matter your age.

And if your birthday happens to fall on or around Halloween, lucky you! We’re here to tell you that you can make your Halloween birthday party even more special this year. How? With Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals! Use of simple platform to discover and book party-perfect venues in your location and cities across the globe.

While it is no wonder then that Halloween parties are growing in popularity year-round, the same old props are redundant and can leave your guests snoozing. So, if you’re tired of throwing up the fake cobwebs in your living room, here is a list of 12 unforgettable Halloween birthday party ideas. Enjoy, if you dare!

1. Host an awe-inspiring Halloween birthday party in a castle

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas
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If you’re looking for that picturesque Halloween venue that will get your guests in the mood to party immediately, then check out this Los Angeles, CA castle right out of a gothic horror story. Perfect for a masquerade ball on the 31st or just an upscale costume party, your guests are sure to remember the festivities. Don’t let the aged stone fool you; many castles these days have modern amenities to keep the party going. 

In this castle, the Peerspace community has access to the heated pool and jacuzzi. Check out more information to book this Peerspace venue here.

2. Celebrate in an arcade to keep the good times flowing

Classic Arcade Bar - Asheville's Downtown
Source: Peerspace

With Halloween birthday party ideas like this, you won’t have to worry about your guests standing around. Book this amazing classic arcade in downtown Asheville, NC and your Halloween birthday party is a perfect way to get family and friends engaged and having fun.

The space offers you and your guests access to its more than 30 arcade game consoles, pinball machines, and Nintendo systems in one very cool setting. And since it’s a fully functioning bar, you get to enjoy its other offerings, like tasty libations, with an optional open-bar add-on package!

3. Host a seance at a haunted mansion

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It’s impossible to host a Halloween birthday party without the fun and games. And one of our favorite Halloween birthday party ideas is to host yours in a haunted mansion like this eery mannequin-filled one in Las Vegas, NV. Gather your friends and hold a seance in the chic and ornate dining room!

The mansion’s decor and lighting are sure to set the scene for a Halloween birthday party to frighten your guests. You can also remind your guests that this is definitely a costumed affair and that period pieces are recommended.

Get more party inspiration by checking out our spooky virtual Halloween party ideas!

4. Elevate your Halloween birthday party by going underground

grungy colorful video shoot space
Source: Peerspace

Planning a Halloween birthday party isn’t easy. The fake blood, spider webs, and homemade jack-o-lanterns are cute but can make a party feel childish and corny. If you’re looking to elevate your party, instead of focusing on the decorations, focus on the history. Historic locations can pack more fright than any scarecrow can. From the folklore to the mysterious creaks, your guests are sure to be on edge all night.

But, finding cool historic locations are not easy. So included on this list of Halloween birthday party ideas is a creepy locker room located in the basement of a church. The venue was abandoned in the ’70s. Renovators took this gem and transformed it into a cool, one-of-a-kind party spot. For a party packed with fright, head to a Peerspace to view this unique locker room.

5. Host your own Space Jam

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Space theme trends have taken over social media. From music videos to parties to the famous space buns, people can’t get enough of this trend. So, this year throw an out-of-this-world party by having a space-themed one at this central Los Angeles home.

Here, the possibilities are endless. It was originally designed in 1975 by the producer of Star Wars, hence its eclectic architecture. It provides an open floor plan that’s perfect to serve as a dance floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the city skyline.

6. A graveyard out of the movies

Historic William Cree House, Stone and Log
Source: Peerspace

For Halloween birthday party ideas right out of your favorite horror movie, a graveyard may be that perfect spot. To make it happen for your party, book this historic William Cree stone house in Jefferson, PA that is super vibey and has a graveyard on the grounds! This venue is not for the faint of heart, but if you and your brave guests like a thrill, this is sure to leave an impression.

It’s a historic venue that would make an interesting venue for your Halloween birthday party ideas, even without the on-site cemetery! You and your guests are also sure to love its stone and log interior, retro decor, and abundant acreage.

