Here’s Where To Rent Office Space By The Hour in Denver (2024)


Office spaces on Peerspace typically cost $30 — $160 per hour.

As the workforce continues to evolve, choosing a quality work location has become an increasingly important and personal process. If you’re located in Colorado’s capitol, keep reading for our advice on where (and how!) to rent office space by the hour in Denver.

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace knows all about practical and stylish spaces. We offer you access to hundreds of spaces in Denver alone, with more being added every day.

Besides where to rent office space by the hour in Denver, we’ll also share some key tips on how to select the perfect office space rental in Mile High City. That way, you can make the most of every hour and every workday, for maximum efficiency and productivity. So let’s get started!

Why rent an office space by the hour anyway?

Modern library office space in Chicago
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So why bother renting an office space by the hour? Can’t I just work from home or a local coffee house?

Well sure, that may work sometimes. But there are many scenarios in which renting an office space is best.

If you’re a solopreneur and used to working from home, you may want to rent office space for a meeting with potential investors. After all, important meetings need to be held in settings that exude professionalism and that have the amenities you require.

Or maybe you’re the boss of a company with many employees but you need an off-site space to conduct interviews, trainings, workshops, or other professional functions. An office rental space can provide you with the equipment, setting, and space you need to be a success.

What are you looking for in an office space?

Uptown Art Gallery with open floor plan denver rental
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As you begin the process of renting office space by the hour in Denver, you should figure out exactly what you need from the space you’re renting. 

Here are some important considerations:


To start, you’ll want to establish what your budget is so you know what kinds of spaces you can afford.

Since this is usually a pretty cut-and-dry parameter, it will help you narrow things down so you don’t waste time looking at spaces you can’t afford to rent. 

For how many people?

Additionally, how many people do you plan to have in the office space? On Peerspace, every listing includes the number of people the space can accommodate, so that’s another straightforward way to narrow down your search. For instance, you won’t want to rent a massive space if it’s only for yourself!

Intended usage

And what are you planning on using the space for? If the rental is mostly about in-person meetings, you might require different amenities (such as plenty of seating, coffee, and catering) than you would for Zoom meetings, which are more dependent on audio and video equipment and of course don’t require furniture, food, or beverages.

Meanwhile, if you’re going to be using the space to get lots of work done rather than to host meetings, a conference table is less important than comfortable desks, seating, and other features like a great, easy-to-use kitchen for breaks in your workday. 


And that’s not to mention the key element of location, location, location! You want to make sure your office space rental is located somewhere highly convenient.

If you have to spend hours commuting to your workspace or even looking for parking, you’re wasting precious time (and, by extension, money!) that could be better spent on the stuff that actually matters. 

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Why use Peerspace to rent office space by the hour in Denver?

Rent Office Space By The Hour in Denver
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So why use Peerspace to rent office space? The short answer is: Peerspace is incredibly easy to use!

Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and can connect you to hundreds of office spaces in and around Denver. But don’t let that worry you; Peerspace’s intuitive search function makes it a breeze to narrow down venues so you only see the spaces that suit your specific needs.

Another one of the many benefits of relying on Peerspace for your office space rental is the incredibly helpful and dedicated host who manages your venue.

With tons of experience providing access to amenities and services of all kinds in the Denver area, they’ll use their know-how to provide you with all the best vendors in the area.

This means you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to get the audio/video equipment you need for your virtual meeting, finding delicious catering for in-person meeting attendees or a long day of work, or renting comfortable furniture at the last minute.

Just ask and they’ll help, saving you time and energy to ensure that your office rental experience is stress-free and even enjoyable!

How to use Peerspace to book the perfect office space for you

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By now, you know what you want from your office space rental. And you know that Peerspace can connect you with amazing office spaces in any part of the city. So how do you use Peerspace to find your ideal Denver office space?

Start by heading to Denver meeting room landing page and starting a search. You’ll instantly see a slew of listings appear, and you can do one of two things. If the number of spaces isn’t overwhelming, go ahead and start clicking on listings and checking out each individual venue.

Are there too many for you to examine? Then use Peerspace’s handy filters to narrow down the results to only the spaces that suit your needs. For example, you can filter by price and amenities, and even use keywords to search for offices in specific neighborhoods or that have specific equipment you need.

There, that helped narrow it down, right? Now it’s time to get to browsing! Click on individual listings to see an office’s photos, pricing, description, and reviews from past renters. You can even message the host with any questions or requests.

Once you’re confident you’ve found the right place, the Peerspace booking process only takes a few minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a fresh, stylish office space that has all the features you need to get some work done.

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Our favorite examples of office space rental options in Denver

Rent Office Space By The Hour in Denver
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Curious to see a few Denver office spaces that you can book on Peerspace? Then take a look at the following examples to get a sense of what’s available in the area across a range of budgets and types of locations. 

A modern meeting room in LoDo

To start, how about this modern LoDo meeting room? You’ll get to enjoy one of its six conference rooms that have WiFi, a monitor, a conference phone, whiteboards, and coffee. As an add-on service, you can even book catering! It’s a truly stunning space with equally stunning views of downtown Denver.

As one reviewer described it: “We loved the space! Super clean. The decor is top notch. London was friendly and responsive despite some confusion with our reservation. Loved seeing her dog around the space as well. We come from a dog-friendly office – so it felt like home.”

An uptown art gallery

If you’d like to go in a more unconventional direction for your workspace, consider this uptown art gallery with hardwood floors, brick walls, and ample lighting. Hosting your meeting or work session at this art gallery is sure to be an inspirational experience. After all, it has tons of historic character, having been built in the 1890s.

It’s an over 1,000-square-foot space with an open floor plan, two large wooden tables, 14-foot ceilings, dimmable lighting, and more. They also offer additional services like in-house coffee, audio equipment, and discounts at local rental agencies. The location is an ideal one, right in the middle of Uptown Denver at the corner of 17th and Downing.  

A spacious downtown studio

Another excellent option is this unique, spacious studio in downtown Denver. It’s an extremely versatile space that’s hosted everything from wedding receptions to art openings to casting sessions to classes, and it could be just as suitable as an office space, too.

The beautiful, clean, expansive studio can host as many as 35 people and has a lounge, conference table, bathroom/changing room, and even a fully equipped kitchen! Plus, they offer tons of items for additional rental, whether you need furniture or A/V equipment. The location is also incredibly convenient, only 10 blocks away from the Convention Center.

An industrial-chic conference room

Finally, this industrial chic 10-person conference room can serve as your perfect meeting location. It’s part of a coworking environment that offers you access to dedicated desks, workspaces, private offices, and conference rooms. You can also make use of the two shared kitchen and on-site parking.

“The office space is very clean, organized, user friendly and the perfect space for a teams meeting,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “Making the reservation was a simple process. The whole experience was exactly what I was looking for.”

Rent office space by the hour in Denver on Peerspace

Exceptional and Spacious Private Mtn Retreat denver rental
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Now that you’ve seen our wide-ranging examples of great rental options, go ahead and do a quick search on Peerspace yourself! You might find an office space that’s right up your alley and perfectly suited to your particular needs to rent office space by the hour in Denver.

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