How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Training Room? (2024)


Training Room Venues on Peerspace cost on average between $60 — $100 per hour.

Hoping to rent a modern, comfortable, well-equipped training room venue? Then stick around. We at Peerspace share how easy it can be to do so! Ahead, you’ll discover how useful training rooms can be, the types of training rooms available to you, and of course, how much renting one can cost.

There is a lot to be gained from a good training room, but only if you find one that is versatile and, of course, at a good price. A training room can set the tone for the company if your trainees are new hires, and it can also set a specific directive for the training session. Whether you need a training room to motivate, educate, or create, Peerspace can help guide you in the right direction. 

First of all, why rent a training room?

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The primary reason to rent a training room is for maximum productivity and efficiency. By renting a training room, you are setting out to find a comfortable room where the trainees can remain alert and focused.

Renting a training room can give the feeling of excitement and motivation to any cause. It’s a nice change of pace from what your trainees might be used to. Plus, it encourages interaction among people who might not usually get to see each other.

Many training rooms are also equipped with the types of equipment you need for your training session. High-speed internet, projectors, and screens are typically included with the space.

It can help spark ideas and bring about future communication between departments. Anything can happen when great minds come together in one training room!

What to look for when renting a training room venue

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They will likely be in the room for hours listening to videos, presentations, and speakers, so a room that is big enough to house people comfortably while they take notes is key. Sitting for too long can make one restless or sleepy so look for a training space that has room for breaks.

Additionally, a training room can provide an ideal layout that can’t be found in just any office space. An appropriate training room has a visual layout that focuses the attention of those in attendance toward either the video presentations, guest speakers, or visual boards. These points of focus should be viewed easily by everyone in the room regardless of where they are sitting.

On top of that, the training room should be equipped with the appropriate technology needed. Whether it’s speakers for audio, a projector, computers, or a television, it should be functional and easy to operate.

While these are standard amenities in most training rooms, you can also find spaces with more unique features. When you use Peerspace, you can book fresh and exciting spaces that have the above resources as well as less standard features, like rooftop access, on-site cafes, chef’s kitchens, and more.

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What’s the best way to rent a training room?

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The easiest way to book a training room is by using Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. When you use Peerspace’s platform, you have thousands of options to choose from in a major city near you. It all starts with a simple search. You can filter your results through the location, the type of event, and the date of your event.

Amongst the options you get, you can also narrow the search by adjusting for your budget and the number of people that will be in attendance. It can be a small room for 12 people, or it can span to a whole assembly of 100 plus!

It all just depends on what would work best for you and your business. You also have multiple options to choose from in terms of training room types. For instance, you can book conference rooms, classrooms, flex spaces, studios, lounges, houses, and even storefronts.

And, of course, each option comes with its own set of amenities and add-on features, like flip charts, monitors, whiteboards, printers, projectors, coffee, and more.

On Peerspace, all the options are laid out for you in a streamlined format. You can address any additional questions you might have to the space’s host. In fact, if you need anything extra from a training room, your friendly Peerspace host is always happy to help in any way they can.

Types of training rooms you can book on Peerspace

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So what types of training room venues are available to you through Peerspace? Let’s just say: lots!

With such a wide selection of training rooms available, it’s important to know what impression you want to leave your guests. Be mindful of what your company stands for and how your selected training room can best reflect that. Perhaps there’s a brand image that you want to emphasize. Picking the perfect environment can help. 

Here are a few of the different types of training rooms you can find on Peerspace:

As you can see, Peerspace offers you access to a variety of training room spaces in cities across the globe. If none of these spaces above suit your needs, start your own search. Click this link, enter your location, and see what pops up.

You can filter your results by the number of attendees, price, dates, amenities, and even by entering keywords, like “rooftop” and “kitchen“.

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How much does it cost to rent a training room?

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Training room rentals charge by the hour, therefore it is important to know how long the training will last before booking.

Another caveat is knowing how many people will be in attendance. There is a large jump in price if you need to seat 15 people versus 50.

Lastly, take into account what you need in terms of furniture, equipment, and facilities for your training room – if you need to add anything that isn’t already in the room then it might be an additional fee.

The options on Peerspace are designed to not only give you a diverse range of locations but also give you that same range with pricing.

For example, on the lower end of the spectrum, the downtown Houston conference room costs just $25 per hour with a two-hour rental minimum. It provides you with tables, chairs, and even outdoor space, ideal for taking breathers between sessions. Then there’s the Miami presentation and training room that offers flexible seating, an LCD screen, a whiteboard, and WiFi, all for just $60 per hour. Finally, the exposed brick boardroom (pictured above) costs $90 per hour with only a minimum of an hour of rental time.

In contrast, the versatile event space in Seattle is the most expensive venue and costs $200 per hour with a two-hour rental minimum. Seating, a projector and screen, parking, and a kitchen are on the premises for your use.

Overall, on average, a training room rental will cost anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour.

Training room venue: conclusion

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By now, you know how renting a training room can be beneficial, how much it may cost to do so, and how easy it can be to rent one. To wrap up, we’d like to remind you that having the perfect training room venue rental at your disposal can help your company achieve its goals. After all, in a comfortable, inviting space, your trainees will feel comfortable and be as productive as possible.

Whatever training room you choose, Peerspace can help with any questions you might have. Also, don’t forget that with your space’s local host, it is easy to get anything else you might need out of your space. Happy browsing!

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