7. Host a halloween birthday party while steeped in luxury

tuscan paradise home in LA
Source: Peerspace

Who says a Halloween birthday party can’t be luxurious? Like any other party, people look for the glitz of a high-end event. Halloween should be no different. Your guests will feel like royalty entering this Tuscan-inspired resort with its gilded floors and lux decor. You can hang out on the balcony, converse around the marble countertops, and dance beneath the mature trees in the moonlight. 

Book this stunning Peerspace mansion to trade the cobwebs for rhinestones and throw an upscale Halloween party sure to impress your friends.

8. Rent a studio and throw a Halloween-themed birthday photo-op

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Source: Peerspace

We all love a good party, but sometimes good photographs are even more important than the party. If you want perfect pictures to post to the ‘gram, we recommend getting a group of your best witches and having your Halloween birthday party ideas at this horror scary demonic Halloween set in Woodland Park, NJ.

It’s a production set with a torture chamber aesthetic (how sweet!) and aside from the creepy props, the host also provides you with an optional lighting package to make the set even more realistic. For inspiration and an amazing party venue, book this studio on Peerspace today!

9. Have a Halloween watch party and screen your favorite horror flicks

Gorgeous Theater Event Venue with Plush red seats and Stage | Skiptown Playhouse
Source: Peerspace

Let’s admit it. The best part of Halloween is the movies! How cool would it be to rent a private theater and have a Halloween movie marathon on your birthday? You’re sure to have guests talking, and maybe even screaming, about how cool your party was.

If you’re someone who wants to give your guests the option to dance and mingle, many of the private theaters come with state-of-the-art speakers and ballrooms, like this gorgeous theater event venue in Hollywood, CA. Your guests can dance the night away or cuddle up to the latest horror movie.

Book a private theater near you on Peerspace today.  

Get more bang for your decorating buck by utilizing our spooky Halloween party decoration ideas!

10. Host a spooky dystopian dollhouse party

The Dollhouse - 1980's Photoshoot Location in Wicker Park chicago rental
Source: Peerspace

Unlike any other venue on this list, this next idea is perfect for the host who wants to create a story. A dystopian fairytale theme like this one is so unique; that your guests won’t stop talking about it.

When others think of Halloween, they think of the dark decor, cobwebs, and pumpkins, but a fairy light-laced pastel dream is sure to shock your guests. You could throw a possessed dollhouse party or a Victorian zombie attack party.

And this The Dollhouse 1980s photoshoot location in Chicago, IL will leave your guests speechless. Start telling your spooky Halloween birthday story by booking this venue on Peerspace.

11. The classic barn party

Where Was Stripes Filmed
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Who remembers bobbing for apples and hearing the crisp crack of golden leaves under their feet? Going to the farm is the classic Halloween family fun event. Have your guests reminisce about their great childhood memories by throwing a farm Halloween birthday party. Your guests can experience corn mazes, haystack rides, and bob for apples. This Halloween party classic is great for all ages and sure to leave a smile on their faces.

Get started by booking this 20-acre farm complete with spooky barns in Eastview, KY for the perfect setting.

12. Give your party a vintage vibe to increase the spooky factor

gorgeous 1909 historical craftsman meets victorian home los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace is home to all manner of vintage homes available for you to book for all your event needs. Why not book a retro space, like this gorgeous 1909 historic craftsman/Victorian home to add a vintage vibe to your party?

Since this home is spacious enough for 80 guests, there’s plenty of room to host, say, a haunted ballroom dance party. Or throw a “last supper” in the elegant yet chilling dining space and treat your guests to all sorts of delicious treats. It’s a fun excuse to stay on theme while still providing your guests with plenty of cool spaces to explore.

Halloween birthday party ideas: conclusion

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Halloween is all about creativity. No matter how you choose to celebrate your birthday party, the most important thing is bringing friends together. So, if you like to hide under the covers watching horror movies or boogie down in a haunted house, as long as you are having fun, you’re sure to leave your guests screaming with fright and joy!

Start by booking a suitable Peerspace birthday party venue with Halloween-worthy vibes, and then utilize these ideas to the best of your twisted imagination.

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