11 Spooky Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

Looking for the best virtual Halloween party ideas to get your spooky dose this year? At Peerspace, we get it! Halloween is an amazing time of the year, and besides providing you with amazing Halloween party venues to elevate your virtual or in-person gatherings, we also want to share some fun party ideas. And while sadly, Halloween lately has not been normal, it still can be a time to dress up, have family fun or have the scariest night of your life with friends.

Some of the ideas below keep it traditional with classic Halloween party ideas while incorporating COVID safety precautions. Other ideas on this list are somewhat new that integrate the theme of Halloween into virtual interaction. Let’s get started and explore all of our virtual Halloween ideas!

1. Book a Peerspace

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

First on our list of amazing virtual Halloween party ideas is to book a Peerspace. You can easily find a Peerspace venue near you that can be both classically spooky and has modern tech capabilities to help you connect virtually.

For instance, you can book this amazing majestic Medieval castle in the Hollywood Hills. It has the appearance of a classic British castle with a dark and moody edge, yet also boasts many modern amenities. Not only can you relax in the heated outdoor overlooking Hollywood, but you can explore the interior grounds of the castle while enjoying different games and activities. Many of which are listed below.

2. Bingo

Emerald Green Wedding Theme
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Bingo has long been a favorite for older folks. But it does not have to be restricted by age! You can create a spooky Halloween-themed bingo night full of terror and scares. The magnificence of bingo is it can be for the young and the old, or the drinkers and the non-drinkers, for a scary film night or a fun night.

Take this idea to the next level by hosting a virtual bingo night at this modern industrial venue in Washington, D.C. Besides its spacious and chic style, you can rely on its strong WiFo to connect with your virtual partygoers!

3. Costume contest

80s dollhouse in chicago
Source: Peerspace

Next up is a more traditional way of celebrating Halloween. Wearing costumes have been a long-standing Halloween custom across the globe, with children and adults dressing up for trick-or-treating and parties. So you can tailor this suggestion can be tailored for whatever age you desire. You can even incorporate innovative creativity and have guests design and make their costumes for the night.

Make this idea even more impactful by hosting it virtually at a creepy Peerspace venue, like this dollhouse studio in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. WiFi is included with your rental, so you can easily stream to all your virtual revelers while here. Plus, the host offers fun add-on options, like a fog machine and a ring light, to enhance your costumed live stream.

When you book this Chicago Peerspace for Halloween, you’ll also need to visit one of these amazing costume rental companies in Chicago!

4. Movie marathon

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

A movie marathon of Halloween and scary films is the ultimate way to “relax” (depending on the film, it may not be so relaxing after all!). A way to personalize this virtual Halloween party idea could be to create a shared document where guests can list their favorite Halloween films. Then, voting can decide which films are played on the day — an easy method for ensuring that equality is kept on the scariest night of the year. Once the list is finalized, everyone presses play at the same time. The highlight of the evening would be watching other people’s reactions live on a video call, though!

That is, if you haven’t arranged a Peerspace private movie theater venue, which we totally recommend!

5. Tell ghost stories

lakefront cabin in the woods on 5 acres nashville rental
Source: Peerspace

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, ghost stories can’t help but send a shiver down your spine, especially if they have been carefully crafted in the most heart-stopping malicious way possible. Each virtual guest could take turns to reveal their ghost stories, and awards could even be given out to the ones who have the most impressive story. Brace yourselves for the ones that start with a ‘true story,’ though.

Make the setting extra spooky by renting a Peerspace cabin in the middle of the woods. For instance, this lakefront cabin in Hartsville, TN is nestled in the woods and, though modern and gorgeous, still gives the impression Jason may be lurking outside once the sun goes down!

6. Play murder mystery games

elegant classic mansion in coconut grove
Source: Peerspace

Murder mystery games are not just for Clue enthusiasts but for anyone who appreciates a spooky whodunit. It’s also one of our most memorable virtual Halloween party ideas that all your guests will remember for many years to come. It encourages you to dress up while acting and embodying your character, all solve the mystery of which among your virtual guests is a cold-blooded murderer.

The choice of venue to participate in this game, in either small groups or as the host, can affect the event’s significance. We love the idea of hosting a virtual murder mystery Halloween party from this Coconut Grove mansion in Miami. It definitely gives classic detective vibes!

7. Write some scary stories

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

This next virtual Halloween party idea requires you to get your thinking cap on and put on your creativity suit. Designing and constructing a masterful horror story requires patience, a heavy grasp on the art of suspense and linguistic art, as well as a dark and malevolent mind. Telling a story that causes your listeners to shiver would be a memorable story this Halloween.

Maybe personalize your story to make it extra chilling, set the scene with a familiar place, and craft characters that are symbolic of your guests — the ultimate way to give your guests the creeps. To get yourself in storyteller mode, why not book a unique Peerspace retreat venue? For instance, you can actually rent this Chaplin mansion in the woods in Sparta, NJ, that was once frequented by one of cinema’s original storytelling masters, Charlie Chaplin!

8. Arts and crafts

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Will kids be attending your virtual Halloween party? If so, this idea is for them! Gather your family and friends together virtually with a few fun Halloween arts and crafts ideas in tow. Text a supply list to the other parents, so they know what to buy in advance. Once you all gather virtually, start crafting! Kids Activities shares a bunch of cute ideas that all your guests are sure to love.

Why not check out our spooky Halloween video ideas while you’re at it to capture lasting memories of your virtual party!

9. Charades

tuscan paradise home in LA
Source: Peerspace

Charades may be the ultimate virtual Halloween party idea for guests of all ages. You can host regular charades with costumes and accents to depict your identity or Halloween-themed charades with scary films and TV shows. Get inventive with the suggestion with this one. Use this Halloween charades word list and incorporate the best in your party.

10. Bake Halloween treats together in the virtual sphere

dallas food photographers
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Cooking or baking Halloween treats remotely is another one of those virtual Halloween party ideas appropriate for all ages. If this is an adults-only party, you can break out the cocktail shakers and craft Halloween cocktails and indulge your sophisticated palate with some Halloween hors d’oeuvres.

For kids, keep it simple with mini spider pizzas and crescent rolls and cocktail wiener mummies. This is another idea that hinges on you informing your other guests what to buy beforehand. But it’s also a fun way to be your own cooking show host for the night!

11. A spooky quiz

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

For this final virtual Halloween party idea, host a classic quiz night with a frightening twist. Base your virtual Halloween quiz questions on your favorite horror films to test your guest’s trivia knowledge. Or you can go historical with the significance of Halloween and the history behind this holiday.

Whatever the theme, you can find a freaky location on Peerspace to heighten the characteristics of your quiz. This gorgeous Hollywood theater is one such venue since it has a stage, WiFi, an A/V system, and a great ambiance.

Virtual Halloween party ideas: conclusion

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Hopefully, by now, you can see that virtual Halloween party ideas need not be bland. In fact, when you host ideas like this at an on-theme Peerspace, you’ll feel closer to your virtual guests than ever before.

So book the perfect virtual Halloween party and celebrate the spookiest day of the year in style.

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